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Rounding the Mark (An Inspector Montalbano Mystery)


His but plugs on and steadfastly and cleverly routs the bad guys and or less stays true to his personal moral code A good read And if you like Camilleri s Montalbano series you might also enjoy Donna Leon s Inspector Brumetti and Michael Dibdin s Aurelio Zen These are also wonderful stories about life and crime in wonderful stories about life and crime in Camilleri has the annoying habit of ending some of his stories by dropping everything It s the new fad in novels and very convenient for the writer A few problems you can t swim or dive the writer A few problems you can t swim or dive a wet suit and not se lead weights you float too much neutral buoyancy must be achieved Also fins should be English Doctor, Italian Bride used for better maneuverability in the surf Camilleri being ninety obviously doesn t do much diving And who would be so stupid as to walk around in the water with thigh high boots which get filled with water when a pair of rubber sandals gives you better traction and protection I really enjoyed the book Especially being able to compare the book and the TV series on MHZ I thought the subtitles would bother me but after having read the book I could fill in many of the blanks I have now read all The Inspector Montalbano Mysteries Books and seen all the TV shows It is such a relief to have mystery stories with real people and realistic events without special effects It is especially interesting to see how the cast changes over a period of 20 years The characters age as the series is filmed in real time over that period Combine this with the series The Young Montalbano and it is fascinating Having been late in discovering Montalbano on TV the initial books are ideal for completing my knowledge of the series That said the books themselves are somewhat different from their TV fellows with the irascible inspector coming over as harder A brilliant author I look forward to the remainder of the series Andrea Camilleri s Montalbano series is a recent discovery for me I have been reading the Nordic noir books but become fedp with the extreme violence inhumanity and craziness Montalbano books are the absolute opposite Very little violence but a realistic picture of the Italian society its failings corruption stupid bureaucracy politics and its fantastic side history life food both graphically presented The first books in the series were perhaps a little extreme but
the newest installments 
newest installments becoming mature and realistic This 7th book is really good and enjoyable Montalbano eats well is sorely tempted but does not succumb or perhaps just once succeeds getting round his stupid superior officer who tries to put him out of work and solves the case Thoroughly enjoyable although a little sad Salvo is in an extra bad mood He wants to resign out of disgust He has had the last straw with systemic corruption in his town and in the fictional Montelusa district Moody and edgy melancholic about his own mortality he goes out for a swim and collides with a dead body Literally His day will only get better and he puts his resignation on hold His band of comical confreres keep Lullaby for Two us entertained and Salvo relatively mellow The exotic Ingrid spicesp Salvo s nig. Y wit as fresh and clean as Mediterranean seafood altogether transporting Long live Camilleri and long live Montalbano AJ Finn #1 New York Timesbestselling author of The Woman in the WindowTwo seemingly nrelated deaths form the central mystery of Rounding the Mark They will take. .
One of the meatier stories in the series and much overtly political Montalbano voices his own politcal disenchantment and the author includes topical scenes of people traffickingIt felt like the character of Montalbano was given greater prominence as he reaches turning point in his career Camilleri seems to enjoy this slightly different emphasis and conseuently gives the book A VERY STRONG ENDING ANOTHER THOROUGHLY ENJOYABLE LIGHT EASY very strong ending Another thoroughly enjoyable light easy from the consummate storyteller Andrea Camilleri about his complex conflicted often petulant and ageing Sicilian Detective Inspector Salvo MontalbanoAgain as in Excursion to Tindari Montalbano deals with a crime which is far bigger and nastier than any of his normal casesIn the middle of things disaster strikes Calogero the owner cook waiter of the Trattoria San Calogero decides to retire and close the trattoria Montalbano takes this as a completely nreasonable personal affront after all Calogero is only 73 years old and has only had two bypassesWe are still left WITH THE BIG UESTION OF WHETHER OR NOT HE the big estion of whether or not he ever marry LiviaGreat stuff I am reading the Montalbano novels in order of publication and Rounding the Mark is certainly the best of them to date It is also the one that has affected me most emotionally This is for two reasons firstly the plot with its focus on some awful crimes one of which only comes to light in with its focus on some awful crimes one of which only comes to light in latter part of the novel and secondly the subject of aging watching how Montalbano copes with the effects that various factors are having on his mind and body All these matters are handled in a sensitive yet direct way and had a greater impact on me than