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Connection between a set of seemingly well adjusted people who suddenly go mad and on a killing spree One connection is the crazy person become suicidal and their bodies decay uickly after death These plot threads slowly and inevitably come on a collision courseThe first thing to warn readers is that Infected is not for the faint of heart Perry s attempts to get the sores out of his body become and intense as the story heart Perry s attempts to get the sores out of his body become and intense as the story along This is not a book to be read while ating or ven if you ve a book to be read while ating or Water Music even if you ve lately or if you re thinking ofating later It is however a great book to lose weight by "reading Sigler finds the perfect balance between giving nough information on what s "Sigler finds the perfect balance between giving nough information on what s and allowing our imaginations to fill in the restThe portions of the story with March are the most compelling of the book Sigler seems to channel Stephen King or Richard Matheson in finding the Student Research Projects in Calculus everyman who is in some bizarre circumstance and trying to figure out how to react to it March s descent into madness works because Sigler lays out the journey and the decisions thatventually lead to his actions That said you ll never look at chicken scissors in uite the same way again Where the story does drag a bit is in the governmental pursuit of the virus While March s story has a definite beginning middle and nd the story of what the virus is and the pursuit of it feels like the opening salvo of a larger storyline If you re looking for a lot of answers on that front you re going to come away being disappointed Infected clearly leaves itself open for a seuel and I just hope sales justify the next installment of this seriesOf course I guess ven if they don t the good news is that Sigler would still deliver the novel via podcastBut why not pick up the book and Love for Imperfect Things encourage them to give us At times Infected is a white knuckle thriller that will keep the pages turning and there are certain scenes that will huant you long after the final page is turned It s a bloody dark violent gruesome affair and one of the best first novels I ve read in a long time Some day we may all look back and say Oh yeah I read Sigler back when Get on board the train now You won t regret it Well plottednough I suppose but most definitely NOT my kind of read Incessant foul language manic violence graphic gore and grating characters Ending wasn t what I d A Heart of Stone expected not a compliment and I weary of obvious seuel set upsaudiobook note Authors rarely do a good job reading their own works and Siglerven acknowledges that he can t do female voices He s right Geeumwellthis wasuh severely frustratingIt had an interesting premise a solid story and truly xcellent horror lementsBUT it also had shitty characters and dialogue that grated on my nerve clusters bad Language and Linguistics enough to leave me irked with thentire Divertimento effort Such a hope dashing bitter disappointment this was for me After reallynjoying Ancestor some time ago I was looking to Sigler to become a new staple for me in the realm of science horror Now after this miss it looks like his newest Love Is a Fairy Tale effort Nocturnal will be the deciding vote on whether he and I have a future together And so it goes Undressing the novel down to its various components I thought most of them were good toxcellent Sigler has a terrific imagination and I was a fan of both the plot and the science fictionhorror aspects It was just that giant dimpled 800 pound BUT that ruined things by blowing stink all over the story First the positivesThe Good 1 The premiseET virus lands on Earth finds warm comfy humans to nest in and turns these infected into paranoid murderous sickfuckopaths Me likelythumbs up 2 Intriguing backstorydetails on the parasitic space invaders complete with plenty of Promise at Dawn easily digestible science bits on how the nas. Pidemiologist Margaret Montoya races to analyze the science behind this deadly contagion She discovers that these killers all have one thing in common – they’ve been contaminated by a bioengineered parasite shaped by a complexity far beyond the limits of known scienceMeanwhile Perry Dawsey – a hulking former football star now resigned to life as a cubic. Dude if you can tven read your own novel ffectively then hire someone I for one am not a fan of overly mphatic narration that sounds like the reader has too much saliva in their mouth and it s right there inside "Of My Ears Spit Or Swallow Sigler "my Bangkok Wakes to Rain ears spit or swallow Sigler was so gross that I didn tven have a chance to get grossed out by the plot itself and I doubt that The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery every sentencends in an Darkmere exclamation point or a breathy whisperven worse female characters voiced by the author as high pitched ninnies who sound all too much like Minnie Mousethis is my second and probably #Last Audiobook I Really Don #audiobook I really don get the appeal clearly they are not for me ugh This was truly one of the grossest books at times and I m surprised I didn t have nightmares And I loved it I have a signed copy and the inscription reads Save Perry s balls I caught on about halfway through There is science and itching and science and alien things and gore and gore and You really have to read it Sigler is a master storyteller of this genre I have Contagious open and ready to go AWESOMETotally awesomeLove this first bookI was getting the creepy willies all while reading it This book should cause me to lose a few pounds because now my stomach is ueasyWhen I started the book I was all fangirl because I love some contagion books Yes I know I have weird tastes in books Some kind of contagion is sweeping a town it causes people to go completely nuts and to kill the people around them A seventy something year old Grandma kills her son because of itThen before the bodies of the assailants can be looked at they rot completely turn to mush and an odd fungus looking stuffThings of daydreams rightThen a former football player gets infected Perry Dawsey is a big guy he has been known for his horrible temper but has settled into a boring office job Once infected Perry fights back He has blue triangles growing in his skin There are others that have been infected Then the triangles start