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Say Nothing A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland

Patrick Radden Keefe ☆ 1 CHARACTERS

I wish it weren t only February because the statement this is the best book I ve read all year does not carry very much weight when we still have 10 months to go But nonetheless this is my reigning book of 2019 And it ended up being one of those rare cases when the book turned out so differently from what I expected but I ended up liking it all the for that From the blurb I got the impression that this was going to focus on the disappearance of a woman called Jean McConville with details about the Troubles setting the background context but instead it s rimarily a narrative account of the Troubles which occasionally haltingly zeroes in on McConville s story So it s less true crime than it is historical nonfiction but the final roduct is focused and compellingSay Nothing whose title comes from a line from a Seamus Heaney A Family Scandal poem which examines the treacherousrecedent of speaking Ruthless Game (GhostWalkers, plainly about the Troubles National Book Award nominee 2019National Book Critics Circle nominee 2019Fantastic history about The Troubles I listened to the audiobook and was enthralled from The Perfect Weapon page one The book really gave a good historical account of Northern Island during the difficulties with Britain I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the history and getting a balanced account of what was going on I felt for the individuals going through all the trauma The Sisters were so amazing They gave so much to their country Odd that I just saw Steven Rea on a show last evening Husband to one of the SistersIf you want any knowledge about Northern Island and The Troubles do read Fantastic5 out of 5 stars After reading a history rich fictionalentalogy about the Irish struggles I could not help but turn to Patrick Radden Keefe s book Keefe takes the reader into the heart of the Anglo Irish conflict Psychic Protection particularly as it developed in Northern Ireland or the North of Ireland depending on which side you support Keefe explores how the simmering tensions of the Irish Republican Army IRA against the British Army and Ulster Protestant majority in the six remaining counties turned out to be some of the bloodiest clashes of the entireush for a freed Ireland Keefe explores all aspects of the fighting from the creation of กระต่ายในเงาจันทร์ plots to harm and kill to turning those who would otherwise be seen as British sympathisers and even into the negotiations to bring about a lastingeace Keefe lays out much of the details as seen through the eyes of the Northerners Employment Law Cases and Materials painting degrees of abjectoverty and constant concern by the Catholics as well as their attempts to use blood and terror to bring British and the Ulsters to their knees While the IRA and Sinn Fein the What Would Pacifists Have Done about Hitler? a Discussion of War, Dictators and Pacifism political embodiment of the Cause are not synonymous Keefe connects some fairly large dotsarticularly as it relates to Gerry Adams long seen as the face of the fight in the 1970s through to 1999 A man who would not break even when tortured Adams did all he could to bring about a better understanding to the world about the A Place to Call Home (Front Porch Promises plight of the Catholics in the North and how horrid things were for them under the British thumb The campaign began to work though the constant reporting of IRA violence or Ulster targeting of the Catholicopulation soured much of the support that began As Keefe explores throughout the IRA both its long standing version and the newer Provisional form had its own internal The Hot Kid (Carl Webster, problemsarticularly Healing After a Loss power struggles as to how things ought to go For some noeace without all 32 counties united while others saw that this could not happen with any degree of ease There was also a strong Jefferson Davis Inaugural Address push to make comparisons between the violence meted out on the streets of LondonDerry and Belfast and the cruelunishments that would be condemned elsewhere in the world How could the British and Protestants act and the world would turn a blind eye Keefe turns also to some of the revelations of the Boston College interviews headed up by academics after a formal Raintree (Raintree, peace was secured Stories that emerged when amnesty wasrovided helped flesh out some of the darker and violent aspects to life in the North over the close to three decades of hardcore fighting However some of the interviews were used by the British in legal settings to bring members of the IRA to justice for crimes committed using a large loophole in the One Night Is Never Enough (Secrets, process Even witheace established new wars emerged continuing to Heiress in Regency Society pit the IRA against the British Told in raw and unapologetic honesty Keefe tells a story that many readers would not otherwise believe while also being compelled to learn I strongly suggest anyone with an interest in learning about the struggles in Ireland from the 1970s through to theresent find this book and discover trove of sources and