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Driving Heat Blue Collar Lover #1Lol this book was actually good I have been having a debate with myself and wondering if Bryon is a big guy or not But when he said muhfa and she started saying it had me dead weak Lol glad she chosen Bryon in the end Lord knows I couldn t stand Cynthia mom at all Zuri Day has taken on the task of introducing the Blue Collar brothers In the first installment Byron Carter a respectable bus driver has a chance encounter with the beautiful successful Ms Cynthia Hall and automatically knows she s off limits Cynthia Has Been Raised To been raised to date and marry one kind of man a DHOP You date and marry one kind of man a DHOP You to read it to find out what this means Being from two different social classes oses a myriad of roblems In this book Zuri Day gives an awesome tribute to the Blue Collar man Nice job I especially enjoyed the ending Meet the Carter brothers five hard working men with a lot to offer They may be wealthy but they are rich in integrity and Heat is a contemporary romance book This is the first book in the Blue Collar Lover seriesByron Carter is not rich He is just your everyday guy Cynthia is wealthy Cynthia and Byron both come from different worlds as they fall for each otherThis book has everything that comes with everyday issues in life Family drama baby momma drama and crazy family issuesThe characters I loved You will be able to relate to each other character The author did a good job in making me see the characters from book to lifeThe storyline is excellent This book will make you laugh and have you yellingI m excited about this series and can t wait to read Thank you to the author for a wonderful entertaining story I fell in love with Byron Carter and his whole family including Liz Carter his mother Liz Carter said she was Liz Carter all day long A woman after my heart down to earth and she means what she says and says exactly what she means Cynthia Hall s family was high bougie folks Her mother was a iece of work I m betting on who should Arcana Mundi play her in a movie right now Get Cookie from Empire on that one Byron a blue collar worker comes from a nice family with standards rules and love Byron was in love with Cynthia the moment she entered his bus from a temporary car break down I would notay to have Cynthia s friends Sometimes when folks are all up in your business means they have no business Bonded together through Leah a client of. Day delivers a lively romance RT Book ReviewsThe Blue Collar Lover SeriesMeet the Carter brothers five hard working men with a lot to offer They may not be wealthy but they're rich in integrity and loyalty not to mention sex appeal They just need the right women to share their worldAt thirty eldest brother Byron hasn't dated seriously in .
Cynthia Hall this novel comes together Cynthia is a Social Worker vying for a osition as a Director of this Community Based Organization Cynthia s job is to help save adolescents and young adults from steering in the wrong direction with the law Cynthia has a clientele of over forty young adults and is efficient organized and excellent in her Mirror Matter position I enjoyed this book through all of it s twists and turns It s definitely aage turner and a delight Getting gripped is a new slang term for me I would assumed that you have a man hooked is what the A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry proper English vernacular would be Zuri Day is ready to tackle old and controversial topics in Driving Heat Bryon Carter the oldest son of Elizabeth and Willie Carter believed in keeping things real Coming from a big family Bryon was extremelyroud of his daughter and his job as a bus driver When Cynthia Hall stepped on his bus he thought why is this woman in this neighborhood getting on my bus and she is hot Cynthia Hall was raised by old school elite Six Days parents who believed that you should only socialize witheople of money So she believed she needed a husband who could give her the right social and financial status So why did Bryon turn her onDay brought two completely different characters social and financial status So why did Bryon turn her onDay brought two completely different characters two backgrounds together and both were confronted with the same issues st DNF It s a matter of taste for me here I really like her writing style but I didn t like how Byron talked to Cynthia I get that this is a blue collar series but this went a little far for me The writer went REALLY rough around the edges and simple minded with his character and it was neither funny nor charming for me Am I a Awareness poshrincess reader Perhaps I was actually annoyed it didn t bother the heroine I understand this may be a Cat Out of Hell purelyersonal Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work preference for me but I wasn t sold on this one I will still read another Zuri Day book in the future Androbably sooner than you think All of this and Cynthia continued her time with Byron It was the most irrational defiant thing she d ever done yet she d never her time with Byron It was the most irrational defiant thing she d ever done yet she d never felt so special and freeCynthia is a wealthy upper middle class very upper social worker She doesn t have to work but she does anyway She is also a single mother to an 8 year old son Jayden He is the result of an affair with a married man He s never met his Mother India piece of shit fatherWhen her car breaks down in Compton she s While not since he became a single dad to his beloved baby girl Besides he's found that most women can't seeast his job as a bus driver and he's not interested in that type of superficial foolishness When he meets Cynthia Hall her disinterest is obvious Still there's something about herCynthia has been successful in her career and unluc. ,

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Orced to take gasp ublic transportation which is where she meets the cocksure and layful Byron Carter a bus driver He is a single father of a 10 year old girl of cocksure and layful Byron Carter a bus driver He is a single father of a 10 year old girl of he has Attainment (Temptation, primary custodyThey fall in loveThis book is very difficult to review and rate because it is such a blend of good and bad Let s start with the GOODTHE GOOD Day is great at writing in two voices We re always in the thirderson but both Cynthia and Byron have very distinct ways of speaking and thinking This is very hard for authors I have to give Day Hatred in the belly props here Day also discusses in the introduction to the book that she wanted to infuse the romance genre with some regular guys at the reuest of her readers and I h I loved Cynthia and Byron s love Journey It was touching and definitely drama filled And my goodness it was so funny mrs Carter this is the story of a well to do woman who meets the average Joe bus driver and they fall in love But you know there s drama all through it I love the story like a mofo LOL I mretty sure you ll love the story I did 3 An INTERESTING readNOT at all what I was expectingtwo Always Be Ready people from different worldsthey have an INTENSEhysical attractionbut they also complement each other and bring out the BEST in each otherByron is uite a COLORFUL characterI love his keep it REAL outlook on lifeand his family and friends kept me LOL at their over the top anticsdespite Cynthia s sheltered upbringing her social and financial background she s a little down to earth than I expectedand I really ENJOYED the chemistry between themand the little lessons they both learned from one another on their journey to lovelooking forward to reading the next book in the Blue Collar Lover Series ARC Copy Driving Heat was the first contemporary romance book I ve ever read like this Zuri Day gave a whole new outlook on the type of hero that is in romance novels This is the first book in the Blue Collar Lover series and I can already tell this series is going to be a 5 star hit Byron Carter is not your everyday romance hero He s not rich and even his body type is not the norm He is just your everyday Joe That doesn t the wealthy Cynthia Hall from falling for charm Although they come from two totally different worlds they still fall for each other I m excited about this series and I can t wait to read about the Carter boys and the rest of that wacky family. Ky in love But those two worlds collide when Byron ends up in her office on business It's a coincidence that casts him in a very different light than she's Encyclopedia of International Development previously seen Too bad he's not the upscalerofessional Cynthia had in mind Yet given the chance she might discover that while money can't buy happiness a loving and Gender Inequality in Our Changing World passionate man

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