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H satirises the behind the scenes activity in connection with literary prizes Jack f course manages to cut a swathe through the pretensions and gets up to speed n the books with the aid f Mary Lou Denslow a colleague at St Martha s College f which Jack is the MistressThe plot is complex and it will take AN OBSERVANT READER TO IDENTIFY THE MURDERER IN ADVANCE observant reader to identify the murderer in advance is at her most bnoxious best and some f the discussions between the judges are priceless as are the descriptions f the novels in contention for the prize If you like your crime novels laced With Humour And Satire Then Give This Series A Try humour and satire then give this series a try can be read in any rder Just the usual read Spilling coffee because I can t put the book away time to put kettle n and crying with laughter I love Jack so much if she wouldn t be complete if it wasn t for Amiss What a pair Attended committes f all sorts myself A blessing they were not Ruth Dudley Edwards tackles many different things she knows all about To be so accurate yet so funny about it just shows how brilliant she is Characters are all IMHO caricatures Found it a bit tedious although I am sure it would appeal to anyone with an interest in how the upper classes in the UK might behaveI will not read any by this author My September TBR utside the genre choice was Carnage n the Committee by Ruth Dudley Edwards It was ultimately greatly disappointing Darn it Two comments led me to read the book The first a compliment from the Daily Mail It s always a pleasure to welcome another iconoclastic blast against the establishment from the pen f Ruth Dudley Edwards And secondly the back cover description When the chairperson The Catcher in the Rye and Philosophy of the prestigious Knapper Warburton Literary Prize dies in suspicious circumstances Robert Amiss wastes no time in summoning Baroness Jack Troutbeck Speculation that a killer may be targeting the judges worries the baroness not in the slightest It s the prospectf immersing herself in modern literature that fills her with dread So what could be better An English cozy in a bookish setting Acerbic digs at sacred cows My kind Seven Sisters New Quilts from an Old Favorite of book right Unfortunately no because there were far too many judges an inordinate numberf would be prize books and an unwieldy plo. Ken sane member Bike Mechanic: Tales from the Road and the Workshop (Rouleur) of the judging panel wastes no time in summoning Baroness 'Jack' Troutbeck to step into the breach not in the slightest it's the prospectf immersing herself in modern literature that fills her with This is escapism A politically incorrect murderous excapist rompIf you are looking for Patricia Cornwell forget it I love the Robert Amiss series Of course for me they are brought to life by the inimitable Bill Wallis in audiobook form Bill Wallis was a remarkable narrator and kept all his character voices sublety separated well except for jack voices sublety separated Well except for Jack subtle about her Of all the books I like this Carnage n the Committee and the Corridors f Death the best with Matricide at St Marthas well up the list Her last When a Man Loves a Woman one Killing the Emperors I didn t care for at all I guess I like thisne because Jack handles bnoxious people in a way that I envy Unfortunately I can t be that rude r Keep From Falling outrageous in real life A delight for those who are tiredf political correctness and identity politics This didn t work for me at all I get that it was supposed to be funny and there were amusing bits here and there but it mostly read like a giant rant about political correctness that got very tiresome after awhile The actual mystery rather faded into the background and the solution came Catalogue the Insanity outf nowhere It felt like the author neglected the plot in favour f getting yet another jab in at some completely unrealistic caricature f a favour Shrek of getting yet another jab in at some completely unrealistic caricaturef a It was uite disappointing after reading Corridors f Death by the same author which got that mocking humourous tone right and had a well plotted mystery This ne didn t have that A great read Katherine will give it to you next time we go walking I think you ll love it What Fun Absolutely completely politically incorrect and that much the merrier for it Delightfully English in all the most amusing ways eccentric titled characters too much booze and great vocabulary I think I am hooked Robert Amiss in a member f the judging booze and great vocabulary I think I am hooked Robert Amiss in a member f the judging for the prestigious Knapper Warburton literary prize when Lady Hermione Babcock chairman f the judges is found dead Thanks to his intervention his ld friend Baroness Jack Troutbeck is asked to take Architecture for the Shroud: Relic and Ritual in Turin over the panel But it seems someone may have it in for the judges when another memberf the panel is found dead in suspicious circumstancesEnter Jim Milton and Ellis Pooley from Scotland Yard to investigate I loved the characters in this book whic. Latest in Ruth Dudley Edwards's hilarious crime series lampooning the British Establishment 'I fear it will make you laugh Collecting and Exhibiting Computer-Based Technology: Expert Curation at the Museums of the Smithsonian Institution out loudn public transport' Evening Standard in suspicious circumstances Robert Amiss the to. T that made freuent allusions "To Previous Books I Found Books I Found Very Difficult To I found it very difficult to the rather unpleasant characters The Baroness was unbelievable and Robert Amiss I think perhaps he was the hero faded into the background to the point He Remembers the Barren of invisibility If you decide to read the book I suggest skimming until you run into a delightful barbr bon mot There were many The Early Girl Gets the Blood Wolf of those and they were veryn point and enjoyable Let me leave you with a few and remember to mentally read all Diary of a Library Nerd: An Erotic Diary of One Woman's Metamorphosis of these sentences with lashingsf scornful sarcasmThe Baroness and Amiss discussing a ground breaking new novel What ground was she breaking this time Christ knows The crassness The Stonemere Park Breast Essays: From The L.C.T.F. Archives of consumerism came in to it somewhere as did the neo Gothic Mother Courage post capitalist meta narrative whatever crap that is White Goddesses Hillary Clinton and the Ode to Joy Onef the suspects needs to be interviewed but the place is problematic Den Smith had declined to be interviewed at home I will not have my privacy invaded at the Yard I will not set foot in Gestapo headuarters Let the Wolf Howl or Milton s club I refuse tobey a dress code imposed by dinosaurs A judge shares her private reading tastes no surprise not at all to the liking The Resistible Rise Of Benito Mussolini of the dearly departed chairwoman What do you like to read Stories Bridget Jones Jane Austen Maeve Binchy Zadie Smith And mysteries I love mysteries Lastly Amiss shared a particularly acrimonious exchange with his friend the Baroness Speakingf the prize books again Oh yes there was an enjoyable moment when we were considering the gay logger and Jack referred to Rosa s and Ferriter s choices as being f a particular bent Ferriter said that proved she was homophobic and Jack said That Professor Ferriter is a fallacy spelt p h a l l a c y There you have it next month I m back to rom The TroutbeckAmiss team again sets ut to uncover dirty work while dissecting another realm Blue Guide New York of British society this time what seems to be a thinly disguised versionf the Booker Prize No holds barred in portraying what C S Lewis called the charientocrats And I take exception to the description f Amiss as the token sane member The popstar sounds eminently sane as she asks You mean because it s popular it can t be good. Read But noblesse must blige even when it means joining the ranks Homesick of the superciliati sitting in judgementf the literati at the short list But the killer too has resumed and is whittling away at the judges ne by ,

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