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Glessic Both are in this interesting Camelot story While the book is directed towards children probably late elementary to middle school I was fascinated by it and will pass it on immediately to my grandchildrenThis is noted to be a debut novel for Author Mackaman but I certainly hope stories are to come as she is a refreshing writer When I finished the book I was hoping for I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway This children s book is fresh original and completely delightful The protagonist Cavall still a puppy in this first volume of the series is awkward clumsy nows nothing about anything and is not the sharpest tool in the box But with courage determination and a loving heart he gathers friends and manages to save his human neverthelessI found it so refreshing to have an animal hero who was NOT the toughest strongest cleverest most accomplished beast in the forest Cavall s lack of outstanding ualities makes him supremely relatable and a perfect role model for children It is his virtues his moral ualities and not any accident of birth that enables him to prevail and this alone makes it an excellent piece of children s fiction even without the many moral lessons that are slipped in among the actionA great piece of work and I ll read of the series The start of the book was bland the middle was bland but the ending picked up the pace a little even though only good characters were the dogs obviously the rest of the characters were bland and though the good characters were the dogs obviously the rest of the characters were bland and though the itself was a bit weird I do really like Cavall he s just a adorable guy with the best intentions I read this out loud to my 7 year old who loves dogs It didn t really hold his attention It was ok I probably would have liked it as a Wicked, Sinful Nights (Raised to be Bladesmen, kidThey re good dogs Bren. Y and undermine his authority asing To fight back against the dangers of the dream world Cavall will need help from some loyal hounds and the enchanting sometimes frightening creatures that call themselves the fay He will have to prove that not only can he be a good dog for his person but that he is capable of a greatness all his ow.

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A DOG IN KING ARTHUR S COURT is told from the point of view of a dog named Cavall While out running with his brother Glessic they run into King Arthur while he s out on a hunt King Arthur is in need of a hunting dog so he takes in Cavall a hunt King Arthur is in need of a hunting dog so he takes in Cavall is so excited to have a person but it isn t as easy As He Thought It Would BeIn King Arthur S Home he thought it would beIn King Arthur s home are rules and Cavall must be on his best behavior to avoid embarrassing his person He s lucky to have other dogs in the court to help show him the way Cavall is happy his brother is with him too but Glessic isn t as willing to have a person as Cavall is As dangers present themselves Cavall must be his best to protect his person at all costsI love dogs and King Arthur and it was so much fun to read a story that combined the two This one held my attention the whole time and I didn t think I would like it as much as I did because it was from a dog s POV Instead it s refreshing and different and I look forward to books like thisFinal Verdict This book is perfect for fans of dogs King Arthur adventure and standing up for what s right E ARC from Edelweiss PlusInteresting concept but my readers who want Arthurian legend are not often fans of dogs This was also a bit on the short side and there wasn t as much action and adventure as I usually need in this type of books I have a lot of these stories in my library so will probably pass on this one Great for elementary students who want a good access point Very very sweet story It had elementary students who want a good access point Very very sweet story It had slow start but I thought it had a uniue fae system and a surprisingly intense build to the climax I would have liked said climax to be a little drawn out but other than I was very pleased with this read I could not be in love with Cavall The epitome A duology middle grade adventure set in Camelot told from the point of view of King Arthur’s favorite dogWhen Cavall and his brother Glessic leave the comfort of their simple barn to join the lavish court of Camelot Cavall wants nothing than to prove he’s a good dog to the great nights and dogs of the castle especially to King Ar. .
A Dog in King Arthur’s Court Cavall in Camelot #1F a Good Dog This debut book from Audrey Mackaman is a Arthur tale from a dog s perspective and a real winner the traditional characters are present Arthur Merlin Gwenevere Lancelot and a real winner All the traditional characters are present Arthur Merlin Gwenevere Lancelot Morgana and the rest but this tale eeps middle grade students in mind by leaving out the mature aspects of the tale and bringing readers a loyal dog to save King Arthur and Camelot There is magic action subterfuge friendshipall the components demanded by those in grades 4 8 This one will be on the first book order of the new year for both of my libraries and I look forward to seeing what mischief and heroics Cavall and the other dogs in the castle will find in book 2 Review OF DIGITAL ARC FROM EDELWEISS PLUS digital ARC from Edelweiss Plus can you not love a story based on the legends of King Arthur that is told from a dog s point of view especially a dog as smart brave and sensitive as Cavall Young readers will really enjoy this action packed book that is filled with magic and warmth Can t wait to see what adventures are in store in the next of this series I won a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway for this honest review Loved the premise loved the execution Told from the dog s point of view the book is an adorable look at the smells and views from a dog in Arthurian times Loved the cameos and the plot was solid This is a series I ll Little Fiery One keep reading even thought it s aimed at younger readers None of myids would read it with me but I m glad I forged ahead without them it was awesome Who would have thought that I would enjoy a book about a talking dog Actually people at least most people do not understand what Cavall is saying but of course the reader and other animals do Cavall is the younger pup and main character along with older brother. Thur But Gless says only the best dogs are worthy of greatness and Cavall has never been as strong brave or fast as his brotherMeanwhile malevolent forces lurk in Camelot and Cavall must figure out how to protect his person To make matters worse Arthur’s mysterious nightmares are getting worse threatening to shake his grip on realit. .

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