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Come from what is their purpose and whose side are they onGenerally this book is very good There is a good attempt at epth and insight with the characters internal monologue This helps to round out their characters showing the internal conflict of a soldier who kills for a living but also values life They are reckless impetuous brave and loyal living in a stratified society which adds an overarching political framework to this story I REALLY LIKED IT What a pleasant little surprise The book was extremely short and in my experience those usually cram too much in or not enough This had a Raising Gods Girl decent amount of a teaser the start of some good characterevelopment story uestions a good foundation of the world and a promise of some interesting things to come in the next bookWe follow mainly two characters General Martius and a soldier Conlan I found both PoV s interesting and I The Gulag Handbook didn t skim a single sentence which should speak volumes I m a notorious skimmer I found Conlan to be a welleveloped character We start in the middle of the war where things are going south rather uickly Conlan s bravery and character is tested right away and we get a good feel for him Over the book we see how the war affected him and how he evolves It was The Beckoning Lady (Albert Campion done uite well Martius also shows us his spirituring the battle Though I Will in the World don t think he moved along like Conlanid his story was still engaging and I found myself curious about him as I readI rather liked the uick start to this book We re thrown right into a battle and the action starts However it made the last half of the book seem a tad bit slow though I was still engrossed in the story There s June Fourth Elegies definitely a bit of politics starting to show itselfuring the later part of the book I m not usually one for such things but it Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes didn t bog meown at all I will admit I m a little worried that it might in the second book We just touched the surface so I m sure will come about in the next installment If Lewis can hold my interest throughout it I ll be absolutely The Confabulist delightedThe writing for me flowed nicely Iidn t notice any typos though I hardly Der Illusionist do and I very much enjoyed the nice trance I lost myself in I even found myself reading it when I had some fun things I could have otherwise beenoing That says a ton right there It s that small bit of interest that raises a book from an I m Indifferent rating up to a really liked it rating It just moved It kept me engaged made me want to pick it up againSo overall a great read I Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue don t think there was anything earth shattering in the plot or world but Ion t need to be knocked off my couch to enjoy a book And I ve already bought the second book because I liked this one so much that I want to see what happens to Conlan and Martius Oh one thing There s a lovely cliff hanger at the end I Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, don t mind them but I know a lot of people whoo But the good news is the second book is out already obviously since I ve bought "It You Can This And "You can this and reviews on my website When I started to read this book I thought I was in Imperial Rome with the legions fighting the barbarian hordes Then I realised it could not be Small things were ifferent such as the colour of the legionaries cloaks It Was As If History Had as if history had jolted out of focus in this new unknown world like our own but ifferent The powerful writing of the battle scenes was wonderful I am envious The action in the battle for the moment was Riding Class (Saddle Club, distracting So many characters acting so fast and forcefully Youid not know who to focus on which probably is true in the confusion of a real battle In many ways this is an odd book You feel you are just getting to know the characters when the book endsThe ending is abrupt and a cliffhanger The scenes between the battle and the end are short and whet the appetite for They set the scene but the scene oes not occur Overall I enjoyed the b Nice short book set in an alternate Roman Empire the story opens in the middle of a battle between the legions of the Adarnan Empire and a overwhelming horde of barbarians the main characters are primus general Felix Martius and centre branch leader Conlan Danson of the ninth cohort of the third legion and the story evelops mostly around both their point of views with emphasis on Conlan s as the reader follows the battle through his actions and emotions until the puzzling climax Both characters are intriguing and adults of Different Class different ages the battle is carefullyepicted and the reader uickly gains insight about the context if able to remember the legions and cohort numbers and in the final pages politic intrigue is readily served This first book lays the groundwork for the following installments and ends with a total cliffhanger which is not impeding considering book 2 is already out and this short book may be properly considered as the first part of a longer book Of course for this story 150 pages are not enough for even basic worldbuilding as the premises reuire but the outlined backdrop characters hint at Short Stories by Roald Dahl depth to come And I like military action The writing style is flowing albeit transparent with a few info repetitions and the prose would benefit from a wider vocabulary I liked the characters and the plot asisclosed but there s really too little meat to care just enough to go on Let s see how the story evolves I must admit to being pleasantly surprised by this book It begins by throwing you right into a massive battle scene right at the start and I Goldilocks the Three Bears did feel a little confused by what was going on but you have to stick with this little gem of a novel as it explains theeeper you get into itThe Empire is very much like the Roman Empire in its set up and culture and war like attitude I liked the characters and the setting and I can see this series becoming a hit Just when I was thoroughly enjoying it and getting comfortable with the characters it ended on a cliffhanger Can t wait to read the next instalmen. Outnumbered ten to one The fate of the empire stands on a knife edge Empire under siege is the first book in the Adarna chronicles Set in a world of epic grandeur and political intrigue it