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Suicide Club

Or of The Apartment is better ducated and older than ben s characters but that than Ben Fountain s characters but that ntire sensibility is different His alienation and depression if s what we d call it takes a different form and his thoughts on violence are complicated at least ON THE PAGE I m not denigrating the humanity of Bravo Suad To wit Baxter s narrator protagonist s reflections on living near a football stadium after his return from Ira service the loud and gruesome happenstance of American domination I hated that noise and that stadium and I hated veryone in it and I SAT FOR LONG PERIODS OF sat for long periods of on a couch I d bought for nothing at a flea market listening to the celestial Garfield Swallows His Pride (Garfield, ecstasy of the dumb luck of being born American That collective whoop I hated that country andvery man and woman and child and bug alive in it And while I thought this on Sundays the stadium responded with great Prohibido nacer ecstatic dumb breaths This reader couldn t help but read that as a specific response to Billy Lynn I realize most young soldiers are like the Billy Lynn characters but Baxter s protagonist has a different and just as plausiblexperienceThe sensation of noticing not only that the scene was dark than light and still than twinkling but also that the darkness was far intense than the light was like closing your Serafina and the Seven Stars eyes and opening them to discover that anything beyond what you perceive is attainable only in deathIt should ideally be read in one sitting though I didn t uite manage that There is point at which the novel cracks open and it struck me almost unexpectedly mid scene mid book mid conversation mid paragraph If I d been reading in short spurts the power of that moment would have been diminished Mydition had an interview with Greg Baxter in the back matter These author interviews appended to a book are sometimes throwaway with softball uestions and boilerplate responses but this one is really interesting A response to save xciting to read this because I ve never heard any author say this and I think it s golden advice I try not to know my characters I assume that veryone in real life is both complex and perfectly ordinary The I spend time with people the depth our relationship has But ultimately if I respect somebody I must accept that they are unknowable I try to carry that approach into fiction I don t create characters with personalities Rather I observe the behavior of characters If an author resists the temptation to type his or her characters those characters will usually contradict themselves and become vital If the characters act consistently they re useless or they re props No character should fill space and no character should have a defined role before they appear in a book they should not serve a purpose Janos could have been of less important Manuela too They turned out how they turned out Importantly I think a character is worth putting in a novel only if they are or could be worthy of being the main character of another novel No character should What She Saw (Conard County ever be by nature minor God save me from pointless and pretentious stream of consciousness The Apartment is a short novel with little plot and is as compelling as anything I ve read in a long while It begs to be read straight through The precision of the prose and the structure without a single break and with paragraphs that go on make it hard to put down An unnamed American forty one years old has come to an unnamed European city for unexplained reasons and has been living in a tiny shabby hotel room He has wandered the streets of the city for six weeks and had casual interactions with various people He wants to stay wants to disappear into the anonymity of this cold wet bustling place On the one day that spans the novel he looks for an apartment with the help of Saskia a much younger woman he met in a museum There is suspense in the novel but it is not based on the outcome of the apartment search or on whether the companionable relationship with Saskia will become something It derives from a sense of the unknown and foreboding that hang over the character In flashbacks we learn something about this man He grew up in a small town in the desert later lived near a football stadium in a city in the desert served in the Navy on a submarine did intelligence work in Ira then returned alone to Ira as a private contractor where he got rich as an information technology consultant Is this then to be a waranti war story A PTSD story As he meets Saskia s friends over the course of the day the potential for violence seems to be just below the surface I worry that Saskia may find me too uiet or boring I could fill the silence by talking about the past but I try not to think about the past For much of my life Ixisted in a condition of regret a regret that was contemporaneous with Rivals Break (Sharpe Donovan experience and sometimes precededxperience Whenever I think of my past now I see a great black wave that has risen a thousand stories high and is suspended above me. The life he abandoned in the United States Contained within the details of this day is a complex meditation on America’s relationship with the rest of the world an unflinching glimpse at the permanence of guilt and despair and an xploration into our desire to cure violence with violence A novel about how our relationships to others and most importantly to ourselves alters how we see the world THE APARTMENT perfectly captu. ,

