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In life She is open and honest with Grayson from the get go Grayson Green tiger shifter who needs a mate to keep His Leadership He Does Not leadership He does not love but love has a way of finding you when you least expect it Grayson is yummy sexy and so purrfect for Alyssa Her Purrfect Match is a grab you and not let you go kind of book This series keeps getting hotter and funnier I love how uick and easy these books are They are the purrfect lunch break or when you need something uick funny and sexy to read The insta love attraction does not feel forced like most insta loves do I like this about Ms Taiden s writing She has a way with the insta love that makes everything work The characters and feelings feel real and believable I do enjoy the secondary characters and of course I can t forget Gerri our matchmaker I enjoy her humor and bold attitude She is not a afraid to get those that come to her to tell her exactly what they wantneed Disclaimer I received a complimentary ARC copy free of charge from the author with the sole purpose of an honest review All thoughts comments and "ratings are my own I love these little spicy bites that Taiden creates The stories in the series tell a complete "are my own I love these little spicy bites that Taiden creates The stories in the series tell a complete but they are short and sweet enough to be read in one setting Once again Ms Geri Wilder is up to her match making ways again and she hooks Alyssa Moran with a little docile kitty LOLNOT Grayson Green Grayson is a growly and sexy tiger who needs a mate and needs her yesterday Members of his pride are threatening to overthrow him because he hasn t produced cubs He has no clue that his friend will intervene on his behalf and call the PDA And Grayson gets the shock of his life when he stumbles upon Alyssa while he is in his tiger form His animal recognizes her immediately and it wants to pounce It s Grayson the man that has reservations But one thing he can t deny he wants her body however love will never be in the cards for them Sadly it s this simple reality that causes Alyssa to go running away from him She wants love marriage and babieswould love to have them with Grayson but her dreams are smashed when she hears that is not what he wants Grayson is many things but one thing he is not is a fool When he realizes Alyssa has left him he hunts her down and claims her like only an alpha can siiiiiiigh I love the women in these stories because they all have their own uniue issues and reservations about love but they are not shrinking violets They will bring their men all the sass they want and then some They are spirited and know exactly what they want and don t want The men too are also the best kind of alphas They bombard their intended s senses #With A Sensual Pleasure That #a sensual pleasure that be missed There is a bit of the Mate and Mine phenom happening in the stories but it works very well in these potent shorts OMG PDA ust keeps getting hotter and hotterThis is the purrfect continuation of the Paranormal Dating Agency Mrs Wilder sure can read them like no other The story is funny with passion lots and lots of passion and has the woman as the hero My favorite type good thing she has her skills and was able to outsmart the less than intelligent males they never sh. And Gray dead If Gray mates the future of his pride will be sealed and no one can argue his place as leader Unless it can be stopped before they ever get a chance to make some cubs He will have to work hard at convincing a human she’s the only one for him or lose his pride and his mat.

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Her Purrfect Match Paranormal Dating Agency #3Overall Rating 5 Rockin Milly Taiden s third novella in the paranormal shifter series is Her Purrfect Match Matchmaking guru Gerri Wilder is at it again when she arranges a date for our heroine Alyssa with an Alpha Tiger Since she is a cat lover looking for a lasting stable relationship this seems like the perfect match The list Alyssa gives Ms Wilder is that she is wants love marriage and a man to father her children An added bonus for Alyssa would be not having to save the man she is matched up with because she always seems to get the take care of me guysMs Wilder has ust the shifter for Alyssa She matches her with Grayson Green leader of the tiger pride of Green Edge Gray s tiger immediately knows that Alyssa is his mate His human side however fights the urge to love Alyssa and since he is a tiger of few words it opens up some interesting situations Meanwhile Alyssa surrenders to the glorious sex and propositions Gray to let her have his children It is an amicable deal that can t stand up to what their hearts know is the truth When put to the test these two
Lovers Are Purr Fectly 
