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The Battle of Hackham Heath Rangers Apprentice The Early Years #2Ust really made me feel like re reading the entire ra series again but no too entire RA series again But no Too books not enough timeI definitely recommend this to everyone and all It s an easy read full of adventure and bows and arrows and swords and all the fun stuff like that I was disappointed by this book I must admit I started it with a bad attitude The end was alright but I did not find it a good bookThe first sentence was lame The first 100 pages were also lame I did not Care About The Characters about the characters about the story It is a preuel I know who lives at the end There should have been there to care about When you read a good book you actually care about the outcomeThe action got a bit better towards the last 13 of the book But I still was not completely drawn into the storyI felt that it was repetitive I was told the same thing many times over How many times do you need to bring p coffee for instance How many times do you need to say the same thing Like the fact that the Rangers moved silently and no one could see them and they blended into the trees and It was fun to see some RA characters again Although their jokes w 35 STARSAs much as I love the Ranger s Apprentice series I m sad to only rate this book 35 STARS I enjoyed this book but it seemed a bit repetitive at times The title is The Battle of Hackham Heath and when the battle came it just came and went It just didn t seem like much of a battle to me Everything that came before was exciting than the battleI don t remember much about the first book in this preuel series but did it I should probably give this book 4 stars but well it in this preuel series but did it I should probably give this book 4 stars but well it so easy and fast read and I love the idea of the preuels to Ranger s Apprentice series I read the first book Ruins of Gorlan many years ago I liked the idea of mysterious and skillful Rangers who could shoot the bow like no one else and ordinary people knew so little about them that they actually thought the Rangers were wizards of some kind who could become invisibleMy favorite character has always been Halt Grumpy seemingly cold and ncaring pretty dangerous manwho turned out to be someone completely else and who trained Will and has been like a father to himThe preuels focus on Halt s past and tell the story of how he became a Ranger and then a legend known in the entire kingdom of Araluen It s also a story about how the Ranger s were re formed and became so important The readers of Ranger s Apprentice series might remember Crowley the Commanda. For his next attackHalt prepares for a seemingly impossible task – to scale the Mountains of Rain and Night to spy on the enemy and ncover their plansHe knows that one wrong move could be deadl. Rangers Halt and Crowley are once again called pon defend the realm for Duncan Halt is sent off to spy on Morgarath and his band of Wargals valuable intelligence while Crowley accompanies the een to a spa during her difficult pregnancy The serial introduction of important characters in the latter series was fun as well as learning backstories but there is too much meandering and repetition in the novel which Another fantastic John Flanagan book I love this world and the characters and getting to see the novel which Another fantastic John Flanagan book I love this world and the characters and getting to see and Crowley in their younger years Parts of this book made me want a whole series dedicated to Gilan and his backstory with Halt but I can t wait to see what comes next I didn t enjoy this book as much as other Ranger s Apprentice novels but it was still a good middle grade read Onward to the flailing of a fangirl I did rather love this Hence it took me three hours to read from cover to cover There is so much that excites me about returning to the great old kingdom of Araluen and the great old characters that are all so familiarDisclaimer actually I don t really know O Homem Que Ela Ama Odiar Diamante Bruto uite why I rated it 4 stars rather than 5it just struck me as notite 5 star stuff Almost but not A Stormy Greek Marriage uiteIt was so fun to get back to the old characters that I remember andiz my brain on every single random name to try and remember if he came p again in the actual RA series And Halt is just such a great character The first time Gilan s name was mentioned "I may or may not have suealed out loud and I loved every single time when he came in is a " may or may not have suealed out loud and I loved every single time when he came in is a Gilan fangirlThere was actually less of the hilarious dialogue although it was definitely still there and it was just as good without it Less is right I m going to go with the assumption that there was action and less Halt and Crowley chasing butterfliesThe action did seem to take a few chapters to actually start p the pace properly but once it was going it was good Also I kinda read this in three hoursso it may have felt faster paced for me than it would have if you read slower It was rather good from about the 13 point through and onwardAnd the plot is one familiar to all who ve read the Ranger s Apprentice series because the general outline is already there but there are the details the night raids plus GILAN If you don t read it for anything else read it for the two pages when Gilan just takes over and totally saves Halt s lifeI loved the ending It was so sweet and adorable and THE SAME WORLD BRAND NEW STORIESThe peace in Araluen is nder threat and newly crowned King Duncan must prepare for war Morgarath is in hiding recruiting an army of savage beasts known as Wargals. ,

Nt of the Corps He didn t play any major role in the original books but was pretty likable In the preuels however he is one of the main characters and he is as important as Halt And he turned out to be a wonderful character and was a great addition to the story Not many people can poke fun at Halt but Crowley enjoys doing it in a friendly way of course and it provided some much needed to storyOf course aside form Halt and Crowley we to some other characters from original series like Duncan Arald or Lady Pauline And of course Morgarath The books tell the story of how Duncan became the king and how Morgarath was defeated and driven from the kingdom for the first time The only problem with this book I might have is the fact that is aimed for younger readers mainly and I am not among them any so some of the things weren t really that funny some other things were too obvious and there were also those talking horsesbut well I could close my eyes to some things and still enjoy the story anywayIt s an easy read and I recommend it to anyone that is if you don t mind reading young adult books and to the people who read Ranger s Apprentice and enjoyed it The preuels are better than at least half of the books of original series particularly the later ones in my opinion And it s a much better idea than continuing the original series even though it should have ended some time agospoiled princess being a Ranger was too much for mereading about real Rangers is a lot entertaining I can assure you Of course this is a good read if too focused on coffee and meals But I love the relationship between Halt and Crowley and young Gilan King Duncan and Baron Arald Fun to see the birth of Princess Cassandra and the origins of Will Horace and the other wards orphansIf I hadn t already read The Ruins of Gorlan and The Burning Bridge this book wouldn t have felt somewhat anticlimactic and predictable But that s the risk when an author writes preuels to a finished series Flanagan repeated things too many times How silently rangers can move How a ranger s horse cannot be stolen and no need to tie it p cuz it won t wander away And how much coffee everyone drinks or thinks about drinking Unfortunately this book was light on the A Doctors Vow usual banter of the series which is really the main reason why I read these I really liked it how it gave information about how the battle of Hackham Heath went And It followed how it went after wards. Y for at the Battle of Hackham Heath the fate of a kingdom will be decidedTHE ORIGIN STORY OF ARALUEN’S MOST FAMOUS RANGER BY JOHN FLANAGAN AUTHOR OF THE BESTSELLING RANGER’S APPRENTICE SERIES.

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