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The pleasures of The Apartment are not in the accumulation of incident but in the accumulation of detail in descriptions of the city s transit system the detour to buy an xpensive coat Christmas markets parks caf s the smell of wet stone in very stairwell in philosophical digressions on perspective in art Baroue architecture the perfection of a Bach chaconne three cushion billiards and in the memories of the past that the narrator doesn t want to think about but which flood his thoughts Extraordinary An unnamed American searches for an apartment to rent in an unnamed European city accompanied by a female friend Saskia and musing along the way on his time in the Saskia and musing along the way on his time in the and subseuent work in Ira He is seeking to forget the past and to start a new life The relationship between the American and Saskia is platonic but could develop into a "ROMANCEAFFAIRAND THAT IS THE EXTENT OF THE PLOT IN " that is the xtent of the plot In novels and for some readers an uneventful story might be a gentle and welcome relief but the flatlining plot did not work for me in this novel the flatlining plot did not work for me in this novel s a stream of consciousness narrative so you obviously need to appreciate that device in order to Alien Chastity Belt enjoy the novel Now if you do you are in for a treat I like it very much indeed so it works well for me but I also like it because it s unapologetically ambitious Occasionally it maybe tries to be too many things there are one or two anecdotes that aren tntirely successful but on balance it s a triumph Though the narrative moves slowly it also feels unstoppable and I read it in on So I was wandering the aisles of my local bookstore the other day I wasn t particularly looking to buy anything but killing time while it rained outside and with nothing Faker else to do It was one of those days You know the type That was when I picked Greg Baxter s novel off the shelf where it was sandwiched in between two other novels One of the rules is never judge a book by its cover but I did just that Penguin have designed a lovely cover for The Apartment With cover uotes from Hisham Matar and Roddy Doyle two very different writers tonally causing yet further intrigue The first few lines of the blurb on the back have sold me and a reading of the opening page isnough to seal the dealThe Apartment then is that kind of novel One to discover surreptitiously to come to with little preconception Its power lies in its simplicity that is a simplicity that carries such overpowering depths I will tell you little of the plot but to say that it concerns a man who walks around an unnamed European capital city looking for an apartment With him is a female friend Saskia and as the first seeds of romance are sown life in this unknown city is about to become fulfilled than the narrator has any hope or desire for All he wants to walk the city read his novels and watch the world go by The world is doing Lawbreakers Suspense Stories everything it can to keep himngaged with it We can never truly HIPPO IN THE GARDEN excise ourselves interaction with others will always bring connection and connections sometimes blossom into friendship Greg Baxter has previously published one work A Preparation for Death of which I am oblivious I will be tracking it down now An internet search shortly after finishing The Apartment threw up a few interviews with Baxter The Apartment provides almost no biographical detail about its author and reveal him to be a man interested in uality literature in the responsibility of the novel toxcavate the depths of human Spinal Trauma experience Certainly The Apartment is unafraid of facing up to the darkness Its narrator has done some bad things and they involve Ira but they are not what you think and he meets other people whosengagement with the world is not always stable There is a trip to some ruins outside the city with another Shadow (New Species, ex veteran that hints at great darkness in the soul churning away The uality of Baxter s prose is always strong At times it becomes hyper real lengthy descriptions of very ordinary moments and I know in some uarters this novel has come under attack for these moments I feel however that they arentirely within character This man is clearly suffering some form of PTSD he has sold the objects of his former life negated his previous 細味人生100篇 experience into oblivion and wants nothing than to be a ghost drifting in a cold dark place He would at times become calm focussed on the insignificant to uell the rising storm What Baxter has done is create a very human character on the page flawed and damaged whose problems are neverxplained but are to be intuited which is how life is when you think about itThe Apartment then is a very strong debut novel Precise controlled and with a humbling beauty to its prose Greg Baxter is a name to watch and The Apartment is a novel to read perhaps than once for the first time in a while with a new novel I wanted to read it again the moment I finished it I read it in one sitting a gulp of fresh winter air This is perhaps the best way to The Gathering (Darkness Rising, experience it Highly recommended. Res the peculiarity andxcitement of being a stranger in a strange city Written in an affecting and intimate tone that gradually MongoDB expands in scope intensity poetry and drama Greg Baxter’s clearyed first novel tells the intriguing story of these two people on this single day Both beguiling and raw in its observations and language THE APARTMENT is a crisp novel with normous range that offers profound and unexpected wisdom. Thanks to Penguin Canada for supplying me with a review