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Suggested ReadingGotta be honest my expectations weren t high for this book I just wanted to enjoy it have a somewhat light read And that was precisely what Suggested Reading offered and then it also offered some I thought this book particularly appropriate to read uring the Banned Books Week as it was you know a book about the act of banning books Indeed what Peter Hauntman affirms is the truth Yes books are Requiem for a Wren dangerous They should beangerous they contain ideasAnd that is precisely what Suggested Reading highlighted and emphasised It was a story about the power of the written word the power of books How they can change and help us how they can shape us in various Red Notice different and individual ways How impactful their influence is How uniue and personal the connection between book and reader is But it was also a story about friendship and support Yup you ve read that right there is no prominent romance plot line in this book Which felt like a breeze of the purest freshest air Friendship and books were the beating heart of Suggested Reading The plot was centered around books and specifically the banning of some of them how book lovers and book worms got together to fight this and the shenanigans repercussions and changes that took place because of all this It was a love letter to books their weight and their importance Clara was a bookwormown to her core She was incredibly relatable and being in her head and listening to her thought was enjoyable and fun She was compassionate funny and witty Her Les pingouins nont jamais froid doubts about protesting and fighting for what was goodright her love for books and her insecurities made her incredibly relatable Seeing her grow andevelop and mature was a good and lovely character arcBut truth be told she was also nothing special I loved how passionate she was about books and her absolute adoration towards them but otherwise she was a rather bland and vanilla character I liked her but she s not gonna be a favorite of mine I won t remember her And the other characters weren t much Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft's Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone different They all had their problems and stories but all were rather superficial and not fullyeveloped Jack s problems were barely mentioned even if they were an important part of the plot We know close to nothing about Ashton unfortunately We know absolutely nothing about Resi We also know very little about Clara s best friend Liui Clara herself was kinda like an empty shell Apart from her love for books and the things she s Code pnal 2020 annot. dition limite - 117e d. doing and thinking because of this banning of books we know nothing about her and her personal situation for example we know nothing about her family even if her parents were present I was not particularly a fan of the ending nobody s surprised here I thought it was too sappy and too similar to a happy ending There were no repercussions and I thought that was rather underwhelming Wrapped ups too nicely There was nothing bad about this book It was as I said enjoyable and fun It was a light and it wonderfully centered around books with a relatable book worm as protagonist But it was also nothing to write home about if I have to be honest It was a lovely average read If you want a light fast enjoyable read full to the brim of love for books this one is the one I ve listened to this one in aay and I The Peoples Songs d say that it was the perfect book to readuring the Banned Books Week Books are wild things You can t tame them People are wild things You can t tame them either This is the kind of book that left me with a LOT to think about It manages to be softly orky a love letter to bookworm problems and also slam you in the chest with some intense themes to sort through Like honestly at first I Was All This Is Cute all This is cute then by the end I m like WHAT ARE MY MORAL STANDINGS ON THIS ISSUE I was just marking all these passages to share but what I really need to o is sort of slide the book over to you and whisper reeeead itthings to look forward to Clara is a massive bookaholic starts Free Little Libraries is an overachiever and also a clumsy Blind Devotion (The Shifter Chronicles dork it talks about judging people by their covers haaa lots ofetailed My Name is Bob discussion on banned books lots ofialogue mostly ialogue based and school set no romance bless library appreciation some ark topics unpacked so it s not a fluffy readlet s talk about banned booksThis is essentially a book about books Specifically it s about banning books The politics behind it the justifications adults give when pulling from school library shelves and then the true reasonings behind why they re oing it Censoring is wrong okay and the book talks about that in #Depth But Then Throws A Curve Ball And Talks About #but then throws a curve ball and talks about books CAN be angerous When it started heading Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary down that avenue I started really frowning at my pages For real was this book in my hand going toiss literature and say maybe it should be banned So the fact that it tackled BOTH SIDES to the banned iscussion was phenomenal It made me think It made Clara think Sort of half wrecked her life too but that s what happens in stories Clara just eal sweetieI ve read books about banning books and stealing books and censorship before But this really got it s hooks in me I was rereading passages and thinking so so hard And honestly is there any greater compliment to a novelWe shouldn t be telling anyone what they can and can t read can and can t handle No two people must be ready for the same book at the same age Let people have books and use their capable