follows the fate of the empire through the eyes of those who could ultimately save it or oom it to estructio. Empire under siege The Adarna chronicles #1Combined review over at Fantasy Book CriticOVERVIEWANALYSIS The Adarna Chronicles consists of two novellas so far Empire Under Siege and Phoenix Rising What Socialist Realism drew me to this series was the subject matter of a Roman like empire in chaos fantasy storyline and also the covers which are simply striking andrew my eye instantly The author mentioned what his influences were in writing this historical ish fantasy series in his guest post previously it bears a read to see the wide variety of influences The story begins in Empire Under Siege with a full fledged battle and as actual battles go the one I Look Up To... Michelle Obama described is messy chaotic and slightlyifficult to follow The story has multiple POVs and firstly we are introduced to branch leader Conlan of the Third who s in the thick of it Then we get to see the battle from the view of general Felix Martius who leads the legions against the invaders Seconding Martius is his mentor cum friend general Antius Turbis who saw his brilliance and lent him his support Lastly there s Wulf who s one of the horde so as to speak who has to Doctor Extraño deal with the aftermath of the battle These are the POVs introduced in Empire Under Siege for the follow up Phoenix Rising the new POVs introduced are Metrotis Felix Martius nephew an eccentric scholar who tries to extract information from Wulf and Felix Ellasand Martius wife who faces aeadly foe on her own The story has many threads as seen from the multivariate POV list above while we get a view from the legionary point via Conlan we also get the higher up view via Martius and Turbis There s the usual political backstabbing and one upmanship brewing thanks to the actions of the generals and the Emperor who is troubled by them Then we get a look from one of the POWs Wulf which offers another ifferentiating view into the happenings All in all this is an intriguing series as the authors explores the world and the aftereffects of a terrible battle The author effectively showcases PTSD political maneuvering and other such movements that would occur in an empire Of course there s a lot afoot with regards to a possibly mad prophet and what truly caused the barbarian horde to appear on the borders of the Adarnan Empire The author slowly exposes the ifferent story angles for the reader to be pulled in various Never Tell directions What I enjoyed about the story was this very approach the reader is never uite sure where the plot is heading and because the episodic nature of the storyline we are left wanting to know what happens next What the author truly puts in his best are the characters with each POV we get to view the world through aifferent pair of eyes and they are all fascinating We meet Conlan who is a young soldier learning that war is never pleasant and soldiers are often at the mercy of their higher ups Martius has to walk the fine between his peers and his emperor giving offense to neither and efficiently manage his soldiers Wulf is a prisoner who seeks to escape but first he has to gain favor with Metrotis who is crafty to his wiles I couldn t choose a single favorite but Wulf Martius and Conlan s chapters were my favorites for the amount of twists and intrigue that is slotted in them There s some action to this storyline but mainly both episodes focus on building up the mystery of the Bull Bear and Hawk and also a couple of other threads that the readers will have to RAFO Lastly I will have to mention the Feminism is for Everybody dazzling and Spartan cover art so kudos to the Deranged Doctor Design chaps for both the covers so far I can t wait to see what theyo for the third volume tentatively titled The Great Bear One area wherein the story is Deterring Democracy deficient to a certainegree is the world building and the history Of course the author has put in small hints and clues wherever possible but for world building junkies this will be a sub par effort also both the volumes are par effort Also both the volumes are the shorter side considering they are novellas and not novels so readers should Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, definitely take that into consideration before buying them Overall this series is slightly reminiscent of the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher but with less action low key magic settings and of a focus on characters Think a David Gemmellesue approach to story telling crossed with the Codex Alera world settings So the story is characterialogue focused and with a slightly lesser emphasis on world Hunters Heart details For readers who like this sort of an approach you will enjoy this story For others who prefer a bit meat to their stories this might not entirely be your cup of tea However I must say that the story isn t finished the author has mentioned that the third novellaepisode will be a longer one withepth as well I would recommend reading the first two together for now as that way the story makes sense and feels cohesive CONCLUSION Jason K Lewis s Adarna Chronicles are an interesting mix of historical fantasy cast in the Roman empire mold and with the author s strong focus on characters This series managed to mark

out and i 
and I recommend it to all readers looking for a uick read and for lovers Romanesue fantasy This was an intense and moving read that kept me hooked and caring all along I loved the writing style the emotions and the high stakes battle against the horde and after that the chance to get to know each main character in this epic story world A wonderful blend of epic scale and inti I think this book rocked Read on a layover made that time pass superuick which is what you want in a layover Only complaint too short Looking fwd to the next bookEUS grabs you right off with a great in the phalanx Menneskefluene (K2 description of a Roman legion style battle For those of you into DD or the old Avalon Hill games where you could be Alexander or Caesar this is great stuff Solid hard hitting grittyescription of infantry combat Lewis mixes it up with multiple POV to give the reader a multifaceted view of a battle The The Adarnan Empire has endured for a thousand years a beacon of civilisation shining out to the world Its glory is undimmed but of late there are rumours A horde of savage warriors has overrun the south estroying legions with ease leaving the very heartlands of the empire under threat In the capita. ,

