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This is a fun series with this book being set at Christmas I always enjoy when we et of Sophie s family and less of Natasha in the story This time we also Dirty Dealing get to meet Sophie s sister in law s family and it certainly made for one hectic dysfunctional holiday The mystery was solid and kept meuessing There are some changes to the lives of some

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the characters and I looking forward to seeing how they evolve I strongly believe that this series is Arnhem 1944 getting better and better There were a lot of well developed and interesting characters The plot was engaging and I was interested throughout I absolutely Love the Diva Series by Krista Davis They are so entertaining and so muchoing on thatyou are uessing right up to the End On Who Was Responsible These Characters on who was responsible These characters so much fun A ood mystery set between Christmas and New Years I still can t stand Natasha but luckily she wasn t in it too much Lots of plot lines and characters to keep track of and a Finding Reason good ending readforkimberly Way too many characters in this book It was confusing and I finallyave up keeping track of them all Sophie and family Sniper (Women of the United Federation Marines, get involved in another murder This time it is Sophie s sister in law s family in trouble and with Wolf away there is no one in the police dept to help outWhat I enjoyed The excerpts at the beginning of the chapters It really shows how different Sophie and Natasha are The characters At this point Sophie androup feel like a bunch of old friends that I love catching up with their adventures The animals have such distinct personalities view spoilerI m looking forward to seeing Natasha deal with a teenager in the house and with Mars being forceful hide spoiler This book was the best yet int his series which is saying a lot since all of the books in the series have been first rate mysteriesI ve heard of some readers saving holiday themed books for that holiday to read but I m the opposite I want to read it when it s not that holiday so I can et a change of scenery This myste. A Scrooge steals presents right from under Sophie Winston's family Christmas tree Then her sister in law's father show's up with a

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The Diva Cooks a GooseAsha veered from the funny to the weird to THE BANAL AT TIMES THE COLUMNAR BOTTOM OF THE banal At times the columnar bottom of the was really being scraped The victim of the book is the only one and the fact that it was who it was was misdirecting for uite a while But the open nature of the case made it possible to have a enerous stab at 1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes guesswork I liked how there are new and less repulsive characters here most of them related to Sophie Bauer in one way or another The mortician is no longer a fixture which is to be thankful for The Shawna character is in Hannah mode for much of the duration of the story One scene where she kind ofrovels or implore or whatever have you to her literal Beau is strangely vindicating for us males as who among us doesn t want a beaut to hang on our egos once in our life I am constantly amazed by the diversity in the recipes and menus in this book One learns culinary facts or even entire recipes that are startlingly new for me Before reading these kind of
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I never suspected how Western cuisine could be I mean the stuff served in restaurants are bland compared to Americana cuisine For example the preparation for the luhwein is fascinating One can only imagine the taste Was the Lane family really above the Scarboroughs In hindsight no But was the working class Lane family presented in a sober accurate unembellished light to be judged accordingly I saw nothing wrong with them Of course now that Bonnie was revealed as a two face hypocrite and a shady personbut I wonder whether the next book in the series won t be thrashier to elicit surprise and a shady personbut I wonder whether the next book in the series won t be thrashier to elicit surprise the end The Diva series is one I m reluctant to leave and I will re read the earlier ones as their score are undeservedly low and I want to read them with at least one organised bone in my body I hope the author carries out churning these delightful little books Does it bother anyone else that the main character lets people walk all over her but brushes it off as being nice or feeling uilty for saying no It The Stoic Theory of Oikeiosis getsrating. Pens With many under suspicion for the deadly deed can Sophie find the murderer and restore the Christmas spirit before it's too lat. Ry was perfect for that it s been etting warmer and warmer where I live so it was nice reading about ChristmasSophie once again proved TO BE AN EXCEPTIONAL CHARACTER WHO be an exceptional character who smart and knows tons but yet doesn t shove it in
People S Faces I Love 
s faces I love when her family especially Hannah joins her on her mystery capers they re all hilarious and at like a family would Her mom fulfils the cozy cliche of being overbearing but The Author Does It author does it a way that doesn t make the mom obnoxious This book also makes he creepy police detective Kenner a little bit human which is a plus because it makes him three dimensionalThe mystery was faced paced and for a little bit chaotic in a ood way It left me wondering who it could possibly be The killer was a bit of a surprise though he was in front of me the whole timeOverall an exceptional book Really looking forward to the next one This one was just ok for me There were soo many characters to keep up with That s one dislike about the series I d Zen Nikki Ozu Yasujirō give it a 35 Take out the crayons and color me impressed Most impressive this book is This is the book that the previous ones were threatening to be The book pulls a bold stunt by openly putting the spotlight on the murderer and that is something even the masters of theenre don t do I ve never seen any author do it uite like this I also took pleasure in reading all of the book because I discovered the The Hollywood Connection guilty s identity I also could keep a tab on who was who once I made a list of the characters Another uniue thing about this most superlative of books is that the climax is not like what usually happens Anotherenre defying stunt that Krista Davis has pulled She doesn t make the finale one on one like a duel This time the dynamic leading to the end is satisfying The way the ending unravels made the heroine almost alone but the speed and tempo of the whole affair is praiseworthy One of the best books I ve ever read Other Cozy Mystery Writers take note The tips and supposed articles of Sophie and Nat. Iva irlfriend just a month after his separation More than one person is thinking of committing a merry murder until it actually hap.
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