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From their farms to catch the school bus in the mornings They have a little natter and Say How Much They Will how much they will their kids when they go away to college in the Near Future Then They Set The World future Then they set the world rights in the way that men do or think they do because men don t gossip right And then it s home to the farms and Spanish beaurocracy foxes killing chickens shearing sheep charity stuff brightened with a couple of citrus cropsThat doesn t sound as though it would make a thrilling story does it despite the enticing title which is why I picked it up and it didn t It was the fourth book of the author s memoirs of his farm in Spain and maybe the author had run out of steam or was rewriting stories the publishers had left out of the other three books which I didn t read3 star I felt generous seem to have a thing about sheep at the moment I recently finished A Year in the Life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess and have Adventures Of The Yorkshire Shepherdess to read and then there was Vanishing Fleece Adventures in American Wool and I ve been watching repeats of Welsh Sheep Dog Trials on Youtube This is sheep farming in Spain At least it s warmer there view spoiler Bettie s Books hide spoiler From BBC radio 4 Book of the WeekBy Chris Stewart Tales from the Alpujarras region spoiler From BBC radio 4 Book of the WeekBy Chris Stewart Tales from the Alpujarras region Andalucia in Spain I should have read Driving Over Lemons and the other books about living in Alpujarras South of Granada before reading this latest edition However I did enjoy imagining life on a rural hill farm in the heat of the Southern Spanish sun I enjoying hearing about some of the things Chris Stewart has got up to and I now have a secret desire to take a sabbatical fill a trailer or kindle type device with a library of books and escape to somewhere off the beaten track Although Last Days of the Bus Club felt very much like a continuation of The Almond Blossom Appreciation Society it also seemed to be somewhat lacking The narrative still offers an interesting escapism whereas the photographs at the beginning of each chapter are also a nice addition Yet I suppose it was Stewart recalling his experience with venereal diseases that highlighted his shortage of new and interesting storiesRating 385. El Valero his beloved sheep farm that Chris remains in his element as he his wife Ana and their assorted dogs cats and sheep weather a near calamitous flood and emerge as newly certified organic farmers His cash crop The lemons and oranges he once so blithely drove over of course. ,
Beat and largely entertainingI ended up reading a chunk of this as a chapter each day towards end of my commute a chapter day towards the end of my commute it does put ou in a nice frame of mind I was also immersed in Matterhorn for this less of a skip off to work book And while the stories may not be uite as good as some of the earlier ones that I genuinely looked forward to spending ten to fifteen minutes in his company each time If ou haven t read any others start at the beginning If ou have well Falling Through Clouds you know whatou re going to get Enjoyed this book immensely a nice tale of family life in Spain Reminded me of the books written by Gerard Durrell when he was living in Greece It s not a mover and shaker book but a pleasant feel good type of read I d previously read the three earlier books in the El Valero trilogy and enjoyed them tremendously If anything I enjoyed the fourth book even Maybe it s the fact that I share his love for things Spanish and his age roughly maybe but whatever it is I ve loved this addition to the history Again I think it s the ordinariness of the way he deals with the extraordinary with whatever man or nature throws at him and his small farm precariously placed in one of the most cut off parts of remote Spain that at one drags us along and also makes us feel what he is feeling His anecdotes are realist His relationships are lasting and profound His dreams may suffer kickbacks but never die Maybe we all envy him Envy him the courage it took to move to the farm in the first place and the energy and determination to make it succeed Envy him the love and camaraderie of the other ex pats foreigners and indigenous populations alikeHe is a beacon of openness and inclusion in what is becoming an exclusive world He wants there to be an us without a them For that if nothing else I envy him There is I could say but wouldn t want to dilute the message with detail A lovely book The highlight of the book is the Great Flood where it rains too much and just about everything and everyone gets swept away But mostly they dry off fix things up and it s just something to talk about At the bus club The bus club is the local version of a boys club The fathers have been driving their children down. Celebrity using his fame to help his old sheep shearing partner find work on a raucous road trip; cooking a TV lunch for visiting British chef Rick Stein; discovering the pitfalls of Spanish public speaking; and most movingly visiting famine stricken Niger for Oxfam Yet it's at. .
In his latest instalment from El Valero Chris Stewart brings us a series anecdotes Of His Life In This his life in this of Spain the last bookFrom his hilarious attempts at public speaking when he implies that he is bisexual to his daughters school the combined sheep and author tour that he undertakes with his good friend Jos the judging at a tuna competition and the dealings that he has with the overbearing Spanish bureaucracy The Art of Acquiring you know that he is sueezing the most out of living thereBut when he writes about El Valero is whenou most feel his passion for this beautiful part of the world Hemanages to gain organic status for the farm and ou hear when the valley suffers flooding after a deluge that blocks them off one winter and after a fox has had the last lot chooses the right sort of chicken The title of the book is taken from the unofficial title for him and two others that drop children at the stop for the school bus that as their education comes to an end they know that they miss that early morning gatheringIt is a delight to read witty and funny but also written with this deep rooted love that his has for his chosen home his family and friends If ou ve read any of the other Lemons books ou ll know what to expect Chris Stewart is genial company as he regales us with anecdotes of his life in Spain Gently entertaining for the armchair traveller It s somewhere between a three and a four Chris Stewart s latest set of anecdotes about the good life he s living in rural Spain is less engaging than driving over lemons and its seuels but it is still enjoyable and easily diverting he remains an author easy to like genuinely self depreciating and able to get the balance in writing right so he can honestly tell the reader how great his able to get the balance in writing right so he can honestly tell the reader how great his is but how hard he had to work for it for many ears and talk about how as an expat he is often baffled by the locals without sounding massively smug andor patronising a skill indeed This includes a mix of stories of life on his farm the sole focus of the earlier books nice things that happen to the author and some reminiscenses of his outh and first job in construction no I m not really sure why this was in either usually gently up. It's two decades since Chris Stewart moved to his farm on the wrong side of a river in the mountains of southern Spain and his daughter Chlöe is preparing to fly the nest for university In this latest typically hilarious dispatch from El Valero we find Chris now a local literary.

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