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Small Change for Stuart

Lissa Evans ☆ 5 Free ead

Stuart Horten and his family have ecently moved back to his father s childhood hometown and Stuart discovers that his family has played uite an important ole in local history Stuart solves the mystery of his missing great uncle Teeny Tiny Tony Horten and makes a great friend along the way Full of great language and vocabulary the story plays out with wit and style I especially liked Leonora and her seeing Eye Dog And The Villainess Reminded Me Of Cruella DeVil dog and the villainess eminded me of Cruella deVil I ve already euested the seuel This "Is The Great Unexpected "the Great Unexpected story of the great magician Tony Horten the mysterious circumstances of his disappearance and the uest that a young boy undergoes to find the magician s missing workshop and its miraculous mechanismsThe unlikely hero of this story is a small for his age 10 year old boy named him Stuart Horten by his very smart yet not entirely sensible parents With a name that could be shortened to S Horten Stuart who is indeed a child very small for his age is granted the nickname shorten by his friendsIn any case in spite of that Stuart s life is pretty good what with a bike with eight gears and a garden with a tree house and a pond until his not entirely sensible parents decide to move away to a small town where his father s family used to live This is done at the worst possible time ever meaning at the of the summer holidays when as any sensible person would know it is basically impossible for anyone to make new friendsLuckily for Stuart the move leads to the beginning of an awesome Adventure with capital A as he finds himself solving the literal puzzle of his as it turns out Great Uncle Tony s disappearance with the aid of the his new neighbours the triplets April May and JuneSmall Change for Stuart is a super fun ead vastly entertaining and smart From the clues Stuart must solve to the mechanisms that his uncle has built it is all very cleverly done That combined with other threats woven into the story like Stuart s elationship with his older parents his trips to the library to esearch the past a tragic or it is love story just make this little book all the engaging to older eaders as well as kidsBut what eally tipped the book into awesome territory for me are two things First the friendship that develops between Stuart and the triplets most of all with April I loved how at first Stuart finds them completely alien and scary The trio un their own newspaper and each kid has a journalistic ole to perform and that in itself is a hoot but also show to Stuart how clever they are and eventually he sees them as allies in his adventures In fact April becomes the Brains of the operation and Stuart begrudgingly at first admires her for thatSecond this book acknowledges the fact that 10 year olds live in a universe of their own There is a very serious moment in the novel in which Stuart has to think about his heart s desire and it is no surprise that Stuart s entire universe boils down to the fact that he is short There is a eally interesting balance between the gravitas and importance of this admittedly self absorbed moment to Stuart at the same time that it shows his decision to do the Right Thing to everybody I love these moments of True Growth in children s books especially when the story is still simply funFrom the adorable opening to the surprising ending Small Change for Stuart is a great MG book Glad I found it I enjoyed this story about a boy named Horten who moves back to his ancestors hometown and discovers a mystery waiting for him His great uncle had been a magician and his workshop was never dis. Stuart Horten ten years old and small for his age moves to the dreary town of Beeton far away from all his friends And then he meets his new next door neighbours the unbreable King. Covered but Horten has found #a few clues that might lead him to it I was strongly eminded of the #few
#Clues That Might Lead #
that might lead to it I was strongly eminded of the series by Bosch The Name of This Book is Secret and seuels a little bit of Grabenstein s Escape from Mr Lemoncello s Library and a little of Patrick Carman s Floors Reviewed by Rusty Key Writer "Becca WorthingtonRecommended for Boys and girls ages 8 and upOne Word Summary Mesmerizing My father used to do magic "WorthingtonRecommended for Boys and girls ages 8 and upOne Word Summary Mesmerizing My father used to do magic at my siblings and my birthday parties when we were little It was basic beginner stuff pick a card any card guess which tiny cup the fluff ball is under sleight of hand type novelty tricks but it won us over nonetheless We sat there year after year a group of enthralled and entranced elementary schoolers on a green shag carpet gawking up at this bearded magician extraordinaire as he pulled a uarter from his mouth that we had distinctly watched him tuck under his shoe just a moment beforeThere is something about magic It captures the imaginations of children and adults alike from clowns piling endlessly out of a circus car to David Blaine levitating and David Copperfield making the Statue of Liberty disappear In whatever guise it inspires the uestion Why do we love to believe in magic so much Is it simply because it s entertaining Or is it because our creativity is triggered and intrigued by the unknown Or could it be perhaps because we all truly deep down think that if a live abbit can be pulled from a top hat nose wiggling then anything is possible that if I pick the ight card from this magician s hand ight now the possibilities for my life and my destiny are limitlessThe wildly inventive middle grade novel Horten s Miraculous Mechanisms by Lissa Evans eads like one giant fantastic eye bulging magic show It elays impressive tricks careful never to show its hand until the ight moment It inspires it dazzles and it could happen to any one of us at any given time or so it would be and is absolutely delightful to thinkStuart Horten is a ten year old boy so short he is constantly mistaken for an eight year old When his parents a bustlingly busy doctor mother and a nerdy crossword puzzle writer father decide to move to his father s tiny hometown of Beeton in the English countryside Stuart is horrified There is nothing to do in miserablelittle Beeton except poke around crumbling historical museums listening to lectures on ancient artifacts That and try to avoid the nosy next door triplets April May and June who seem determined to uncover the dirt on Stuart and publish an expose of his life in their homemade newspaper But that is all about to change starting with the discovery of a little box One dull morning at home with his father Stuart accidently unlocks a trick coin box with a secret compartment that holds a handful of old coins and a note The note is from his missing uncle Teeny Tiny Tony Horton a notoriously skilled local magician who disappeared under mysterious circumstances several decades before On his way to the town library to dig up information on the disappearance Horton ealizes he is being followed by the triplets He ducks into a phone booth to escape and out of curiosity he puts one of the old coins into the phone slot before ealizing that the phone cord is entirely severed hanging lifeless and disconnected Disappointed he opens the booth to leave and the phone ings The voice on the other end of the line asks to speak to him Stuart s summer is about to get a lot interestingHorten s Miraculous Mechanisms is a thoughtfully crafted and wonderfully told tale of an ordinary child who is in for the mag. Ley triplets and things get even worseBut in Beeton begins the strangest adventure of Stuart's lifeHe is swept up in a uest to find his great uncle's lost workshop a work shop stuf. ,

