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S ONE IF YOU TOOK OUT THE If you took out the that story *Is A 4 Star RatingThere Is Some Ffm In This *a 4 star ratingThere is some ffm in this storyThe sex scenes smolder in all the stories but they lack structure at times almost like the author didn t know what to write about apart from the sex so things got thrown in for no real reason The book has so much potential The ideas are worth a 45 star rating but the way they are set out just doesn t work Maybe if it was written as a full length novel or just 2 stories it would have been better The book follows the xploits of three different couples so the book is split into three different sections All the couples are having martial issues and look to rekindle the romance at this spa The first couple was really sweet and Contested Reproduction explored their relationship I didn t care for the second couple I guess because the husband was a womanizer andven though he reconnected with his wife I found him to be a bit abusive She was property than wife The third couple s story actually had PLOT than the others so theirs was interesting and had a suprise twist Overall literary value not so much however Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) erotica value A LOT Needless to say this was my husband s favorite book club pick The first and third stories were good but the sceond turn me off because the husband been cheating on his wife for 6 years that they have been married and once they start having good sex all suddenverything is okay with them and the wife trusts her husband to be faithful to her and the husband doesn t want any other womenplease like after 6 years of cheating how can she forgive and forget just because the sex is goodI don t think so Besides that the book is actually really HOT Rated NC 17Most of the book was really good but there was one major factor in the last story that messed up my Creating Country Music enjoyment of the rest of it Overall an interestingrotic read but I would recommend skipping or skimming the third woman s story She has a creepy backstory that comes to light toward the Blacklands end. Ins the lovers in theirrotic hideawayTo possess a bride as voluptuous and Evolutionary Patterns exciting as Cora would be any man's dream yet Gareth cannot understand why the woman he wed despises him so Still he will not give her up without a fight though it may takextraordinary imagination to make Cora's most wicked secret fantasies come tr.

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The book is a collection of three novellas Evolution As Entropy each about a different couple *going through some sort ofstrangementwhatever All of the stories revolve around the *through some sort of strangementwhatever All of the stories revolve around the house in Cornwall a sort of couples retreat All of the heroines showed some spunk at the start of ach story but couples retreat All of the heroines showed some spunk at the start of Forbidden History each story but lost what backbone they had once the sex started Two of the three heroes were complete asshats The one I hated the most cheated on his wife all the time and when his wife shows up to stop him he accuses her of ruining his fun then forces her to give him oral sex After all the hell he puts her through she realizes in thend that she never really hated him she just loved him too much It s like the second he gives her an orgasm for the first time verything is all forgiven and they go on to have lots of kinky sexhttpiheartpaperbackswordpresscom Hmmm What I learned from this book Well I wasn t sure how to review it If I m comparing it to other books of this type I guess it was pretty good but I m
well read on rotica It a uick and Esteem Enlivened by Desire easy no pun intended read but I wouldn t recommend it unless you re looking for some good smut I actually looked up the origin of some of the sexual words because I didn t think they were around in the Victorian Era when this book takes place Well surprise they were The F word has been around since 1495 forxample I had no idea that word was pre Shakespearean One word that I won t type out has been around since 900 Shocker I have to admit that I found myself interested in the storylines of the 3 couples but my husband wasn t He simply skimmed until he got to the good parts I wouldn t have read this if it weren t the chosen book for my book club this past month but hey it s always good to try new things This was the book club choice for December It s not Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith exactly a book I would select to read on my own of course that s the beauty of diverse book club members It was a uick read missing the complex character development There is a place hidden away in Cornwall unremarkable from the outside but a haven for the most daring of pleasure seekersandvery husband and wife willing to indulge their most intimate fantasiesEven the primest Victorian garb cannot mask Gwendolyn's delectable attributes yet her handsome husband regards her with icy disda. Look for in a book I think Swann attempted some development with the third couple but it was too little too late A steamy Victorian anthology where all stories take place at Sugar and Spice Health Spa Adult couples vacation there and participate in any sexual fantasy they may haveThere are lots of *great sex scenes in the book but i *sex scenes in the book but I a hard time liking any of the 3 main female charcters Not liking them could be because ach story was only about 100 pages which was not nough for character development I would have given it than 3 stars if I had liked
of the characters There are stories in this one They Shall Be One Flesh each centering on a couple with marital problems at a Victorianra resort The first couple s story was not bad the other two were not The Heritage of Arabo-Islamic Learning enjoyable simply because the characters were not likeable I ll admit it I found this book hot I also found it horribly anachronistic with regards to language and inter personal relationships Now I m not anxpert and I m sure someone who was could show me Hereward (Hereward, examples of the contemporary use ofach of the terms in uestion but it read to me way as a bunch of modern people dressed up in costume than a group of regency people This anthology was really disappointing because the story ideas have so much promise Set in the Victorian period married couples visit this house called Sugar and Spice for adult Under One Sky entertainment purposes In the first story the heroine acts out fantasies that she thinks will win back her husband She dresses up as a mermaid a pirate a harem girltc tc It s fun but the heroine is too insecuresometimes silly and there s not nough development For the second story the heroine revels in being treated as a slave tied on a leash spanked and that too is well done but falls short story wise It s too rushedIn the last story the heroine is an Groom and Doom exhibitionist This is the best story but thending is just stupid as if the author didn t know what kind of problem to put in and so came up with thi. In She has but one chance to save her marriage and avert a future of dashed hopes and despairand it reuires a visit to a house where sensuality reignsUnable to satisfy the needs of the man she adores Lillian is devastated when he seeks the amorous attentions of another But there are passionate lessons to be learned if she jo. Sugar and Spice Avon Red

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