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Said oh my God out loud at least once Thankfully I was home alone on my back patio during that reaction There was a little slow part that came about towards the end but I think that it was only felt slow because of the fast pace that the book had had for the 810th s of it You will just not believe the things Caroline discovers and finding the bullet I thoroughly enjoyed this and will definitely be recommending it to EVERYONE Thank you Gallery Threshold Pocket books and Net Galley for providing me with this free e alley in exchange for an honest review The Bullet is about just that a surprise find A 37 year old woman has a diagnostic MRI due to arm pain and discovers she has a bullet lodged at the base of her skull And she has no knowledge of how it ot there From there this organized French professor s assumptions about her entire life begin to implode And the story is actually engaging Caroline s story while somewhat far fetched is also interesting to readBut and there is a but there are problems here There are inconsistencies of character and of plot Would the presence of the bullet in the body and learning of earlier life events change character traits developed over the past 34 years There are a lot of change character traits developed over the past 34 years There are a lot of of character that are difficult to accept and a plot that becomes simply over the top at the end Does a life changing event justify what seems almost an apparent change of personality over the course of the novelWhile I did read the entire book my interest really flagged by the final third where I found the problems overwhelmed the storytelling Of course the mysterythriller enre has certain tropes that are present to PMS greater and lesser degrees in all participants This book needed to be tighter and consistent for meI ve had difficulty with rating this book and amoing to The Two of Swords go with 2 to 25 because of my disappointment with the final third of the bookA copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review NetGalley book reviewI listen to NPR all the time for years I mean my mother had it on in the car while we went on drives so I m pretty sure I heard Kelly s reporting before With that said I was very interested in reading her newest book This starts right off with a BANG A shocking discovery of a bullet lodged at the back of her neck without knowing how it evenot there Family secrets come out drama and you have a very Sinfully Damaged (Master Mistress, good thriller on your hands Excellent book for a crummy rainy night This nifty sure footed crime fiction is easily one of the best books I ve read this year It uses a sympathetic female protagonist and a cleverly executed plot which I won to into I don t want to play the spoiler The brisk pace and smooth prose help to build the suspense I was left uessing about how it would end and I read a lot of these types of books too The violence and sex are kept to a minimum PG13 I d say Recommended for crime fiction This is a fast paced well written thriller set in DC and Atlanta surrounding the mystery of a woman who learns she has a bullet in her spine The strange things is she has not visible scar nor any memory of being shot So the story unfolds as Caroline Cashion tries to discover. Her hometown to learn whatever she can about who her parents were and why they died Along the way she meets a cop who worked the case who reveals that even after all these years the police do not have enough evidence to nail their suspect The killer is still at large Caroline is in danger the bullet in her neck could identify the murderer and he'll do anything to keep it out of the police hands Now Caroline will have to decide run for her life or stay and fight. Ng at all I actually didn t feel anything for her I didn t hate her but I didn t like her eitherFor someone supposedly so bright and educated never impulsive I found her to be ridiculous at times even stupid She s running around trying to figure out who killed her birth parents asking uestions even being interviewed by a reporter Seriously how stupid are you As you re poking and prodding digging for information trying to find the killer since heshe was never caught you d think she d take some precautions She doesn t even think or take into consideration how Her Actions Could Affect Her Family A Family She Is actions could affect her family a family she is close to and loves with all her heart By the time I ot to the end when all was exposed it wasn t much of a surprise I have to say that I couldn t understand the direction the author took with Caroline towards the end It didn t make any sense It s as though the author was trying to create some suspenseful drama about how Caroline s life was about to change all of which came across as forced and honestly a waste of time especially when you consider how it ended Yawn A terrific concept that unfortunately wasn t interesting or intriguing I liked this story it was well written interesting digging into a past life that she did not even know she had but for me this had pacing problems Uneven is the word I d use Sometimes much talking and than a flying leap into action Adopted Not knowing sure But then rush around trying to find out everything being so ullible you are not aware of the possible danger then rush around trying to find out everything being so ullible you are not aware of the possible danger to a killer who might not want to be exposed after Taken By the Sheriff the Deputy Too! getting away with the original crime all those years Thirty seven years old and can t put this together So I m a skeptic but while this was interesting love adventures in overturning revelations toppling secrecy Exposing what happens and who did it and why But some of the na ve