details likely not Rescued by Mr. Right part of the mainstream narrativeAs I mentioned above reading this book complemented myrevious binge reading of a La nostalgie des origines powerful five novel series about the Irish struggles I remember some of the heightened struggles in Ireland mostly from news reports and loose historical documents What Patrick Redden Keeferovides here is a strong and well documented approach to the Golf for Enlightenment plight of the Irish in the North at the hands of the majorityroviding the reader with a look at the oppressed that sought to True Liars push back against the majority Keefe does not shield the bias though some would say that this is the only way to get the story out there to focus on those who were fighting for a cause even if they also sought to use violence as a means to success I have often wondered why sides must shed blood and bomb one another how that could ever lead to lastingeace and change Keefe s book left me sympathising with some of the The Sod-Busters plight though the use of random violence that took the lives of the innocent torove a Royal Protector point does not sit well with me Even two decades after formaleace has been established this book rocked me and brought much of the buried narrative back to light Stories and sentiments as well as giving the reader and inside view into how things were run and what happened to those who did not obey More than a The Vampires Desire (Vampire, primer on the subject Keefe drawls on many sources and depicts the struggle as being not only real but somewhat essential in order to have their voices heard Through the blood and the bombing the violence and the vindication Keeferovides the reader with something sobering to give a difference Unlucky Charm (I Love Genie, perspective than many may have had Long chaptersrovide the core of the book though it sometimes takes a while to get the true sentiment across thereby educating the reader effectively The mighty British may appear The Seven Basic Plots prim androper but this St Patrick s Day as I nurse a Undercover Virgin pint or two of Guinness I ll think a little harder about how the colonialower sought to control one of the last vestiges wanting independence and self ruleKudos Mr Keefe for a stunning book I could not have asked for and hope others will be as shocked and gobsmacked as I was while readingLovehate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge Very impressive Radden Keefe Very impressive indeed Say Nothing A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland is an intricate and moving Environmental Dialogue Gdr piece of narrative nonfiction concerning The Troubles in the North of IrelandThe novel follows eventsarticularly centered in Belfast beginning in 1969 through the Good Friday Agreement of 1998Bookending Radden Keefe s extraordinary compilation of this history is the story of a mother of ten Jean McConville who was forcibly taken from her home in late 1972 becoming one of the disappeared during this bitter conflict McConville had been accused of being a Trouble paid informant for the British Army and it was widely believed at the time that the IRA was responsible for her disappearanceThis book seems remarkably researched and indeed Radden Keeferovides copious notes at the end of the main story detailing where his information is coming from etc During the course of his 4 years is coming from etc During the course of his 4 years research he interviewed around 100 eople although many refused to speak with him as talking about The Troubles can still hold repercussionsI was so impressed with how he was able to bring such a sensitive and emotional topic to life on the age Weaving together an immersive account of a time fraught with violence betrayals and loss There are descriptive accounts of the roles of various Wedding Daze players at the time such as Gerry Adams Brendan Hughes Bobby Sands and the Price Sisters Dolours and MarianOne of the most interesting areas explored for me was the hunger strikes carried out by many of the volunteers captured and imprisoned by the British I hadn t really heard too much about that before and found it a horrifying and fascinating avenue of resistance which the author handled so wellI would absolutely recommend this book to anyone interested in 20th century Irish history or anyone interested in The Troubles inarticularI definitely have a couple of people in my own life that I will be urchasing this book for as a gift Thank you so much in my own life that I will be urchasing this book for as a gift Thank you so much the ublisher Doubleday Books for roviding me with a copy to read and review I truly appreciate having the opportunity to read this one A big thank you as well to the author Patrick Radden Keefe for taking on this Mourning Child Grief Support Group Curriculum project as I feel this is aart of history that deserves to be remembered Well done A air of dispassionate IRA gunmen were sent Patrick Radden Keefe writes an intricate narrative about a notorious killing in Northern Ireland and its devastating repercussionsIn December 1972 Jean McConville a thirty eight year old mother of ten was dragged from her Belfast home by masked intruders her children clinging to he. .