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Lot of what will be the series makes itself known in hints at first then later as the characters return to garrison it really picks up So no its not all about a battle but a lot of the character Mr Majeika and the School Inspector development starts thereI m looking fwd to the next in the chronicles Phoenix Rising slight spoiling aheadIn the first couple of chapters I wasn t uite sure what to make of the book Right from the start itrops us into a large battle There was so much action happening so fast that I felt like I couldn t get my bearings I stuck with the book because the writing was good and I liked the characters I m glad I Selected Poems didOnce the action slows a bit and I was given a chance to see the characters a bit I actually came to think that starting in the midst of the battle was perfect After that the characters have toeal with the political ramifications of the fight but also the emotional ones The character I enjoyed most was ConlanI think perhaps the thing that most impressed me about the book was the authenticity of the interactions among the soldiers I was a soldier and the relationships rang largely true particularly the observations about how we never really know what s going on within another person s mind not even when we see them in the midst of combat The book efinitely has me interested to see what happens next and I fully intend to keep reading This new fantasy novel is a gripping read Empire under siege This book raises a lot of uestions but oes not give all the answers Personally I Doctor Strange, Vol. 2 don t like a book whichoes not give me a satisfying ending I understand why authors o it indeed Dickens s books were serialised in a magazine when they were first published and with the advent of e readers and instant ownloads you can always The Train Robbers download the next book immediately Perhaps I m just throwing my toys out of the pram I m a little old for that and I just need to accept this is the modern wayThe first half of the book isedicated to the battle between the Empire and the barbarians At first I thought Conlan and Martius were on No Reason To Die different sides and this confused me a little I think the reason for this was that we get Conlan s perspective in Chapter 1 then Martius s perspective in Chapter 2 This is a feature of the book givingifferent peoples perspectives in the Naked Risk (Shatterproof different chapters and it works uite wellConlan is the common man the branch leader with his loyal men Lucas Jonas and Dylon He is a fighter extremely loyal to his legion and brave fighting onespite his injury When he hears the horn for a retreat he is astounded he oes not want to abandon his men but he soon realises this is a mistake when he sees Yovas charging to attack Dylon saves Conlan s life but loses his own still holding up the standard of the legion It is Conlan who sees the flash of light as 3 new warriors ride onto the field the bear the bull and the hawk emblazoned on their armour One the hawk is a red headed woman whose image Conlan will later be haunted byMartius is the general in charge and represents the aristocracy or power of the Empire His comrades are Turbis Villius and Metrotis his nephew We learn that Martius was a risk taker in his youth but once he made a ecision he would stick to it even to the point of insubordination In his relationship with Metrotis we see his irritation Metrotis is the brains creating new inventions and is the active soldier who Values Skills On The BattlefieldThe Contrast Between Two Men skills on the contrast between these two continued through the second part of the book Conlan Ellie (Ellie, drinking in the rustic bar with his menescribed as no expense spent reflecting on the price of war Conlan had always been a little horrified by how uickly his comrades could forget They Dear Office-Politics drink a toast to the nobleead and Conlan s thoughts are interesting The noble ead just a ritualised way to justify loss Conlan is a career soldier and you get the impression that he always will be but he has the conflict of all humanitarians in that war costs a great many lives Yet he would have mutinied rather than retreat something he has in common with Martius We also learn the motto of the legion honour service humilityIn contrast to Conlan Turbis s attitude to war a good war an external threat kept the population focused and reduced internal strife This is the attitude of a politician and an ambitious soldier who although the author says fights for uty there also appears to be a little glory in his actions after all he has risen through the ranks When Martius goes to Turbis s house we see the palatial elegance of the officer class including a statue of his younger self in the glory A Mistletoe Kiss days We learn of Martius s compassion asking for the enemy captives to be put to work as slaves rather than executed This attitude towards unnecessary killing will be important later It is interesting to hear Turbis say to Martius It s all well and good you preaching all men are eual in the Empire as this is clearly not the case as we see at the end of the bookChapter 11 Wulf is the only insight we have into the enemy of the Empire The man is a chained captive he speaks aifferent language and Maritus needs a translator He calls the legion iron men because they wear armour and accuses them of not fighting like men because they hide behind their shields When he is asked why they have attacked the Empire he says that they need to move North to save his people from the enemy In the final chapter Conlan is rewarded by making him a Cohort Commander and when he is old enough he will be promoted to the Emperor s personal guard The fate of his men who survived the battle is uncertain and this is where the story ends In one sense we have a conclusion in that Conlan is rewarded for his bravery but eually we have uestions about who is the enemy of the barbarians if not the Empire Who are the mysterious warriors who entered the battle and particularly the woman with red hair Where id they. L there are whispers in the bars and taverns Republic they urge and the name that is whispered is always the same Martius General Felix Martius has been charged with ending the threat from the horde but the emperor’s orders came late and there has been little time to gather an army The legions are. ,

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