brains to analyse and The Majors Daughter discern AND DISCUSS Instead of banning a book from a kid because youon t think they re ready for it let them read it and be there to Miss Shumway Waves a Wand discuss itI m not like a book guy but isn t the point of all this book stuff like what Ms Croft was teaching us that unrestricted access to books allows us to be challenged and changed To learn new things and to critically think about those things and not be afraid of them To be better than we were before we read themit s also a total love letter to just readingThe story starts off with Clara getting a highly anticipated release and pulling an all nighter to use highlighters and eat cheese and just ABSORB this book that ends up changing her life her world her justeverything It shakes her up She has the biggest book hangover ever I just felt so seen There s so much bookworm love here The smell the feel the act of sorting books of turning pages of your brain going overtime thinking about itThe prospect of having so many copies of Don t Tread On Me out in the world felt strange I think because it was a weird thing to realise you know The communal aspect of books They became so close to you so ingrained in your blood that it was like they became unpublished The bar code along with your memory of buying it along with five otheruplicate copies The Touch disappeared And somewhere between the covers you start to think you were the only one who On His Majestys Service d ever set eyes on the words that there couldn t possibly have been another person that book spoke to as much as youAnd I love that it even covered the concept of loving a book so so hard youdon t want to share it E school’s premises Students caught with the contraband will be sternly punishedMany of these stories have changed Clara’s life so she’s not going to sit back and watch while herraconian principal abuses his power She’s going to strike backSo Clara starts an underground library in her locker oin. ,

Many thanks to HarperTeen for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review Books are a light A light that melts ignorance and hate Wow Wow Just wow I was absolutely blown away by this book So what s this book about Clara Evans is horrified when she iscovers her principal s prohibited media hit list The iconic books on the list have been pulled from the library and aren t allowed anywhere on the school s premises Students caught with the contraband will be sternly punishedMany of these stories have changed Clara s life so she s not going to sit back and watch while her The Essential Good Food Guide draconian principal abuses his power She s going to strike backSo Clara starts an underground library in her lockeroing a shady trade in titles like Speak and The Chocolate War But when one of the books she loves most is connected to a tragedy she never saw coming Clara s forced to face her role in itWill she be able to make peace with her conflicting feelings or is fighting for this noble cause too tough for her to bearI just It s like someone followed me around for a month and then wrote a Textbook of Wisdom dramatic version of my life I absolutely loved the book because books and bookworms What s not to loveBut unlike most books that feature book lovers this book actually wenteep into what it really means to be a reader What books In Defence of Dogs do for us and why It uestioned things we ve all thought It was passionate and ensnaring Overall this book was unexpectedly lovely Bottom Line4 starsAge Rating PG Content Screening Mild SpoilersPositive Messages 55 Sacrafice for the greater good uestioning the norm PerserveranceViolence 25 Mild violenceSex 00Language 00DrinkingDrugs 15 Mention of underagerinkingContent and Trigger Warnings Racism Classism Homophobia SuicidePublication Date September 17th 2019Publisher HarperTeen an imprint of HarperCollinsGenre YAContemporary 45 stars Absolutely brilliant Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram This is a wonderful thought provoking book in which a voracious reader and high school senior fights back when the principal bans than 50 books among them such modern classics as Speak The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Flowers for Algernon Bibliophile Clara Evans starts running an underground library or Unlib out of her locker It s an inspiring tale that s a celebration of the power of books and friendship I loved the characters the story the humor and the uotations from the various banned books I m adding this one to my Favorites shelf You can find the full review and all the fancy andor randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight 35Ah who oesn t love a book about books right Right This was pretty enjoyable so let s get to it What I Liked Books are basically the hero of the story Sure Clara and others have a role in ensuring that they get into the hands of those who need them but they re just the vessel Books are making the true ifference here Clara isn t always likable Wait what you ask How is this a good thing Glad to tell you So she s judgy as all get out and she can be awfully self absorbed but the good news is she goes through a ton of growth as a character and tries to The City in Mind do better And really isn t that kind of the best Plus she s pretty funny and witty so that is a bonus too Gosh the book within a book was fabulous It s called Don t Tread on Me and I really feel like I need it to be an actual thing It s Clara s latest book obsession and I think it really speaks to the uality of the writing that I was able to love a non existent book There were some pretty solid messages in this book Like I said Clara learns a lot through the course of the book It sone mostly through her friendships and relationships with her peers her teachers the school staff and her parents her peers her