Ical ide of his life The first in what promises to be an extraordinary series this charming debut gives its eaders puzzles to solve characters to enjoy jokes to chuckle at and smart twists to keep eaders on their toes If you like magic you will breeze through this book faster than Houdini can escape an underwater straightjacket Faster even perhaps than my father can pull a uarter from behind my ear And that my friends is an Impressive TrickFor Reviews Author Interviews trickFor eviews author interviews lists and feature articles from The Rusty Key visit us at wwwtherustykeycom Fun As a school teacher I see soooo many possibilities to integrate with this book While eading we could dive into a study on family history locate primary documents write memoirs from the point of view of a elative or fictional memoirs So many ideas unning through my head as I ead I also loved the pace of the book It is fast paced and exciting making a very fun ead aloud Excited to ead the seuel Good for teachers Meh for entertainmentI eally liked the premise and the illustrations are charming but this just was too dry to eally enjoy I can see teachers picking this up for a class ead because kids can learn new words via the crossword creator father but that character is actually pretty obnoxious the you get into the book like he seems like the dumb friend you have who got a word a day calendar and is trying to impress you but is just eally inefficient with keeping a conversation going because they have to define each new word they is just eally inefficient with keeping a conversation going because they have to define each new word they learnedThe mother who is a doctor is basically nonexistent so the audience is treated to a set of three wannabe Nancy Drewsgossip columnist neighbors as the female leads While they have gumption they are also pretty annoying because they are so nosy You actually want to smack them than the kid in the BabadookWhile each chapter is only a few pages long for some eason the pace dragged I think because the characters and plot are so bland that it just never got interesting enough to keep me motivatedThere s eferences to props than the stage magic and when eal magic shows up it s in the last few pages and is pretty wobbly wobbly timey whimey It just seemed like a major letdown A very fun and enjoyable story This is a fun book which contains pretty much what it says on the tin magic mystery and a very strange adventureStuart moves with his family to his father s childhood town of Beeton much against his will When there he finds out some things about his family including the fact that his great uncle was a magician of the prestidigitation variety Half by accident Stuart is set on a journey to discover the lost workshop of his uncle coming across mysterious clues in a National Treasure type uestAs will happen along the way he encounters allies and enemies and it becomes a ace against time and each other to see "If Stuart Can Gather The "Stuart can gather the and find the workshop before its lost foreverI liked the characters though I found Jeanie the main villain a bit overdone Then again I found the annoying bossy nosy triplets a bit overdone too but they grew on me especially April as she s the largest part of the storyI was going to bump it up to 35 stars but I found the ending both a bit ushed and overly convenient That said I m not sure things are as wrapped up as they may seemI ll most likely look into the next in the series at some point Brilliant Love the coins and the machines Love the triplets that live next door Love that the only books that I pick up believing to be one offs turn into series Here s hoping for a great couple of books to come. Fed with trickery magic there are clues to follow and puzzles to solve but what starts as fun ends up as danger and Stuart begins to ealize that he can't finish the task by himsel.

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