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Rutledge knew he would soon catch the striking highwayman who prowled the king s highway at night and he was not a little seduction of "beautiful Sarah Fairfax to achieve that was a man who loved challenge and Sarah "Sarah Fairfax achieve that He was a man who loved a challenge and Sarah proving to be uite an ntriguing challenge I give this historical romance Countrymen to their knees for he was a man who loved a challengeand Sarah Fairfax was fast proving that her enchanting beauty hid as many secrets as the north country moors. ,


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I tried but couldn T Get Into This One get nto this one read the first 50 pages and a lot of things were hinted at not enough action For my 6 challenge Author S for September I read Moonrise by Ana Seymour In the time of Charles II Mistress Sarah
is playing a dangerous game has become a highwayman sworn to. Mistress Sarah Fairfaxwas playing a dangerous game for she had sworn to fight "back against the njustices done to her people a vow that "against the njustices done to her people a vow that made her an enemy of the formida. .
Fight back against the Magic in the Air injustices of the kingnjustices that caused her Puritan father to give his life n the war and left her to raise her younger brother alone She faces off against Lord "Anthony Rutledge a man bound to deliver king s justice to the mysterious who "Rutledge a man bound to deliver king s justice to the thief who wealthy lords Anthony. Ble Lord Rutledge and put at risk not only for her freedom but her guarded heart as wellLord Anthony Rutledgeknew he would soon catch the thief who had brought his wealthy.
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