Rom Belfast Before the killing they summoned a Summer Break (Gods at Eighteen 3) priest This was not unusual there were certainriests in that era who grew accustomed to the late night Gone Cold phone call They would be summoned outside by gruff men who were about toerform an execution and asked to deliver the last rites The act of killing itself had a ritual character a The Black Shriving (Chronicles of the Black Gate practiced choreographyA bag islaced over your head Your hands are bound behind your back You kneel in the soft grass Then you flop forward when the bullet hits your brain Patrick Radden Keefe Say Nothing A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland Patrick Radden Keefe s Say Nothing is a remarkable book It bills itself as a murder mystery of sorts centered on the December 1972 abduction and subseuent disappearance of a widowed mother in front of her ten children But it is much than that It is in fact a retelling of the Troubles the sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland through four distinct characters Gerry Adams the morally malleable olitical leader of Sinn Fein Brendan the Dark Hughes the deadly brigade leader of the Provisional Irish Republican Army Dolours Price who joined the IRA as a young woman and embarked on the type of celebrity terrorist career that brings to mind Patty Hurst without the trust fund and finally Jean McConville who may or may not have been a British informant but was certainly murdered for no good reason Each is memorable in their own way their lives intersecting often fatefully in a web of violence ideals and memory far larger than themselves Say Nothing is elegantly structured using the McConville murder as a narrative touchstone from which to embark on a larger exploration of the vicious long lasting and incredibly intimate conflict itting loyalists mainly Protestants who wanted Northern Ireland to remain in the United Kingdom and republicans mainly Catholics who wanted it to become art of a united Ireland This conflict was marked by kidnappings extralegal confinements torture assassinations and bombings In terms of sheer numbers the violence in Northern Ireland was low grade The numbers I ve seen ut total fatalities at around 3500 over a roughly 30 year Mama Ds pasta pizza period In our own Age of Terror those numbers unfortunately barely make you blink By way of comparison the Omagh Bombing carried out by an IRA splinter group killed around 30 on September 11 2001 al aeda killed around 3000 In terms of viciousness though the Troubles still manage to shock and unsettle This was a civil waritting neighbor against neighbor The violence was The Expected One (Magdalene Line Trilogy, personal and every bullet had a name When Jean McConville was taken many of her abductors were recognized by her children who saw them around for years later When Iicked up Say Nothing the things I knew about the Troubles about Irish history in general could fit into a Betty Fedora Issue One pint glass Indeed most of the things I knew revolved aroundint glasses I think that s important to mention because Aubrey Beardsley, The Man And His Work part of my reaction to this book is a function of the thrill of discovery With the exception of Adams Bloody Sunday and a couple of the IRA s most famous bombings I did not have a lot of foreknowledge about this subject It is uiteossible that a Jazz Ukulele person who has studied these times before will be less enthralled That said Keefe has still done an excellent job here He is a consistently engaging writer with a really good grasp on what he is trying to do He recognizes that the McConville murder itself canrobably be covered comfortably in a long magazine article and I believe it has been by Keefe himself in The New Yorker Thus he weaves the crime into the overall tapestry of the Troubles But he never resorts to mere filler Instead all the different storylines inform each other While there are some Off 13 pretty long stretches in which McConville is absent from Say Nothing Keefe never forgets her or her children and he is always returning to her final moments gradually revealing certain aspects of it that he has uncovered including in the finalages the Amata Means Beloved possible identity of her actual shooter Keefe is also a dogged researcher and interviewer and he has gone to great lengths to tell this tale right His endnotes are extensive and reveal his efforts to geteople to give up their secrets in a land in which touts informers or snitches are still reviled He tries extremely hard to remain unbiased writing with a controlled sense of outrage about both loyalist and republican atrocities There is no single villain here Certainly there is no unblemished hero Both sides did appalling things Undoubtedly there will be artisans who say Keefe hasn t told the truth but that is to be expected The truth is dead in an unmarked grave and we are left with many competing remembrances As Keefe demonstrates many eyewitness accounts are at odds with each other and with contemporary reports yet for the eyewitness that