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Ion to be air conditioned "And Dining Cars That Served "dining cars that served regional cuisine as well as a motor coach service that took passengers rom the line's New Jersey terminus into Manhattan still ondly remembered by many as the Most Civilized Way To civilized way to the city the Royal Blue Line was as advertised the Finest Daylight Train Service in the Worl. Railroad like no other and in 1890 they launched the Royal Blue Line offering premier passenger service between Washington DC and New "York City Boasting the company's Before You fastest locomotives designed specificallyor the line "City Boasting the

company's astest locomotives 
fastest locomotives specifically or the line "FEATURING THE COUNTRY'S FIRST MAINLINE PASSENGER "the country's Blackfrost (Wytch Kings, first mainline passenger engine its most luxurious passenger cars theirst in the nat. ,
Although it was America's irst public railroad chartered in 1827 the Balti Ohio did not enter the lucrative Philadelphia and New York City markets until the 1880s "long after its rivals notably the Pennsylvania Railroad had established themselves in the Northeast corridor In order to compete B "after its rivals
notably the pennsylvania 
the Pennsylvania had established themselves in the Northeast corridor In order to compete B executives realized they would need to create ,



Royal Blue Line

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