Copy Of The ApartmentBefore I Start I Should Probably Put of The ApartmentBefore I start I should probably put in some kind of perspective I first read Dostoevsky at age 12 I am a voracious omnivorous reader I have probably read very genre available I am than willing to give any book a chance So when I say I had a lot of difficulty with this book it means I had real issuesMy 3 star rating reflects a great deal of ambivalence about Greg Baxter s choice of format I really struggled to keep reading it Stream of consciousness is a difficult literary device and I am afraid it is too often used by writers out to prove how smart they are Perhaps if this book had been a straight narrative I might have given it 5 stars As it is I believe that Mr Baxter has unnecessarily limited his audience through his own choicesThe character s disjointed recollections of war family and life dropped into a narrative about a search for an apartment in a strange city in a new country might have been Experiential Learning engaging if it had not been necessary to force myself to continue readingvery step of the way I fought the urge to skip pages to race ahead and see if the book changed in some way There really is no beginning middle or Die Neurobiologie des Glücks end No overweening crisis nothing of import to be solved and no satisfying conclusion no final scene which puts a period to the storyAt thend of the book you know a little about the main character who he is or was but not much about what he wants or whyFor all Mr Baxter is a very good wordsmith I am sorry I cannot give this book a higher rating The problem with writing about disaffected people is that it is difficult to win over the reader s sympathy or trust for your characters I can understand that the author is trying to make a statement about the disconnected nature of modern society and the level of sociopathy we all invariably have to ngage in to some degree in order to be able to function as a proper corporate citizen But this does not render it palatable or ven accessibleGreg Baxter s fairly short novel is imitation stream of consciousness while there are no chapter or section breaks his nameless protagonist recalls various formative A New Philosophy of History events in his life while on the hunt for a suitable apartment in a winter shrouded nameless city Along the way hencounters various ually damaged people which Baxter uses as scaffolding to write about all sorts of things from Bach s genius to master planning citiesWe gradually discover that the protagonist has some connection to the Ira war but being unreliable as well as omniscient the reader is always caught off guard and does not know what to think or whom to believe Of course this could be the point all alongNeedless to say there is not much plot progression or ven narrative tension say there is not much plot progression or ven narrative tension that there is no real sense of an nding is par for the course for these sorts of novels I do not think Baxter adds anything new to this subject matter or FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck even addresses some of the problems that this kind of narrative invariably raises I found this a frustrating read with occasional glimpses of something lurking beyond the text but overall too muddied and ineffectual to make much of an impact I read a lot As a result I really value a book that is original and that captures my attention and imagination one that makes me actively readach word I really Big Little Man enjoyed The Apartment Its true that there was little in the way of a traditional plot but Injoyed spending the day with the narrator and Saskia I found myself daydreaming about solitude and the ability to start again I can t speak to its technical The Man from Beijing execution as some other reviewers have but I can say that it was annjoyable day and I would Creating Lasting Value encourage others to give it a try Greg Baxter s The Apartment has no chapters one voice a 41 year old American navy veteran and takes place over a day around Christmas somewhere in Europe The unnamed protagonist is looking for an apartment with a woman who he has recently met He reflects on his warxperience family and friendsI recommend this short novel for a one day read on a cold spring day Baxter s prose in this book is good It has such a relaxed and comfortable pace As you walk through one day in the protagonist s new life you wait for something xciting to happen to no avail And yet although there isn t really a
climax it s 
it s page turner and a fun journey Looking forward to reading books from this author This novel s vents take place over a single day albeit with flashbacks and daydreams that mitigate the limits of present tense For me Montana Dreams echoes of Joyce s Ulysses and the tone of The Dead Ishiguro s The Unconsoled without the hypnagogia Teju Cole s Open City a foreign born walker in a city Mrs Dalloway if only in the sense of foreboding and Billy Lynn s Long Half Time Walkxcept it s a sort of an anti Billy Lynn a refutation and near polar opposite Have any other critics noticed this I haven t read any reviews It s not only that the narrat. One snowy December morning in an old European city an American man leaves his shabby hotel to meet a local woman who has agreed to help him search for an apartment to rent THE APARTMENT follows the couple across a blurry illogical and frozen city into a past the man is hoping to forget and leaves them at the doorstep of an uncertain future their cityscape punctuated by the man’s lingering memories of time spent in Ira and. ,
The Apartment

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