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Creasing growth harms the entire world It is a wonderful revelation into the concept of responsible consumption through a transformation in our buying culture or behavior We essentially have to think really if we need what we want The estion and answer portions of this book flowed well and helped keep me engaged While I agree with the main premise most of the world has an addiction to consumerism that is not sustainable I m hesitant to accept the conclusion posed by the authors that Care or caring is The Solution To This Problem solution to this problem the argument wasn t strong or based on anything other than thoughts the authors have the book is valuable because it asks hard to answer The Hokku or Epigram Versus of Basho uestions that we all should be reevaluating in our own lives The authors also acknowledge that maybe just caring isn t the correct solution but they stress that we need to do something and perhaps caring is the way to start Ehrenfeld is a corporate sustainability pioneer and he doesn t pull any punches here arguing among other things that reducingnsustainability the focus of virtually all corporate efforts will not create sustainability This book by my PhD advisor Andy and his professor leads me to better Prison Ramen understand my dissatisfaction with efforts toward sustainability especially in recent years I see all of the green building rating systems and then in my email I see all of the training sessions and other business opportunities tose green building to profit The disguise is doing something better for the environment In this book however John Ehrenfeld pushes past the antitative metrics of the Brundtland commission s definition of needs to ask what makes life worthwhilePersonally I m looking to nderstand how I can be interested in sustainability yet head to the racetrack and burn leaded oil soaked fuel in my two stroke motorcycle What explains this disconnect It has everything to do with a the physical experience and b the family of the racetrack Both of these would continue to draw me a the physical experience and b the family of the racetrack Both of these would continue to draw me if we could swap out our machines for those that consumed no resources and eve. D economic machines that dominate our lives First our collective model of the way the world works cannot cope with the inherent complexity of today's highly connected high speed reality Second our Fearful Symmetry understanding of human behavior is rooted in this outdated model Driven by the old guard sustainability has become little than a fashionable idea As a result both business and government are following the wrong path at best applying temporary lessnsustainable solutions that will fail to leave future generations in better shapeTo shift the pendulum this book tells a new ,
For school certainly not as boring as the other stuff we read and some good points made overall it did not contribute to my personal flourishing bc while i was reading it i wanted not contribute to my personal flourishing bc while i was reading it i wanted be doing other stuff still nice though just not something i d actively choose to read An idiosyncratic mix of essay and clarifying A by a pioneer business sustainability professor frustrated with the markets reduce inefficiencies narrow view of sustainability that has substituted for real systemic rethinking in our corporate consumer world Sustainability is a property of the system an ongoing act not an individual scoreI settled on flourishing as a act not an individual scoreI settled on flourishing as a metaphor for the bundle of things that make life worth living and produce well being sustainability is the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on the Earth forever Some memorabiliaHe stresses that sustainability needs to avoid becoming just another thing to measure and manage and vociferously argu This book was a keen soundly written dialogue on sustainability between John Ehrenfeld and a colleague You won t find practical tips for composting or the history of the recycling stream but you will find instead a solid intellectual re contextualization of sustainability as a philosophy and mindset Ehrenfeld s suggesting a paradigm shift towards how we thinking about sustaining everything and this book is a start to that shift Someday when flourishing comes home the poets among The Beast on the Brink us will write the story butntil then each one of s will have to work with the ideas without the fabric a better storyteller can weave Extremely beautiful book filled with insight that will echo through the generations Ehrenfeld s view of sustainability is radically different than the conventional meaning and if history is to tell a necessity Along with Daniel Christian Wahl s Designing Regenerative Cultures and Naomi Klein s This Changes Everything CONSIDER THIS MANDATORY READI A TOTALLY DIFFERENT OUTLOOK ON this mandatory readi A totally different outlook on sustainability or rightfully put flourishingA transformative perspective on consumerism and how in. Flourishing A Frank Conversation about Sustainability invites you into a conversation between a teacher John R Ehrenfeld and his former student now professor Andrew J Hoffman as they discuss how to create a sustainable world Unlike virtually all other books about sustainability this one goes beyond the typical stories that we tell ourselves about repairing the environmental damages of human progressThrough their dialogue and essays that open each section the authors ncover two core facets of our culture that drive the Tethered to the World (A Phantom Touched unsustainablensatisfying and nfair social an. ,

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N cleaned the air and water So it is important To Recognize 1 The Essentially Social Nature Of Our Existence recognize 1 the essentially social nature of our existence can still not be antified to mean something to others and 2 the Being in the world that includes the body rather than the constant digital only in the mind experiences To ride my bicycle to race my motorcycle to participate in yoga go for a hike even to walk to class these are the pragmatic mechanics of Being that this book does not address but that I add to the first point of social connection and intimately link it to Being in the world since it can only happen through the bodyThe previous paragraph describes how the book is a touchstone for me but for others it may work in different ways particularly those in the B school and business world It is crucial to reflect on this book both as a personal analysis of how can I move the world towards Flourishing but also as a professional analysis of what can be done in the day job in those you influence As professors we can enact the leadership that Ehrenfeld calls for by first caring for our students and secondly inspiring them to live with the hope of a possibility for flourishing I ve researched the topic of sustainability extensively This is the first book I have come across that actually explains in clear direct prose the sorts of cultural and philosophical changes that must occur to be truly sustainable not just less nsustainable To be good not just less badI m having a hard time writing a decent review because I was just so surprised at how much I liked all the ideas in it I really haven t found a book that so clearly explains what my own feelings and
towards sustainability are And then them better than I have ever been able toWhether or not you end p completely agreeing with the points and concepts brought p I think it is worth reading for anyone interested in Sustainability Design Business or Culture so basically for everyoneIt is the worth reading for anyone interested in Sustainability Design Business or Culture so basically for everyoneIt is the book I have read on sustainability and I m moving it to the 1 spot on the Sustainabilitist reading list when I get a se. Tory driven by being and caring as opposed to having and needing rooted in the beauty of complexity and arguing for the transformative cultural shift that we can make based on our collective wisdom and lived experiences Then the authors sketch out the road to a flourishing future a change in our consumption and a new approach to nderstanding and actingThere is no middle ground; without a sea change at the most basic level we will continue to head down a faulty path Indeed this book is a clarion call to action Candid and insightful it leaves readers with cautious ho.

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