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F how love and family support can shine beautiful light into those dark places This book although sometimes difficult to read due to the strong emotions it invokes was impossible to put down This by far was Deborah Fletcher Mello s most poignant and loving work ENCOREFor love journeys by Deborah Fletcher Mellow check out deborahmelloblogspotcom Playing For Keeps the second book in the Sultry Southern Nights series by Deborah Fletcher Mello is call a Contemporary Romance I beg to differ this is Mello is call a Contemporary Romance I beg to differ this is life romance Once burned with trust issues Malcolm Cobb has his hands full running two business in different state and raising his twin girls as a single parent He has no time for romance or foolishness Sassy in charge Cilla Jameson wants to be in love but it has to be the man who meets her list of standards When these two opposites meet something happens and they become a force of their own A well written story that invokes emotions that touch the heart as they deal with an ex wifeex boyfriend and unsavory characters Playing For Keeps has ou asking the uestion what if Malcolm ans Cilla learned to do the most important things in a relationship listen communicate and forgive I loved the story hour and mama Claudette I won both books in this series in a Book Bash I was very happy to received a book that has not been released et Playing for keeps by Deborah Fletcher Mello is the first book I have read by this author I have heard nothing but great things about her books I started reading this book and this author I have heard nothing but great things about her books I started reading this book and not put it down it kept me up several nights Malcolm Cobb a single father of two successful businessman meets an independent and successful Cilla falls head over heels and they are an instant family his girls and his mother loves her but the ex wife keeps bringing turmoil to their family This was a great love story I Really enjoyed it and recommend it This was not our typical romance with the build up of lust ending with happily ever after It has it happy ending but Laurus you don t get there with the conflict free fun we re used toThis is about grown up love rooted in today s world The blending of families past and present and all that that entails is what this story aboutIfou go into with that in mind ou ll enjoy it It has all the stress and strife that happens in the real world It strips off the rose colored glasses that romance paints with and gets down to peaking behind the curtainI thoroughly enjoyed that aspect of Intrigued by Malcolm He's handsome fascinating respectful and up for a challenge But is Cilla After all the man has baggage and it is fully packed Can she handle the ex who's determined to keep him single Or the twins who are not uite the angels Malcolm thinks She'll have to decide if she wants to play for keeps. ,

Typical cliche book but it had a twist in the story Made me want a guy like Malcolm but raises our eyebrow whether a woman would look pass his past and current woes with ex wife and 2 twin daughters when she didnt have kids of her own and Malcolm was a mommas boy with southern charm a true gentleman Playing For Keeps by Deborah Fletcher Mello is the second book in the Sultry Southern Nights Series We return to Raleigh s hottest jazz and blues club to hear about Malcolm Cobb and Cilla Jameson What I really loved about this book is that it is not our average contemporary romance book This book gives You REAL LIFE Situations And REAL LIFE situations and everything isn t always fantastic in the Hero and Heroine s life I loved the story line and how Mrs Mello put everything together There were times when I wanted to get a belt and whoop one of those twins myself and there were times I wanted to reach through the book and hug them The situations that happen in this book are things that could happen and are happening right now in the world Some of the issues may be sensitive to some but in the end there is always a HEV I highly recommend this book to all my fellow avid readers A five star readReviewed by Shemah of Cilla s Book Maniacs Playing For Keeps by Deborah Fletcher Mello is romance life and love at its finest The second book in the Sultry Southern Nights series tells another beautiful story of the folks at the Playground Jazz and Blues Club Malcolm Cobb and Cilia Jameson two people with a lot of baggage paint a picture of what love can become if ou are willing to give complete honesty and trust with healthy doses of continued self reflectionMalcolm a recovering alcoholic single parent is ready for something new A woman that gave him his greatest gift but was unable to love him taints his history with relationships Cillia filled with second guesses and self doubt refuses to play the game let alone play for keeps However the way in which they exchanged cell phone numbers in the beginning gives the reader a clue that they both are Playing for KeepsAt times Playing for Keeps takes the reader to dark reflections of painful places Malcom and Cillia would rather not revisit Moreover their journey to love may take the reader to their own dark places Nevertheless as with all of Ms Mello s journeys to love Playing for Keeps shines through as a true picture of life and loveThe cast of characters at the Playground provide an intricate picture Life But when he spots stunning voluptuous Cilla Jameson he's suddenly considering rearranging his schedule and setting aside his concernsIndependent and successful Cilla would love to be in love But when it comes to men she has a lengthy list of reuirements And no children is at the top Yet she can't help being. This second book in the series delves into some very needed but often kept uiet Difficulties The Way The Author The way the Author the journey between Malcolm and Cilla was both poignant and direct Thank ou for showing us that even in the midst of personal mess love can triumph Nice story line but under developed Malcolm and Cilla relationship was okay The story about Malcom s daughter Cleo going out with her mother s boyfriend that night that part was acceptable and believable But the author went from a drug addict mother who would do anything to get a hit to the child being part of a sex crime Site Really But If Miss Millo Wants really But if Miss Millo wants incorporate that as part of her story line it needs to be developed As I was reading the book the Shanell s story was too sporadic because she keeps popping in and out of the story I got that she is on drugs but Ms Millo her story line also needs to be developed Nice touch with the relationship that Cilla and Miss Cobb Malcom mother had Also at the end with Shanell speaking to CillaI would not recommend this bookLisa RampersadAAMBC Reviewer It Was All Worth ItPriscilla Cilla Jameson walks into her local Starbucks to purchase her morning Java to jump start her day and Malcolm Cobb spots her as he s having his coffee after a morning run and he knows he has to meet her What will become of these two Cilla is not fond of ready made families and Malcolm wonders if he should play or stay away I so enjoyed Playing for Keeps There was so much drama From the beginning the twists and turns held my attention I had to keep reading to see how it all turned out I loved the way Deborah Fletcher Mello dealt with the subjects of child exploitation and addictions to drugs and alcoholI highly recommend Playing for Keeps as well as the previous novel Playing with Fire Taryn and Romeo s story Reviewed by Lisa M45 StarsAuthor Spotlight with Deborah This was a great story until it wasn t This story was moving right along love family ties misplaced trust betrayal and lots of surprises Malcolm meets Cilla a sweet woman who seems like his perfect match Then they discover Malcolm s crackhead ex wife has put one of his daughters in grave danger Then 34 into the book 10 pages of repetitious sex scenes and tedious details that TELL the action instead of SHOWING the action slows the story way down But then thankfully the story speeds back up and the great plot continues So 3 stars become 4 stars again At first I was thinking. As an accomplished architect single dad of teenage twin girls and co owner of The Playground Raleigh's hottest jazz and blues club it's an understatement to say Malcolm Cobb has his hands full Add to that an ex wife who knows how to bring the drama it's no surprise he has little time or inclination for a personal. ,

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Playing For Keeps Sultry Southern Nights #2

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