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Fills the book from a childhood

woman acuaintancea friend of her and fatherThe letter describes in detail a life long secret and obsessional love the writer had for the oung woman father The affair was mostly literalie by letter Nothing increases passion like the element of taboo The writer daughter finds the letters and swipes themcarrying daughter finds the letters and swipes themcarrying in her bike knapsack she is sideswiped by a truck and killed My uestion is Why is this woman writing all this to the daughter of the man she loved it s as if she s using this The Ideal Muslim Society young woman as a replacement for her dead daughter and is talking to her to explain the letters I ll letou know how it ends beatrice mann a canadian sculptor and long time acuaintance friend mistress stalker of ulrike huguenot s father writes a very long often inappropriate often beautiful letter to ulrike a german pianist living in berlin beatrice s teenaged daughter ines has just died and glimpses of the relationship beatrice and ines had populates the letter a history of precociousness fierce selfhood misunderstanding love beatrice is somewhat uniue in my limited perceptions of motherhood she reads as a flawed empathetically selfish deeply in Very different approach Keeps Linux Networking Cookbook you wondering and working until the end Amateur writing at the beginning but evolves to a good and enjoyable read Asks some great uestions worth consideringFavourite uote I wanted to escape from living an imperfect life I was greedy Iearned to be released from life s slow merky current to be freed into clarity by rushing passion I hoped for momentous changeAnd now everything has changed Ines is gone Is this my clarity pg 71Favourite referenceThe heart alone is voiceless By itself it knowsbut cannot think and soit cannot close the door to fearJan Zwicky String Practice I think this book is probably as good as it gets in terms of this genre whatever that is but I don t know if reading it was worthwhile for me I liked the characters names Gerda Gustave Ulrike Ingrid Isaac Ines Beatrice and the fact that some of it was set in Toronto but I found the writing a little too juvenile Also the story was not nearly as erotic as it imagined itself My lips devoured the borders of his mouth We discovered the hardness of our teeth the strength and precision of our tongue. Out on a journey of his own As Ulrike reads about Beatrice’s life and Gustave’s role in it she reluctantly revisits the world of her own memories and starts to see her present in an altered light In The Shape I Gave You acclaimed novelist and poet Martha Baillie explores the complex relationships between parents and children men and women to create a novel of spare elegance that gives piercing insight into the nature of confession and how we choose who to ask for absolution. Subseuently I found out that she was an author as well The plot is about Beatrice and Issac s 18 ear old daughter who died in an accident As Beatrice grieves for the child she has lost she writes a letter 80 pages to the daughter Ulrike of her former lover detailing her affair All through the book I am thinking why to what end what self Indulgence How Boring Not Until The End Is It Revealed how boring Not until the end is it revealed both parties Beatrice and Ulrike get something out of this excercise I guess grieving takes all sorts of forms and shapes The author is a poet as well as a novelist and she writes beautifully Here we are marching in the time it takes to write a letter into what future I can t say You are the noble and I m the peasant Can I euipped with the wisdom ou so generously and misguidedly attribute to me send FRIENDLY ENEMIES you a recipe to put an end to a passion No Because I don t want to send I started off with very high hopes and expectations for this book I found the writing and the story engaging but I was disappointed with the infidelity aspect I thought the intellectual affair #Was Much Fascinating Than #much fascinating than physical I would have loved to see the ramifications of an intellectual affair explored Is it really cheating on Amok your husband ifou don t do it Once Beatrice slept with Gustave I felt deflated and disappointed Each of Baillie s books seems to employ some uniue structural device these are not in my view gimmicks just Martha Baillie s creative mind at work In this case most of the book consists of a very long letter If that puts And a Bottle of Rum you off as a potential reader I m very sorry to have mentioned it because this is a very fine book indeed It s the most challenging of her books that I ve read so far certainly the most emotionally intense boldest and most compelling It also highlights once again Baillie s wonderful facility with language Here Baillie explores the complexity and ambiguity of the human heart Beatrice s extended letter reveals a state of desperation that can no longer tolerate remaining uie Martha Baillie is a new canadian writer to me and I m glad I found her I m reading this book slowely not because it isn t interesting but because I m enjoying it so much and I don t want to find out how it ends It takes place in Canada and Germany Aoung woman receives a long letter it. Cause my daughter has died” begins Beatrice’s extraordinary letter of confession Her only child Ines has been killed at the age of eighteen and Beatrice has closed herself in her Toronto studio Unable to speak openly with her grieving husband Isaac she turns to Ulrike a Crochet young woman she barely knows While she retells and possibly reshapes the past – her obsession with the exacting and complex Gustave and her relationship with her elusive now vanished daughter – Isaac sets. Had I read this book 20ears ago I would have found it self indulgent and grim but then that would have been before my first real heartbreak before I had a chance to know real grief Beatrice the protagonist has lost much Her daughter is dead grief Beatrice the protagonist has lost much Her daughter is dead eighteen her marriage is crumbling from the weight of sadness and guilt She decides to write a letter to the daughter of the man with whom she carried on a decades long love affair hoping for something she is not even sure of herself Her letters to Ulrike are the memories of her lover interwoven with small details of her daughter s life death It is hard to write
grief without it turning into morbid dark tale Grief is blinding and makes us selfish Grief stalks us no matter where we go and once we are called to enter we are not allowed to leave until we can incorporate it are able to give it a home at the very center of us But grief also opens us up in ways nothing else can Everything everything becomes acute and tender the beauty of a sunset can break Playhouse your heart as easily as losing something dear Life takes on a new immediacy and the grasping for safe ground often leads us to transformative experiences Baillies masterfully manages to convey not only the abyss of grief but also those small moments of transformation that we often can t see until we get to the other side Beatrice knows as the ancient people did that we find healing in telling our stories and so she writes to the one person who might have reason to listen her lovers daughter But in telling our stories we risk finding out that the shape we give to people in our memories is not all that they were that there are truths we didn t know and therefore couldn t incorporate In the end it s up to us whether we want truth or safety in ignorance The letters between Ulrike and Beatrice are beautifully written and never strike a false note Less believable was Ulrike s relationship with her lover Max Their interactions seemed shallow and contrived detracting rather than adding to the story which is why I m giving this 35 stars instead of a solid 4 This is the first book by Martha Baillie I ve read and I was fascinated And will read Martha Baillie used to run the book club at the Kew Beach Library I only met her the one time and then she had a bicycle accident. The night before she leaves to give a recital in another city Ulrike Huguenot aoung pianist arrives at her Berlin apartment planning to spend a relaxing evening there Instead she finds stuffed in her mailbox an unexpected and unwelcome letter It is from Beatrice Mann a Canadian sculptor a friend of her father Gustave and also Ulrike believes his lover What could this woman possibly have to say to her And why now seven ears after her father’s death “I’m writing to ou be. .

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