account has become gospelFor me one of the best measures of a book is how often I am unconsciously bringing it up in conversation During the week in which I tore through Say Nothing I robably said the words I m reading this book called Say Nothing a dozen times And that s not even counting St Patrick s Day when I attempted to steer all bar conversations toward the ethics of Juice political violence Without ever indulging a lecture Say Nothing has a lot of things to say about idealism and brutality about national memory and about which ends justify which means Say Nothing is inart ossible because of a secret oral history endeavor called the Belfast Project in which interviewers spoke with former IRA men and women collecting their stories and their crimes and lacing them stories and their crimes and Gudrun placing them seal at Boston College When word of theroject leaked Mob Mistress prosecutors in Northern Ireland subpoenaed these records and Boston College hastily complied What Keefe found in a lot of these reminisces is the concept of moral injury the damage to aerson s soul for transgressive acts taken in the name of a cause Many of these old fightersterrorists felt betrayed by the 1998 Good Friday Agreement because they sensed that the awful things they d done had been done for no reason In the end all their efforts ended in a compromise that robably could have been attained without the bloodshed Yet someday Ireland will be unified from top to bottom Someday the relatively recent history covered in Say Nothing will be old history From that distant vantage the answers to some extremely difficult uestions will seem self evident It will be easy to shrug and say that the car bombs the kidnappings even the killing of a mother of ten children were nothing than minor speed bumps on the road To Unification To That unification To that Say Nothing will serve as an important reminder of the terrible complexities of the Troubles It is an indelible ortrait of four Choosing to Survive participants living in a moral bog where otherwise decent men and women saw their choice as between killing aerson and hiding their body or killing a Robin Hood person and leaving their body on the street It is a study of the cost of belief to both victim anderpetrator alike Everything you have heard or read about this book is true Say Nothing is THE nonfiction book of 2019 My review specifically will focus on my experience with the Audiobook In Belfast history is alive and dangerous What compels an American journalist living in the United States to bring forth to readers the Felipa political violence that held the Irishublic in a vice grip from 1916 1998 For Patrick Radden Keefe it wasn t his 19th century Irish roots on his father s side It was to bring to readers attention how exactly radicalization can not only make The Vavasour Macbeth people do anything and e Harrowing I ve always wanted a book that could describe simply and clearly what happened in Ireland during The Troubles Not being Irish I ve too often felt theall of incomprehensibility daunting me I never found the right book until now Say Nothing is indeed that longed for book The The Blueprint (English Edition) prose is justerfectly freighted and the reader is hoovered into the narrative maelstrom from the very first Crisis of the Strauss Divided page with the mad scene of Jean McConville being torn from the arms of her huge and loving family never to return by masked goonsThe hatred here is like hatred everywhere irrational Be it the Nazis and the Jews the new discoverers of America and its indigenouseoples the Tutsi and the Hutu the list is abysmally long And let s not forget the Legacy Museum in Montgomery Alabama also known as the lynching museum I long to visit it Why What can I The Master Masons of Chartres possibly do at this remove I guess it s as Victor Klemperer once said or rather wrote one must bear witness even if it s at second or third hand There were five hostile entities in Belfast in the early 1970s There was the IRA which was Catholic Nationalist and which split into two rival camps 1 the Official IRA which was Communist and sought to remove Northern Ireland from the UK and create a workers republic and 2 the Provisional IRA which sought to end British rule in Northern Ireland and bring about an independent republic and who were known as the Provos the largest and most active republicanaramilitary group Other bellicose VARSITY ABDL (Age Play, Forced Regression, Enema, Domestic Discipline, Spanking Romance) parties included 3 the loyalistaramilitaries which were Protestant militia opposed to Catholic Emancipation and supporting the British occupation 4 the Royal Ulster Constabulary RUC which was a Protestant Road House - The Novel police force and finally 5 the British Army. R legs They never saw her again Her abduction was one of the most notorious episodes of the vicious conflict known as The Troubles Everyone in the neighborhood knew the IRA was responsible But in a climate of fear andaranoia no one would speak of it In 2003 five years after an ac. ,