are purr fectly Hold on tight for smoldering ecstasy and a ourney to inevitable loveHero 5 starsHeroine 5 starsPlot 5 starsSteam Level 5 starsCliffhanger NoWould I recommend this book Yes Once again the guru of matchmaking hits the shifter right on the head with a Purr fect match This book is short but packed full of hot steamy sex and a sizzling hot Alpha stalking his mateWould I recommend this author Yes Milly Taiden is an incredible author that ust keeps giving us her readers remarkable books to enjoy I cannot wait to see where the next book will go and what kind of shifter will be matched nextReceived an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest reviewHer Purrfect MatchMilly Taiden A PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRFECT #SEXY AND ENJOYABLE READ LOVING THIS SERIES Her Purrfect matchMilly TaidenParanormal dating agency book 3 Milly Taiden #AND ENJOYABLE READ LOVING THIS SERIES Her Purrfect matchMilly TaidenParanormal dating agency book 3 Milly Taiden yet again out done herself this series has taken this series has taken her to the next level of hot sexy and curvy reads She makes alpha series a top I want on every woman s fantasy a man list Book 3 in no exception Milly Taiden needs to be a must read or want to read and even to preordered book I know you said you wanted a man that likes cats A man who likes pussy Gerri said as she wrote Got it Alyssa Moran goes to Mrs Wilder after Tally keeps insisting she try a shifter and the PDA paranormal Dating Agency With a not so encouraging mother that does nothing to help her confidence and after all the erks and bums she has dated She wants a man that will tell her she is beautiful and loved "Really wanting children because that clock is clicking loudly in her head can that alpha shifter be found to give "wanting children because that clock is clicking loudly in her head can that alpha shifter be found to give what she wants mostLove Great so you re okay with growls hisses and roars during sexGrayson Green Leader of the Green Edge pride and a loner since his younger brother s death that caused him to slide into a recluse living The one thing he needs is a mate and cubs With the pride split and half out to take over his only choice is to fight That is until Alyssa shows upShe wants love family and marriage can Alyssa Moran is tired of being the old cat lady with no man She has very specific needs and goes to visit Mrs Wilder at the Paranormal Dating Agency Shockingly enough she is promised a man who likes cats wants kids likes curves and will be wild in bed Grayson Green needs a mate Fast But. Man who doesn t believe in love find it for herHe is than ready to fight to keep his pride but now he must also protect the person his tiger has claimed as His mate Can this loner keep the her safe and show her she is beautiful and wantedCan he prove he is Her Purrfect Match Alyssa needs to find her perfect mate She is tired of always finding losers Enter Mrs Wilder from the Paranormal Dating Agency Grayson doesn t do love But the moment he sees her he knows she s PURRfect for him This book is a grab you and not let go kind of book I loved it It s got hot smoldering sex and a little bit of danger Can Grayson protect Lyssa from the ones who want to take over His Pride Can She Tame The Tiger pride Can she tame the tiger she find her love Or are they Purrfectly matched This was another excellent book by Milly Taiden Her Series The Paranormal Dating Agency has me hooked Gerri the lady that runs the PDA is ust so precious and doesn t take nothing from no one She sets up matches between Shifters and humans with great success mind you This time she sends Lyss out to meet the man she thinks is purrfect for her She has a real trying day she forgets the directions she is lost and now her car has a flat in the middle of nowhere If her luck couldn t get any worse she winds up face to face with a tiger and of course she runslol She is any worse she winds up face to face with a tiger and of course she runslol She is back to their little town only she doesn t realize she is exactly where she is suppose to be or the hot hunk she is eyeing like the best dessert you can find is the man she was sent to meet He didn t sign up with Gerri and the PDA one of his pack mates signed him up without his knowledge Now you know this a recipe for disaster or is it Will Lyssa find the love she wants the children she fears she may never get and the #Respect She Deserves Without #she deserves without a doormat Things will get hot and steamy fast Will she trust herself enough to see if this will work or is Gray beyond loving someone What happens when Lyss finds out he doesn t do love Will Grayson find the help he needs thru Gerry and the PDA Will love find them I do know this book has it all I highly recommend this book I ve been enjoying this series on paranormal dating I like how the characters flow over into the next book and I like the matchmaker Geri Wilder It s nice to be able to read I m loving the type of characters we are getting in this series they are great combinations I love Gerri god what a women such a interesting person I laughed at how the events played out between the characters also enjoyed the scorching scenes and dirty talk Alyssa has horrible luck with men but she see s Gerri to try and change all that I can not wait to read the next match up this is becoming another favorite series by this author and will be getting this books in paperback 5 Her Purrfect Match Stars ARC Her Purrfect Match Her Purrfect Match is book three in the Paranormal Dating Agency by Milly Taiden This book can be read as a standalone and does not need the other books to make this a perfect read Alyssa Moran is one of Tally Twice the Growl friends and gets introduced to Gerri and her dating agency Alyssa is smart sexy does not let others put her down and knows what she wants. He refuses to be pushed into anything That is until a curvy funny woman shows up in his territory saying she’s there for him Who is he to argue with someone as delectable as Alyssa decides she wants to give herself to himOf course not all is at it seems and some people want Alyssa gone.

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