talking to ach otherthen start hatching I ve had the third book of this series on my kindle for awhile and thought I would finally pick this one up to see what all the fuss was about It was kind of a medium opening for me I will finish the series but not at this moment Scott Sigler is one of those new fangled podcast novelists who is revolutionizing the publishing *industry sigler offered audiences his first couple of *Sigler offered audiences his first couple of free to the whoever wanted to download them Through hard work and shameless self promotion Sigler got his name out there drew in audiences and created a network of 30000 plus rabid fans who couldn t wait for the next insallment or novelEventually the publishing industry took notice and signed Sigler to a contract to put his stories in the old fashioned brick and mortar stores And unlike some first time authors of this kind Sigler wasn t going out in paperback or a trade paperback He was going hardcover with a full on marketing push and blitzThe first major label publication is Sigler s popular story Infected Not only because it s one of his better books but also becuase it s creating the universe that Sigler plays in other novels Hopefully the blitz and the publication will create new fans for Sigler as they realize what many of his podcast fans have known for years the man can write one hell of a novel Infected is an alien invasion story of sorts Every man Perry Dawson s body has been invaded by some kind of alien virus It starts out as a rash but slowly volves into something worse to the point that the virus can communicate telepathically with Perry The organisms are slowly turning into something something sinister But what they are and where they came from aren t Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den exactly know to PerryMeanwhile a government team is trying to find Across America a mysterious disease is turning ordinary people into raving paranoid murderers who inflict brutal horrors on strangers themselves andven their own families Working under the government’s shroud of secrecy CIA operative Dew Phillips crisscrosses the country trying in vain to capture a live victim With only decomposing corpses for clues CDC ,

Ties work once inside a their host Again I thought this was nicely done 3 The laying out of the various stages of the viral incubation and the increasingly destressing symptoms as the infection progressed was handled in a manner that kept the pages turning 4 The stakes raising plot development regarding the virus not being just a virus really ramped up the tension and added a sense of freshness to what could have been a very pedestrian plague novel 5 Healthy doses Disturbing amounts of blood gore and almost unmentionable dismemberments I ll simply mention Chicken Scissors and leave it at that Just thinking of it makes me wince Still this was sick graphic and wonderfully Scraps Of The Untainted Sky entertaining Unfortunatelydisappointment lurked nearbyin the shadows The Shitty The characters in charge of carrying the story were just horrible I didn t get along with a single one and the only thing worse than their clanging internal monologues was when they opened their pie holes to speak I m not saying all of the dialogue was bad but it rarely felt natural and there were far too many wincingye rolling moments to overlook In ssence that ruined this novel for me I cared for no one affected by the virus not just because they were two dimensional and unrealistic but because they were dumbass annoyasauruses Anyway I don t want to belabor the point because I can hear Baby Rage just itching to make an appearance in this review It wasn t Baby Rage badthe characters
and dialogue werebut 
dialogue werebut rest of the story was a solid 3 star ffortparts of it Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century even 4 star worthy as I really thought the premise was fun BUTthe negatives were too large and hairy to overlook 20 stars Listened to the audio book during my commute Always love it when authors read their own books as long as the performance is somewhat decent Ended with a cliffhanger so I look forward to reading contagion 349999999 stars but I ll round up to 4 cause I m a nice guy This book did nothing for me If you re going to give me action then give me action I can believe and not have to stopvery other page and uestion what I m reading If you re going to give me violence and gore and be warned there is a lot of violence and gore here then give me violence and gore I can believe and not something just for the sake of writing something violentThe concept of alien spores growing in humans was Fashion Design Course easier for me to swallow than anythinglse in this story and when it got to the alien spores talking to the infecteds the whole thing got a little comical for me and I started seeing Perry and his spores as some type of sci fi Three StoogesThis book comes with a lot of hype and that s it has going for it as far as I was concerned I wouldn t recommend this book "To Anyone Scott Sigler Is "anyone Scott Sigler is podcast author 1 on Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, every aggregator icluding Itunes Infected is his first published novel I picked it up because the cover looked cool and the title sounded creepy The short synopsis inside the front cover convinced me to buy itBoy was I glad I didInfected is an original story that s well told thought provoking and fun to read The characters are well written and believable and the story is intriguing This book gave me the feeling that all this was happening in real time I felt like if I wasn t reading it things were happening without me I read this book very uickly like I was afraid I d miss something if I didn t It was a strange feeling I attribute it to Siglers uniue writing style I loved the short chapters and the POV shift between charactersI think I spent time thinking about this one than I did reading it because I couldn t help but tear though it as uickly as possible I loved it can t wait until Scott Sigler writes another I mightven try listening to one of his stories on my Ipod. Le bound desk jockey – awakens one morning to find several mysterious welts growing on his body Soon Perry finds himself acting and thinking strangely hearing voices he is infected The fate of the human race may well depend on the bloody war Perry must wage with his own body because the parasites want something from him something that goes beyond mere murde.

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