any of the previous stories in the seriesOverall I found this is an extremely well written or perhaps I should say well translated crime thriller with a plot that kept me turning the pages to find out what would happen next The cast of supporting characters are vividly portrayed and so I felt as if I was a fly on the wall watching these various individuals as they struggle to solve the crimes they are investigating There are some well placed humourous scenes that lighten the mood of what is otherwise a slightly melancholy story but like all good crime thrillers it has a very dramatic ending Andrea Camilleri provides another interesting stemwinder mystery starring an aging and reflective Commissioner Salvo Montalbano These tales of crime corruption and daily life in Sicily are always intelligent and enjoyable and Rounding the Mark is not an exception in this series Beyond the obligatory murders and ancillary sordid criminal activity trafficking in third world children that the intrepid Montalbano sorts through here the reader also shares the hero s ruminations about the pervasive corruption and cynicism that apparently mark the ebb and flow of Italian political commercial and social lifeMontalbano has seen it all but remains shockable and outraged when he comes across the vileness of immigrant smuggling and child trafficking Montalbano is also struggling with the physical changes that come with middle age He s not happy with any of You either love Andrea Camilleri or you havent read him yet Each novel in this wholly addictive entirely magical series set in Sicily and starring a detective nlike any other in crime fiction blasts the brain like a shot of pure oxygen Aglow with local color packed with flint dr. Hts at the dinner table but he keeps his virtue reserved for Livia in Genoa I read this novel because I m committed to the cast of characters reserved for Livia in Genoa I read this novel because I m committed to the cast of characters was okay but secondary to me Good but not Andrea Camilleri s best Montalbano book by any means The se of the journalist to provide the didactic background on immigrant child smuggling is especially awkward The chest pain which sounds like coronary insufficiency is left without a resolution Despite such shortcomings Rounding the Mark is a good read sounds like coronary insufficiency is left without a resolution Despite such shortcomings Rounding the Mark is a good read the late Sicilian master Book 7 is a wonderful read the late Sicilian master Book 7 is a wonderful and yet at the time I read it the story is also very pertinent There is as I write this a terrible crisis in Europe over immigrants and so it is very bittersweet to read this sad story about the little boy who is desperate to escape his awful fate Salvo takes it pon himself to be an avenging angel once he figures out the little boy s back story But at what cost The inspector continues to take terrible risks when he goes out alone his clever men show p in the nick of time but how long can we count on such luck Meanwhile Montalbano worries about getting older Are these related The risk taking and the confrontation with mortality You thinkReading this sort of makes me miss the movies which are at least in my memory lighter Sunnier Funnier This is a sad story about a dreadful event The specific mystery Inspector Montalbano tries to solve sometimes doesn t matter that much Yes there s been a murder but often his solutions implicate killers long gone or dead themselves or tying into some financial crime or other shenanigans And I confess I later don t remember the plots very wellOur reading pleasure is in Montalbano s solving of it plus the ancillary pleasures of the series his own idiosyncrasies his exasperation with those of his staff his ever problematic relationship with Livia in Genoa whom we rarely if ever actually see and the most profound solace in his life searching out and enjoying Sicily s wonderfully prepared seafoodThis story is darker and the crime does matter At the outset Montalbano is in a bad way about to resign his job mostly in protest of police scandals throughout Italy While swimming in the ocean one morning he discovers a floating body which he must tow to shoreAnd it gets much worse The death of a little refugee boy and Montalbano s certainty that he himself is responsible drives him to work relentlessly He ll get no rest ntil he s solved it It leads to one of the darkest sides of illegal immigration human traffickingAn enjoyable sidelight is his friendship with Ingrid a Swedish woman She s married but nhappily has had affairs and makes it clear to Montalbano she d love to have one with him He struggles to remain true to Livia but meanwhile Ingrid is an enjoyable friend an educated and modern woman he can talk to different from those around him and happy for his friendship even if it remains platonicAnd she provides him with a key link in his investigation As does Catarella his simple minded file clerk who can t pronounce anyone s name and can barely relay a telephone message. Montalbano deep into a secret world of illicit trafficking in human lives and the investigation will test the limits of his physical psychological and moral endurance Disillusioned and no longer believing in the institution he serves will he withdraw or delve deeper into his wor. ,

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