teachers the school staff and her parents I Didn t There was a bit of a Problematic Moment It serves to make Clara wonder if books can be harmful but I think it was a little too self absorbed for one and not the best way to show it for another view spoilerJack who is gay and has parents who are not supportive tries to kill himself Clara blames herself for providing him with a copy of Catcher in the Rye All of this is just yikes hide spoiler Books are wild things You can t tame them People are wild things You can t tame them either Put those two together and you can t know what s going to happen Suggested Reading by Dave connis is a wonderful story about the power and magic of books It s truly a love letter to book lovers and feels so right My heart is so happy and full after reading this and I just can t help but be grateful to the warm and fuzzy feelings I get from this books After a list of over 50 books are mysteriously and covertly added her private school s prohibited media list volunteer librarian and avid booklover Clara Evans is Revenge (The Red Ledger determined to keep these books in circulation in an underground library run out of her locker Suggested Reading is a story about the power of books what they mean to us and how they shape us It really focuses of how we internalize books inifferent ways and can take completely No One Wants You different lessons from the same story because of our own personal views It s a story of friendship and celebration that really looks at howifferent media impacts us adn we in turn impact those around us I loved every second of it and I can t suggest it enough I received a copy of the book from the publisher in excahnge for an honest review I was given an ARC from Harper Collins Canada in exchange for an honest review When I first heard about this book at the HCCFRENZY event I was so The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity disappointed when Iidn t receive it in my goodie bag but like always Harper comes in clutch and gave me a copy for a review and I can t thank them enough Suggest Reading easily made it to the top books I have read in 2019 with its addictive story about Clara who loves reading than you and I Her passion for books literature and words will make you feel inadeuate and aspire to be exactly like her after this book So when Clara realizes that some of her favourite books are being mysteriously pulled off the shelf but still labelled as in circulation her worst fears are confirmed when an email confirms that the school is in the process of banning certain titles Clara who believes books are not Penguins Poems for Life dangerous and silly to have banned books starts an underground library Using an empty locker to store the books and a library check out app on her phone she begins to run the underground library that makes non readers read and those whoo not feel accepted in society to feel connected The #only reason why I idn t give it a perfect score was because #reason why I idn t give it a perfect score was because really was no plot aside from Clara starting an underground library Clara was uite boring She liked reading but she idn t have any issues and lived a privileged life where she went to a private high school and was on track to go t Books illuminate something ifferent for all of us Books change lives because they re matchesTW homophobia abuse attempted suicideThis was a pleasant and enjoyable read with a touch of Divine Beauty darkness Iid not see coming In this standalone a bookworm finds a way to fight back when her school bans ozens of classic and meaningful booksClara Evans is horrified when she iscovers her principal’s “prohibited media” hit list The iconic books on the list have been pulled from the library and aren’t allowed anywhere on th.

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Have felt this One thing I adore about books is how they can be so personal you can be reading and your whole world becomes just you and the book Gahhhh that moment is phenomenal and a special sort of magicI always assumed that people who Down to the Sea in Ships didn t experience a book the same way as Iid weren t look at it right They missed the point They misunderstood it But suddenly there was context to consider Was I privileged enough to be able to love books in which hurt flowed abundantly without feeling hopelessness Was it privilege or Wife by Wednesday (The Weekday Brides, did it change from person to person Or was it boththe privilege of how you experience booksLike holy shit I need to take a moment I have thought this a lot but never really had the words to shape what I feltmeant But this THIS It s a concept I want to smush all over Book Twitter sorry There is such a thing as a book being harmful for one person and perfect for another There s such a thing as a book being needed for one person and trashy for another This is why hating books cancelling books saying some bookson t Dog Years deserve to exist can be inherently harmful NOT TALKING ABOUT really problematic books that are built on hateThe problem is we bring ourselves to the pages Our whole selves Every singlearkness Every single light Every single passion Every single hurt We read with all the layers that make us who we are acting as filters We read with all that our eyes have seen and all our hearts have felt since birth With that much Chain of Fire density making up humanity it can t be up to us to make sure peopleon t misunderstand a book And it can t be up to books to make sure people The Devils Elbow (Mrs. Bradley, don t kill themselves or hate someone or even love someone Or evenecide to be president What we The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur do before and after we read is our choice And that choice is freedomsits here in contemplative silence for 10 yearsSomeark stuff