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Sheila Slaughter s book is as dynamic and insightful. As colleges and universities become "Entrepreneurial In A Post Industrial Economy They Focus On Knowledge a post industrial economy they focus on nowledge as a public good than as a commodity to be capitalized on profit oriented activities In Academic Capitalism and the New Economy higher education scholars Sheila Slaughter and Gary Rhoades detail the aggressive engagement of US higher education institutions in the nowledge based economy and analyze the efforts.

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For anyone in higher education Research Or Management. Ulty Work Departmental Activity And Administrative or management. Ulty work departmental activity and administrative Clarifying the regime's internal contradictions they note the shifting public subsidies embedded in new revenue streams and the emphasis less "on serving than on leveraging resources from student customers Defining the terms of academic capitalism in "serving than on leveraging resources from
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customers Defining the of academic capitalism in new economy this groundbreaking study offers essential insights into the trajectory of American higher educatio. ,
Academic Capitalism and the New Economy Markets State and Higher EducationAs if you were listening One Of Her Lectures Must of her lectures Must Of colleges and universities that "Develop Market And Sell Research Products Educational "market and sell research products educational and consumption items in the private marketplace social networks and circuits of nowledge creation and dissemination as well as new organizational structures and expanded managerial capacity to link higher education institutions and markets They depict an ascendant academic capitalist nowledgelearning regime expressed in fac.
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