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The Two of Swords gThis has been an exciting read The time is long long ago 1600s or thereabouts Not familiar enough with my kindle buttons too back and find that information The setting is what is today Pheonix Arizona Aiyana is a young woman in a Native American tribe the River People She has never been outside her little valley of huts She desires to know what is beyond the mountains surrounding her village but instead of being allowed free reign to do as she pleases and possibly explore the world beyond she is being forced to marry a tribe chief s son Be careful what "you wish for on the night of her "wish for On the night of her wedding three men attack her village and abduct Aiyana She finally Sinfully Damaged (Master Mistress, gets to see the outside world but desires nothing than to return to her village if it is still there Aiyana begins a struggle for her life Can she survive with these three Spanish men until her childhood friend Honovi can rescue her Or can she rescue herself The Spanish men aim to trade her to the Apache tribe and just as Aiyanaets herself free of one obstacle another presents itself and she Once Again Being Forced once again being forced marry a man she does not desire this time an Apache chief must ABCs of Baseball go on a uest in order to save herself and Hanovi A very exciting read whether Aiyana is chasing deer or fending off unwanted advances from her Spanish abductors 5 stars Ashira Datya s Review I was unsure of what to expect when I began reading Captive Spirit but I was pleasantly surprised Aiyana is set to marry the son of a local tribal leader and is invited to participate in a ceremony that symbolizes the coming fromirlhood into womanhood She is surprised to find that the ceremony is very different than usual and why She runs away and encounters danger at every turn It is up to. Sonoran Desert Dawn of the sixteenth century Aiyana isn't like the other irls of the White Ant Clan Instead of keeping house she longs to compete on the Ball Court with her best friend Honovi and the other boys Instead of marriage she daydreams of traveling beyond the mountains. Captive SpiritFinds herself drawing on nearly every skill "In

"her arsenal to "
Arsenal To Herself Safe "her arsenal to keep herself safe to find her way back to the village that previously seemed stifling to her The pacing in this coming of age story is excellent and Liz ets bonus points for somehow managing to write a dramatic basket weaving scene It never occurred to me that a basket weaving scene could be dramatic but someone s life hinges on the outcome of this one and Aiyana has never been adept at traditionally feminine pursuits I also loved the development of the relationship between Aiyana and Honovi a childhood friend who has come to see Aiyana as than a fishing buddy Favorite uote His touch had begun to feel natural on my skin as though we wrapped ourselves around each other all of the time Maybe that s how love felt When a touch seemed as natural as breathingRecommended for readers who like well researched historical YA I love anything set in an indigenous time period and being an avid student of the Caribbean taino I knew I had to read this historical romance It s been sitting in my reader for a while and this weekend I decided to crack it open Boy did I fall into a doozy of a story What Liz Fichera does to bring the native american culture so vivid *To The Page Is * the page is heart rending and Taken By the Sheriff the Deputy Too! gut punching Two ualities I enjoy immensely in any storyThis isn t your typi The story of Aiyana was incredible so many twists and turns that even close to the end I couldn t figure out what would happen Definitely one of my favorite books and a must read for American Indian romance novels This story soundsood stright on to wish list What an emotional rollercoaster I was not sure what to expect Kentucky Grandmothers going into the story because I font tend to read thisenre but absolutely loved S into the hands of Spanish raiders and finds herself being taken over the mountains against her will Now Aiyana's on a uest to return to the very place she once dreamed of escaping And she'll do whatever it takes to survive and find her way back to the people she loves74000 word. .

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Her childhood friend Honovi to save herI was very intrigued by Captive Spirit and I enjoyed it very much I felt like I was watching Aiyana Štěky Broka Špindíry grow up throughout the course of the novel Iive the story three Tea "Cups and a heat rating of one I hope there is a seuel to Captive Spirit and "and a heat rating of one I hope there is a seuel to Captive Spirit and there is I can t wait to read it3 Tea Cups At the same time I became interested in this book I was visiting my sister in Phoenix and went to class="78d6d04077507b883a2113e55b2189c5" style="color: #003399; font-size: 25px;">*PUEBLO GRANDE THIS IS AN ARCHEOLOGICAL OF THE * Grande This is an archeological site of the The Blackmailed Secretary group that is talked about in this book So it definitely added a little somethingI love historical fiction and theorgeous cover pulled me in I was surprised to find that it was a traditional romance book The book while well researched had a lot of surface culture and not a lot of deep culture It seemed a bit like a European romance love story thrown into a native tribe terminology What are the s of the tribeIn the end though I was pulled into it and it was a relaxing read at night If you like romance and historical fiction then it is a ood pick for you hope to read this book soon Captive Spirit is a book you can t put down with a delightful brave heroine and a hero worthy of her I look forward to reading Liz Fichera s new book I picked this book by my Goodreads friend Liz Fichera because I was looking for something different Historical fiction centered around Native American characters definitely fit the bill Set in the early sixteenth century in the territory now known as Arizona Captive Spirit is the story of Aiyana a sixteen year old who is a bit of a tomboy She has always wondered about the lands beyond the mountains that flank her village When she s captured by a small band of Spanish raiders who intend to sell her to an Apache chief she. That surround her small village Only Honovi knows and shares her forbidden wish though Aiyana doesn't realize her friend has a secret wish of his ownWhen Aiyana's father arranges her marriage to a man she hardly knows she takes the advice of a tribal elder run In fleeing she fall.
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