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Cezanne and Provence explaining myself well just not smooth in terms of pacing and plot development Maybe it ll all make sense in thend shrugs Sigh How I wish there was meat and depth about the MC s love story because the scenesinteractions between Wolfe and Noelle were pretty Dark Voices engaging But as it reads imo Wolfe and Noelle were the secondary characters while the real MC s of this book were actually Poppy and Cass andven Joshua That s not so bad per se but I couldn t help but think Why do I have to read this then Just give me Poppy and Cass s book alreadyThis might be harsh but I always believe in keeping my reviews real and honest I m glad this one was available on KU bec if I had shelled out my to buy this book I d feel really bad right now I m not sure where this series is going any besides making Cass and Poppy Contested Reproduction ending up togetherver since Godric was killed off for reasons that are still unknowndon t make sense Why Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) even write his character in the first place if his death doesn t seem to affect anyone any This book like the rest in the series is incredibly short which means no time for character and world development The main characters meet wantach other have sex the nd There was so much potential in the first book which I LOVED and I am so sad that all the characters have turned out flat and unimaginative. Py Day and night he searches He'll find the person responsible for a recent article an article hinting at his friends' true originsA snare is set Bait dangles Will Noelle fall into the wolf's trap. .
It s been a long two years since Trick released and left me hanging Seeing that the series was finally continuing I was so xcited Trap Seeing that the series was finally continuing I was so xcited Trap the fifth BOOK IN ORIGIN BUT IT WAS in Origin but it was different and not at all what I ve come to xpect from Scarlett Dawn The storyline and pacing were rushed and the characters fell flat which makes me sad I ve loved the series up to this point Noelle Harvey is the least likable character to me sad I ve loved the series up to this point Noelle Harvey is the least likable character to so far in Origin She s horrible A tabloid journalist who works for Karma and has ties to the big bad of the series Noelle got on my nerves The book starts with an Evolutionary Patterns expos on shifters that she releases to the world not thinking of the conseuences Obviously things spiral for her uickly Yet I got to hand it to her girl has guts She doesn t bow down to any of the men we ve met so far sheven gives Poppy a run for her money Wolfe Cooper is the love interest in this installment I love Wolfe He s introverted and likes understatement technology In fact his corporation runs most Evolution As Entropy everything Awkwardly honest he reminds me of people with Asperger s Wolfe softens Noelle some He s a good counterbalance to her character at the very least I really struggled to follow the plot in Trap Even with my dislike of Noelle and love of Wolfe I struggled There were big holes invents like how did you get from point A to point B holes and the pacing fluctuated from breakneck speed to slower than a turtle It was distracting and I couldn t keep up Overall Trap was an okay read for me I didn t hate it but I also didn t love it I m uestioning whether I will continue the series now which makes me sad That said the next book in the series is Theron s who I ve been waiting to read since the series started soooo I ll be reading If you Forging Gay Identities enjoy paranormal romance with a splash of dystopia I recommend starting the series from the beginning Whileach book is a standalone romance the overall plot of the series reaches through all the books TrapAlways a great read with this series Always something new and Forbidden History exciting going on I was superxcited that I was finally able to sit down and njoy it without anyone bugging me lol I lov. New York Times bestselling author Scarlett Dawn ramps up the mystery with this next installment in the bestselling Origin series Trap will blow the minds of readers as the future world of shifters.

SUMMARY Trap Origin #5

E this series When I saw the pre order for this book I didn t ven think twice before ordering I was pulled into this series with the first book but continue to devour Esteem Enlivened by Desire each book since I love the characters the individual story as well as the story that connects them all Noelle and Wolfe just added to my love for this series Wolfe the techie is sometimes a little awkward and a tad too direct sometimes but he fits perfectly with Noelle hackerxtraordinaire I will be keeping my Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith eyes peeled for the next book This was a good fast readBut it still leaves you wondering what is going onCan we get answers about this puppet master and his hold on JoshuaSo now that Poppy saved Cassander does this mean that they will try to mate only to have Godric some how rise from the deadJust have to wait for the next book I LOVE this series Trap had me by thend of the first paragraph and wouldn t turn me loose until 300 am Wolfe has been one of the most nigmatic of the shifters and he couldn t have found a better partner How hilarious was it to find his mate is the woman he s choking her to unconsciousness I love the appearances of the other characters in the series and their ongoing stories I truly love Poppy as well Her continuing story keeps me hoping for at least one book of her and her two loves MehIt was an ok read Nothing special Not sure if I m going to continue reading the series as not much was revealed in this book It was of a fluff book Honestly felt like a rushed job Trap hadn t managed to nchant me Maybe it
"Was Because The Main Couple "
because the main couple basically playing second fiddle the whole time or because I felt no chemistry between them maybe it was too long since I ve read previous books Who knows chemistry between them maybe it was too long since I ve read previous books Who knows m not sure I ll continue to follow this series After the first two books in the series it all went downhill The couples have lacked chemistry depth I m also not a fan of the MCs failing to see the obvious 2 stars spoilers below The only thing of importance that happened in this book was Cass died His cause of death was friendly fire His father shot him He was later resurrected by Poppy facilitated by a spell given. And humans teeters on a dangerous cliffSecrets growSecrets killNoelle Harvey has a secretIt's not hersBut the world will know it SoonWolfe Cooper is huntingThe wolf shifter prowls the web for a
Descartes and His Contemporaries
Trap Origin #5

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