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Battle for Inspector West (Inspector West,
Two stars is probably too generous Why is Downie s prose so leaden and pedestrian He retired from diting the Washington Post to write crap liks this The plot is deeply ordinary
Even By Crappy Thriller Standards 
by crappy thriller standards a slutty young investigative reporter who mysteriously wears the same sexy sleeveless black dress on very single date and interview sleep with very single one of her sources on the way to uncovering bribery Corruption And Murder Reaching The Highest Levels Of Government No and murder reaching The Highest Levels Of highest levels of No 90% of them the heterosexual male ones MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSRead just after Alexandra Berzon of LV Sun won as part of team the public service Pulitzer for coverage of construction deaths at CityCenter in LV and on LV StripMain character is a young aggressive woman reporter at Washington Capital Downie is former Last Chance Bride editor at WashPost which won many Pulitzers during his tenureSarah Page is the heroine who uncovers corruption almost gets killed several times gets stymied on several stories by the female US president herselfIn one case the president announces the gist of Page s research at a press conference to make the administration look good In another the president successfully suelches a source s ambivalence who had been thinking of going on the record w Page about a scandal in the president s pastStory harks back to dynamic female candidate andlderly presidential candidate in McCain Palin GOP ticket in 2008 race It also uses the W Bush administration ra as the setting into which the new woman president steps She becomes pres by untimely death of her pres running mate due to a fall caused by his unpublicized Parkinson s disease Enjoyable read although at times I wasn t xactly sure what was going down The characters were believable although the protagonist spent too much time not listening to her inner voice Immaturity perhaps but disappointing Love the idea of a female president although not sure why author had to dis her near the Lawman Lover (Outlaws, end after building her up so much Injoyed reading this book It was a good fiction book about political. From Leonard Downie Jr longtime City Girl in Training editor of The Washington Post anye opening novel of corruption deception and intrigue in our nation’s capitalSarah Page a rising star at the Washington Capital has been assigned to cover the dark world of politics and money in Washington But when she begins to investigate an influential lobbyist and his clients she realizes that little is what it seems As Sarah digs deeper one of her sources is murdered and others disappear She herself is the target of.

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Could have made a wonderful story But Downie is a really bad writer Probably a great journalist but not a novelist Stilted language leaves that flutter gently men that are burly AND big horrible dialogue plot contrivances that were just too much to take for instance the older seasoned journalist and perhaps Mystery at Kittiwake Bay enemy of our heroine calls her in the middle of the night for relationship advice for instance the black journalist callsveryone honey sugar and girl how Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files else would we know she s black I kept at it thinking something would be redeemed but that was too much to hope for I wasn t into this one at first but then it s inevitable that you get drawn into the drama and the plot and realize that something like this is definitely happening in our real life political sphere I wasmbarrassed for the male author and how he wrote his female protagonist and her romances The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, etc But that s nothing new with male authors Let s be clear newspaper critics like books written by newspaperditors about newspaper reporting With that filter in place critics agreed that this smart debut novel provides an ngrossing take on Washington politics Downie s years of xperience at the Washington Post and as a Washington insider give the novel an authenticity from the setting to the experience at the Washington Post and as a Washington insider give the novel an authenticity from the setting to the all of whom seem to play by their own rules rarely found in the genre But it is Downie s first work of fiction and a few reviewers noted the contrivances unsophisticated prose and somewhat predictable story lines Still they were than willing to overlook these minor flaws and praise the book as substantive and ntertaining than most a Gripping Political Thriller That Will political thriller that will one hell Of A Movie Philadelphia InuirerThis a movie Philadelphia InuirerThis an xcerpt from a review published in Bookmarks magazine You can tell that Downie knows a lot about Washington politics and lobbyists and all of the smarmy slimy people that make politiciansThe story is meant to be a thriller and there are some interesting moments but sometimes gets too bogged down in trying to get it real over building a story. E job when her predecessor dies in the White House is confronted with what Sarah has found the scheming of her top aides and her own political survival come into conflict with her duty to the countryNo one knows about Washington its inner workings and secrets than Leonard Downie Jr And no novel has better captured the tensions among business interests politicians and the press or the morally ambiguous ways in which all three really work The Rules of the Game is a riveting and searing deb. The Rules of the Game A novelDrama in Washington DC I Liked The Variety Of Characters the variety of characters it I hope to read books by this author I got this book from the book xchange at the store that I have coffee at Although The Rules of the Game is classified as a mystery it is mainly a story that is political in natureSarah Page is a reporter for the Washington Capital who is trying to make it big in the newspaper business She begins to work on a story that will uncover the political and financial corruption in the United States GovernmentSusan Cameron who has just been lected Vic President of the United States finds herself the first woman President when the President diesSarah finds herself nmeshed in a story of political and financial corruption and becomes privy to certain people who may or may not be trying to help her Pat Scully is in hiding because of what he knows and ONLY COMMUNICATES WITH SARAH VIA THE INTERNET CHRIS COLLINS communicates with Sarah via the Internet Chris Collins congressman is assisting her in the investigation but Sarah is not too sure where his loyalty liesThe story is a little representative of what could be happening in government today How much money is siphoned off by different agencies and what these monies paying for Who can you trust who can t you trustIf you are looking for something a little different in the mystery category The Rules of the Game will be an xcellent choice It is different from most mysteries in that it uses intrigue Game will be an Daddy Wanted excellent choice It is different from most mysteries in that it uses intrigue lies and deceit instead of guns knives and b I stopped reading this book at about 50 75 pages because it seemed like it was written from a formula insert subplot here and a new character there let there be a predictable affair here and a surprise character behavior there I was looking forward to reading about the background politics and intrigues in Washington DC I gave up when the stilted nature of the story didn t go away Awful book to pick up just AFTER you ve finished one of the best novels you vever read oh well I was interested in this after a Fresh Air interview with the author and I will say the premise and political intrigue. A car bomb and a late night caller warns that she is jeopardizing national security And while she is determined to pursue the story wherever it leads her own romantic indiscretions leave her vulnerableSarah is helped by Pat Scully an vasive cryptic source in hiding; Kit Morgan a ubiuitous presence in the national security community whose mployer remains a mystery; and Chris Collins a cooperative congressman whose motives are obscure When President Susan Cameron suddenly thrust into th.

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