The key military force of a largely Protestant nation which had recently lost virtually all of its colonial ossessions Other Dolphin Diaries Bind-Up paramilitaries formed laterAfter Jean McConville was snatched to use the tabloid argot and her tenarentless children were left to fend for themselves in the execrable Divis flats their father Arthur had died of cancer some time before no one from the surrounding community took the orphans under their wing These traumatized children received no care Even the local The Wingman Chronicles parishriest was unsympathetic With good reason it turns out since Jean had been taken by the Flood Legends papist IRA This resulted in a culture of silence in Belfast not unlike that in the USSR under Stalin when even next door neighbors would not speak to one another due to the mutual fear of denunciationIn the Provisional IRA the members were all very young Kids really They generally volunteered as children with many assuming important roles by their teenage years and early twenties These were the snipers and bombers and hitersons then so feared Dolours Price was eighteen when she volunteered having been raised by The Best Of Saint Louis parents who d both been IRA members back in the 1950s It was Dolours Price s idea to take the bombing campaign to London The Englishublic removed on the other side of the Irish Sea seemed only dimly aware of the catastrophe engulfing Northern Ireland It was a case study in strategic insanity the Irish were blowing up their own The Brother-Offended Checklist people in a misguided attempt to hurt the English and the English hardly even noticed 117 I abhor the religious irrationality which drives ietists and which here can be traced back to the 12th century It is a long and labyrinthine historical view you ve got to have to kill in the name of this very ancient idea One wonders if everyone was a scholar here if the origins of the conflict were as fully understood and recalled and recited chapter and verse as would seem necessary to justify so much killingIt s now 1973 and the IRA is about to lant four car bombs in London near government facilities Dolours Price is given command of the operation I was living in America when these horrors occurred I can almost see the headline in the Washington Post The author is now destroying that distance The night before the bombings Dolours and her companions go to a West End Detour (Something in Common, play by Brian Friel The Freedom of the City The next morning Londonolice are scurrying about bright and early to locate the cars they were tipped off 14 hours in advance by a Provo mole That day there s a transit strike so London is chockablock with cars Fortuitously the cops find one vehicle and disarm it It s alarm clock timer was set for 300 マジック・ツリーハウス〈1〉恐竜の谷の大冒険 pm They infer that they have until then to find the three remaining carsHowever I don t mean to be too hard on the NRA So how s this for balance Loyalist gangs often operating with the tacit approval or the outright logistical assistance of the British state killed hundreds of civilians in an endless stream of terror attacks These victims were British subjects Yet they had been dehumanized by the conflict to theoint that organs of the British state often ended up complicit in such murders without any sort of Bear Creek Road public inuiry or internal revolt in the security services 274 Say Nothing is nonfiction It s every bit as good as say Killers of the Flower Moon In some ways one might argue its better which is taking nothing away from David Grann But to my mind Killers is a little thin at the end It almost Good Authority Good Authority peters out Say Nothing by contrast has a consistent verbal density and narrative compression throughout How did I not know that the Irish Potato Famine has been justly laid at the feet of Britain who was exporting food from Ireland for its own needs as one million Irish died and another million emigrated Now Dolours and Marian Price locked up with a sentence of twenty years each in HMP Brixton begin a hunger strike which echoes that genocide If the British had employed hunger as a weapon during the famine it would now be turned around and used against them Dolours Price had always felt thatrison was where an IRA volunteer s allegiance to the cause was truly tested Now she told anyone who would listen she stood than ready to die Carneycopia p 151 The young women s hunger strike will break your heart That s the surprise about this book It knocks you off your moral high horse Two hundred and fiftyeople injured by the bombs terrible but miraculously no one killed So when the British decide to force feed these young women you know this is a violation of their civil rights you know it is wrong only long after the fact is it condemned and rohibited by the stateAfter developing an eating disorder from the 207 days of forced feeding Marian is released near death She has served 8 years Dolours is released for the same reason after serving 13 years To have Kept Her In Jail Would Ve Been To Kill Her her in jail would ve been to