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T some point I just moved to the last chapter to find ut how the book ended so I could continue my life without regrets And I don to find The Whistle Pig out how the book ended so I could continue my life without regrets And I don have any thank you very much O O E O I T G I IT Y OG O O E E IE Favorite uotesJace s brother was the kindf guy who seemed immune to worrying too much about his relationships which had less staying power than the latest viral cat video Along with his famous charm Trent had the attention span f a goldfish hence why their eldest brother Adam called him the One Month WonderHis elderly neighbor Mrs Marsh had stood n his doorstep still wearing her nightgown and slippers her hair wrapped in a silk scarf and Truffle n a leash Mrs Marsh said she d found Truffle humping her beloved beagle Archer Or in her words bringing the devil into her homePlease never have children Nick We ll find them lined up in the backyard getting their nightly hose down instead f having a shower I had to make sure you weren t an ax murderer As Church Planting Is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-Up People to Plant Ordinary Churches That Do Extraordinary Things opposed to somether type A Stepdaughter In Heat of murderer Would it be lessf an issue if I didn t use an ax My ReviewThis was an enjoyable and amusing story with an interesting premise but also deftly handled some perplexing real life issues with sensitivity and thoughtful insights in an entertaining and agile manner Both main characters were endearing and likable while riddled with idiosyncrasies and uniue personal challenges that reuired accommodation and understanding I adored and admired them both well before reaching that well deserved HEA Charming Sweet and HopefulThe Aussie Next Door is a heartwarming humorous story that introduces us to Angie a single American young woman who needs to get married but wants to fall in love and Jace a reclusive handsome cartoonist who prefers routines rder and living aloneThe writing is light and authentic The characters are genuine intriguing and supportive And the plot is an appealing mix f friendship family compromise independence witty dialogue awkward moments tricky situations swoon worthy romance and the intricacies f high functioning autismOverall The Aussie Next Door is a timely fresh uplifting tale by London that is a wonderful start to the Patterson s Bluff series and an enticing introduction to the Walters familyThank you to Stefanie London and Entangled Publishing for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review A cute story f Angie Donovan who wanted to escape her notoriety in America and found a lovely home in a little town in Australia where everyone is friendly and found a lovely home in a little town in Australia where everyone is friendly and and Jace Walters her landlord who is n the autism spectrum and who he never thought marriage was n the cards for him He doesn t believe anybody but his family would put up with his uirks his difficulty in reading social clues his need for routine and calm life Angie You Are a Miserable Excuse for a Hero!: Book One in the Just Make a Choice! Series on thether hand is full f life and energy and is always volunteering and rallying support for a worthy cause When Angie tells him that she He’s as hot and funny as her next door neighborJace Walters has never wanted much except a bathroom he didn’t have to share The last cookie all to himself And solitude But when you grow up in a family f seven you can kiss those things goodbye He’s finally living alone and working Women and Social Work: Towards a Woman-Centered Practice on his syndicated comic strip in privacy Sure his American neighbor. The Aussie Next Door by Stefanie LondonAn adorable contemporary romance set in Australia Firstf the Patterson s Bluff seriesAn American trying to stay beyond her visa limit FALLS FOR HER LANDLORD CAN SHE for her landlord Can she someone to love her with nly a couple months to spare when her crush makes all ther men in town boring Jase is set in his habits He surfs in the morning has plain porridge for breakfast then works at home drawing his famous comic strip He s been diagnosed as highly functioning The Cowboys on the autism scale He s enad with his tenant and can t seem to ignore her So much so that maybe he can change somef his habits just for herA lovely romance with rom com notes literally in Sins of Treachery old VHS movies that are discussedr watched and sparks f learning for the people in the retirement community and well as lessons learned by the couple Touching and satisfying I received a copy f this from NetGalley My thanks to the author publisher and NetGalley for a free ARC My Grandfather's Prison: A Story of Death and Deceit in 1940s Kansas City of this book in exchange for an honest reviewWell written sweet romance Jace is set in his ways having been diagnosedn the high functioning end f the Autism spectrum Angie is n a mission to find love in coastal Australia When Jace is roped in to boarding a family friend s two adorable dogs noise doggie mischief and mayhem combine to bring Angie and Jace together An entertaining read with plenty Whos Next? Guess Who! of steamy scenes I rate thisne a 37 ut f 5 Thank you For what For being you Stefanie London is a new to us author and her latest book The Aussie Next Door served as the perfect introduction to her writing Based in Patterson s Bluff a small town in Melbourne Australia Angie Donovan is an American who ran away from her past And Finds Herself In A finds herself in a coastal town in Australia but her visa is about to end soon and to stay Angie needs to get married which is a huge problem for a romantic who wants to marry Papi's Gift outf love and not for comfort While she does have some ptions none f them makes her heart uake like Jace Walters her landlord Jace is a black and white kinda guy he experienced a lot f rejections that made him the closed person he is today Jace is n the autism spectrum and tries to stick to his daily routine but all グライネリエ 1 [Grainerie 1] of it is about to chance when he meets Angie Will Angie find what she s always wanted Will she find a way to stay in Australia and also true love Or will she settleSo there were lotsf good things in this book a colorful location an riginal character not the rich alpha man but a man whose autism didn t define him and even dogs who made me smileBUT I didn t like Angie and the chemistry between her and Jace wasn t as amazing as I expected it to be I started reading this book n my free day and the beginning was so boring that I decided to try it again reading this book n my free day and the beginning was so boring that I decided to try it again because who wants to spend their free day with a boring book right Eventually I tried again but even though it had potential the plot s pace was SO slow that American Angie Donovan has never wanted much When you grow up getting bounced from foster home to foster home you learn not to become attached to anything anyone r any place But it nly took her two days to fall in love with Australia With her visa clock ticking surely she can fall in love with an Australian and get hitched in two months Especially if. .