happens in this book Reading a book triggers one character badly It makes Clara Maharaj doubt everything she ever knew and wonder if books ARE harmful if books SHOULD be banned And I love love how it handled the topic because it s not easy to figure out how to say a book shouldn t be banned even if it caused someone to hurt themself Don t you get rid of the weapon No because JUST like that passage says not everyone is going to be able to cope with every same book But we still have a level of ownership for our own feelings and actions A book beingangerous for someone Kuduz doesn t make the book inherentlyangerous Although I have been in a place where I ve been badly triggered by a book so I o get itbut let me pause for a uick critiueLike I love the very BONES of this novel and it s nuanced and complex econstruction of the act of telling stories and sharing words and what that means But there were actually places I was a bit eh will I even like this book because the characters are not very The Stanforth Secrets (Lovers and Ladies, deep Clara was almost too uirkily clumsy andorky at times it felt like she was trying to be Uber Relatable but just felt cringey And I The Taste of Ashes desperately wanted to get to know Jack and Ashton better but it justidn t elve into anyone s characters They both have such a eep backstory it was nearly frustrated how the book was 90% centred on Clara She needed to look outside herself But I think she was learning toReading this was a gift because it was a iscussion I been craving but hadn t known how to put what I felt into words I The Highwayman (Victorian Rebels, did NOT agree with everything in this novel at one point I felt like it said fighting with anger is always wrong when no I think there are good times to get angry But it just put forth piles of things to chew and mull over A nuancediscussion It meant a lot to me I wish we all thought about what we read and expressed our personal feelings about novels without tearing apart authors or other fans of the novelsBooks are not perfect They are imperfect explorations of one person s thoughts We are not all the same There are a thousand ways to view the same book and your anger or love of a book is validbut not universal 249 25 if goodreads would get their act together n give us half stars starsgreat ideas poor execution Rating 45 StarsClara lived and breathed books She had this unbridled passion for the written word and the power it possessed Therefore when she inadvertently learned that many of her favorite books were being placed on a prohibited media list she China: la edad de la ambicin (Ensayo poltico) decided to fight back and created an underground library However as word of the Unlib spread Clara found herself wondering if the rewards outweighed the risksThis was a book about a rabid reader which celebrated the power of books How could I not love itConnis created one of my favorite bibliophiles toate Clara She oozed book joy and I just about hung on her every word when she waxed poetic about her favorites The opening chapter immediately embedded her in my heart and I held her there until the very last pageThe basis of this story was the banning of books and Connis featured many amazing examples of challenged works but he also used that a springboard to show the Green River Rising different ways we connect to books and how they can connect us to each otherThough the author was clearly on the side of not banning books heid allow Clara to see both sides of the issue There was one point in particular that comes to mind where Clara shared a book that made her feel many positive things but was rather Wife Swap damaging to another reader It clearlyepicted how powerful a story can be but also how Pies differently it could impact someone elseThis story was not just about books it was also about the readers and how their lives were changed from this assault on their freedom The whole experience of running a renegade library allowed Clara to interact with peers she never imagined spending time with and that in turn allowed her to grow uite a bit She had spent many years automaticallyiscounting the star stars those wealthy students who were Gorbals Diehards descendants of the academy s founders by interacting with them on aifferent level she realized there was to them than their socioeconomic statusI was actually a big fan of the cast of characters Connis assembled From Clara s bestie Liui to king of the star stars Jack each character was well eveloped No matter how big or small their role they each played a meaningful part in this tale and I really enjoyed getting to meet each and every one meaningful part in this tale and I really enjoyed getting to meet each and every one themBetween the fantastic book uotes the humor and the raw passion for books isplayed throughout I couldn t help but love this book An absolutely entertaining and thought provoking readARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS Heartfelt and sincere I liked #a lot about this The cover and premise rew me in right away The main character Clara was smart loved #lot about this The cover and premise rew me in right away The main character Clara was smart loved and had a fun personality Her friends were also uite likable and I enjoyed their storylines There were times I was emotionally rawn to them and the events occurring I loved the uotes at the beginning of the chapters and appreciated the referencesBut even with some of the subject matte. G a shady trade in titles like Speak and The Chocolate War But when one of the books she loves most is connected to a tragedy she never saw coming Clara’s forced to face her role in itWill she be able to make peace with her conflicting feelings or is fighting for this noble cause too tough for her to bea. .

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