kill her renounces the IRA and its violence We skip ahead to Bobby Sands s election to Parliament on the 41st day of his hunger strike in 1981 PM Margaret Thatcher s recalcitrance in the face of all good sense Sands s death followed by nine hunger strike deaths that summer one every week or so the rise of Gerry Adams blackly tarred for giving away the store as his onetime fighters see it and with him Sinn F in the Good Friday Agreement etc One aspect of the eace that the GFA did not rovide for is the truth and reconciliation rocess thus the last Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, part of the book The Reckoning Boston College undertakes this role when it is apparent no one else will The city has a large Irish Americanopulation It s called Project Belfast The sheer tonnage of mental derangement and searing regret shouldn t surprise us not after a war this Alfie Outdoors prolonged and bitter but it does it does Then Boston College screws theooch to uote former test The Agile Team Handbook, 2nd Edition pilot Chuck Yeager when the old RUC trying to take down General Adams obtains the transcripts via subpoena in 2003 or so None of Boston College s agreements with the interviewees it turns out were ever vetted by in house counsel so theledges to withhold the transcripts until after the interviewees s deaths can not be honored I was reading this and whispering oh God oh my God which shows you how clich d I become when dumbfounded You may wish to brace yourself Breathtakingly haunting and goodPatrick Radden Keefe tells the story of the conflict in Northern Ireland between the Irish nationalists Catholics and the unionists Protestants during the time described as The TroublesThis book is very well researched it is harrowing and it focuses largely on the human cost I believed myself to be relatively well informed on this topic before I read this book I wasn tI cannot recommend enoughThank you to "Doubleday Patrick Radden Keefe and Netgalley for roviding me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review Audiobook read "Patrick Radden Keefe and Netgalley for roviding me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review Audiobook read Matthew Blaney Matthew has an engaging Irish accent and was easy to understand WOW YIKES as for this bookTRUE CRIMEhain just 14 hours and 40 minutesI had no idea what I was getting into MY MOUTH DROPPED at the start horrific tragedy not something I ever got over The storytelling was intimate with ordinary but real characters who were IN TROUBLEfascinating informative most of the time I started to zone out in Howard Stern Comes Again parts of my listeningbut then I d come back There is a lot to digest but I m glad I tackled it The history education for me suspense and intensity was HEARTBREAKING and just so SADSO MUCH history ofolitical violence in Northern Ireland I still don t understand everythingbut I understand the nightmare that religion and nationalism can be And I understand when somebody is trying to save their ass and not admit the truth I don t read a lot of true crime whodunit non fiction books that read like a thriller so when I do they stand out as this one does Incredible research details and atmosphereI learned a lot about what encompassed the troubles and the repercussions that followed Heartbreak storytelling IRA Terrorists kill innocent victimBeing of Irish heritage my grandfather was a uinn I ve always been intrigued by The Troubles but have never read a non fiction book about it until now This is a fine Spellbound place to start Keefe s story is heartbreaking and impeccably researchedIn 1972 Jean McConville was kidnapped from her home by a dozen women and men in disguise She had about 8 of her 10 children living at home who witnessed her abduction Her son Archie 16 at the time tried to go to with her but the gun men told him to foff back to their apartment He did His mother s last words to him were Look after the children They never saw her again The McConvilles had just lost their father who died right before this and Jean was not doing well They lived in abjectoverty She was keeping the family together though Now they would be split apart After a while of being on their own The children were farmed out to various Catholic children s homes in which they endured Cant Fake This physical and sexual abuse under what have been derided as The Sisters of No Mercy A true innocent Jean has been vilified then and still today as an informant by the IRA Here the author wishes to clear her name for her children and also get a measure of justice denied her all these years by the IRA and theeople of Belfast and the British government No one cared about her disappearance except for her children whos. Cord brought an uneasy Writing Myths peace to Northern Ireland a set of human bones was discovered on a beach McConville's children knew it was their mother when they were told a blue safetyin was attached to the dress with so many kids she had always kept it handy for diapers or ripped clothe. ,

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