Ill have to leave Australia in two months time because her visa extension reuest was not successful Jace is surprised to realise that he feels disappointment But perhaps Angie can build a new life in Australia life that will allow her to put behind the abuse she suffered in her childhood and perhaps Jace can pen himself to put behind the abuse she suffered in her childhood and perhaps Jace can The Coming Revolution in Youth Ministry open himself a different kindf future future with AngieThe setting was lovely small towns can be very charming especially if you are determined to make yourself a part File Under: Arson of the community The main characters are very sweet despite their apparent differences A very light enjoyable summer readThank you to Edelweiss and Entangled Amara for the ARC provided in exchange for an honestpinion I like this book very very much More than I expect It is a very cute small town romance Even though Australia is not small I am not a pet lover but the dogs manage to steal the show I do especially like Jace With his autism spectrum he needs routine to keep him grounded He feels lost in his Wicked Sense own family until he met Angie Angie is thepposite f Jace Spirited wild and strong heroine Jace learns to trust to people and his wn feeling toward Angie and Angie benefits from Jace stability to keep her past away Together with their lovely dogs have their Powerless Against You own HEA Overall this is a very cute sweet read 4 stars This book was surprisingly sweet I have to admit the combinationf the word Aussie in the title and the fact that there is a marriage f convenience f sorts mentioned in the synopsis was what sparked my interest But I was pleasantly surprised to disc 35 StarsThe Aussie Next Door is about two people who struggle to fit in with the utside world find comfort in each ther For the first time they find someone who can accept them for who they are if they don t let their Dobys Lessons (Brats in Training own securities get in the way Jace has high functioning Autism He functions better with a routine andccasionally needs alone time to recharge He s from a big loving family that can be too loud at times and he feels like he is constantly compared to his brothers When his The Texan Meets His Match one andnly relationship fails he doesn t believe he will find someone who will adjust to his uirks Angie grew up in foster care moving from family to family and sorely mistreated She still struggles with a need to please people due to her abandonment issues When lawyers exposed her troubles in the states in the foster care system she moves to Australia to get away from her problems I felt for both Jase and Angie s characters I liked both f them and wished their insecurities didn t stand so much in the way f finding love I was a bit surprised to find that this was a heavier story than I was expecting but it was also very heartwarming These two were very easy to root for love to conuer all it was also very heartwarming These two were very easy to root for love to conuer all small towns setting and the side characters brought a lot to the story I could see hints f possible couples for future books in this series I even loved the two dogs. Is distractingly sexy and annoyingly nosy but she’ll be gone in a few monthsExcept now she’s determined to find her perfect match by checking ut every eligible male in the town and her choices are even distracting So why does it suddenly feel like he and his bnoxious tight knit family and even these two wayward dogs could be exactly what she need. .

The Aussie Next Door Patterson's Bluff #1

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