comments wererating Well let s just say it had ood moments and problem moments but this is a promising author she can definitely write and I will keep a watch on her on her future offeringsARC from NetGalley THE BULLET by talented Mary Louise Kelly an outstanding psychological suspense crime thriller dark scandalous family secrets and juicy revenge Love loved itglued to my iPod all day and evening daring anyone to interrupt me Top my iPod all day and evening daring anyone to interrupt me Top Books of 2015 Best Audiobook tie Best Action Thriller Female Protagonist Caroline Cashion age thirty seven beautiful and single a professor of French Literature at Georgetown University well traveled cultured a career she loves and a lovely family She has recently been experiencing some pain in her wrist and is diagnosed with Carpal tunnel synd OMG I had to stop reading this book and o to dinner with friends I was pissed My friends were pissed that it was all I talked about Ha They definitely couldn t believe I was leaving early to Štěky Broka Špindíry get back to my book I LOVED this book Could you imagine being 37 years and find out you had a bullet at the base of your spine that had been there since you were three The secrets and stories that started to unravel after that finding made for such aood book There were so many plot twists that I think I actually The Blackmailed Secretary gasped out loud at a few of them I know I literally. Ment Then over the course of one awful evening she learns the truth she was adopted when she was three years old after her real parents were murdered in cold blood Caroline had been there the night of the attack and she was hit by a singleunshot to the neck Buried too deep among vital nerves and blood vessels the surgeons had left it and stitched up the traumatized little irl with the bullet still inside That was thirty four years agoNow Caroline returns to. ,

The BulletI really liked the story in The Bullet Caroline is 37 years old and during an MRI scan it is discovered that she has a bullet lodged against her spine The only problem is she has never been shot A whole can of worms is opened up by this discovery when her parents admit that she was adopted when she was three years old her birth parents having been shot dead and Caroline herself being the sole survivor The killer has never been Caroline Cashion is as she herself killer has never been Caroline Cashion is as she herself in this novel an unlikely heroine Aged thirty seven an academic with a speciality in nineteenth century France her days are pleasantly spent marking papers or curled up reading Although unmarried she is close to her parents and her two married brothers and has a happy and fulfilled life However when her wrist begins to hurt she has a scan to rule out arthritis and this chance medical test changes her life forever when the technician casually asks how she ot a bullet in her neck a bullet that Caroline had no idea was thereWithin a short time Caroline discovers that she was adopted at the age of three when her birth parents were murdered and she was left for dead Looking for answers she visits her childhood home and her enuiries bring about a renewed interest in a case which has never been solved What is the pain in her wrist may be linked to the bullet and this may need to be removed Could the bullet be traced to the murderer after so long Caroline meets up with journalist Leland Brett Beamer Beasley who initially investigated the crime plus friends and neighbours of her birth parents Meanwhile her doctor Will Zartman shows a personal interest in her well being even while her uestions are leading her into danger This is an exciting and tense thriller with an interesting main character and a Improve Your Communication Skills good cast of suspects I really enjoyed this novel especially the beginning and middle of the book where Caroline discovers her secret past and begins to investigate and try to come to terms with what had happened to her as a young child There are several plot twists and I am not entirely sure that the ending of the book worked as well for me as the beginning However I was certainly intrigued enough and enjoying the story enough to want to read on to the end Lastly I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for review When I reached the end of this novel I honestly wasn t sure what to make of it Most definitely the premise of The Bullet is an intriguing one Youo to the doctor because your hand has been in so much pain for days One appointment leads to another and then another which reveals you ve ot a bullet lodged in the back of your neck If that wasn t bad enough not to mention a mystery you find out you were adopted that your birth parents were murdered and that you were also you were adopted that your birth parents were murdered and that you were also at the age of three hence The Bullet Most Intriguing Unfortunately The Execution bullet Most intriguing Unfortunately the execution this novel left little to be desired I didn t mind how it was told It s just that even with the mystery nothing about it felt suspenseful Yes I read the whole book as I wanted to know who and why but any excitement or chills I was hoping to feel I felt none As for the protagonist Caroline I didn t find her to be interesti. From former NPR correspondent Mary Louise Kelly comes a heart pounding story about fear family secrets and one woman's hunt for answers about the murder of her parents Caroline Cashion a professor of French literature at Georgetown University is stunned when an MRI reveals that she has a bullet lodged near the base of her skull It makes no sense she has never been shot She has no entry wound No scar When she confronts her parents they initially profess bewilder.

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