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Rt been replaced with mistrust and a desire for vengence The book Its Central Character "its central journey asks many uestions about identity especially as Harry spends much of the book in her many uestions about identity especially as Harry spends much of the book in her alter ego Catalina Diego She shows determination courage and ultimately self sacrifice in search of a truthBased on this journey of self discovery for Harry and the insights revealed in this episode I would recommend ou tackle the books in order although this is a terrific stand alone thriller The first two books were fun but this failed to grip and was a still read 38 I was lucky enough to get this book as an arc and am in the process of updating the publishers i will do my review when i have contacted the. S the dangerous criminal organization she begins to understand that Chavez’s schemes reach far beyond the casino stingSuddenly trapped in a deadly global underworld that encompasses international terrorism organized crime and drug cartels Harry learns that when Crochet you play this gameou play for our life.

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Igh the pages flipping and the excitement non stop A brilliant 3rd outing for Harry Martinez a brilliant computer hacker and determined investigated Here we find her in Basue country San Sebastion the birthplace of her Father combining work with a little family research to make sense of her upbringing and disconnect with her MotherThis cracking thriller where the story builds slowly through many surprises and unexpected turns as a dramatic conclusion where Harry can perhaps cheat death once again In the process her own family history provides insight and the ualities of the character are revealed further It is a story of misplaced loyalty and imperfect relationships where love and respect can and have in pa. Birthplace of her Spanish But she’s not "here to explore her She’s been hired by glamorous casino boss Riva "to explore her roots She’s been hired by glamorous casino boss Riva to expose a scamming crew headed by ruthless conman Franco ChavezWhen the crew's expert hacker is brutally murdered Harry goes undercover as his replacement As she infiltrate. ,

We first met former "Irish Hacker Turned Private Detective Harry Harrietta Martinez In The "hacker turned private detective Harry Harrietta Martinez in The as she tried to help her gambling dad a banker convicted of fraud from being put in the frame for a murder In The Courier the
book in the series Harry herself in the frame for the murder of a diamond trader There Harry went from her comfortable surroundings of Dublin to the cruelty of the African diamond mines to the elite world of diamantaires in South Africa In her new thriller Harry is once "Again In The Deep "in the deep She is enlisted to help Frank Chavez former cop turned criminal mastermind hack the systems of a Basue casino This cannot end well As with her previous books McCarthy keeps the tension Feisty security expert Henrietta ‘Harry’ Martinez puts her life on the line when she goes undercover to expose an international criminal gang in this heartstopping thrillerIn a game without rules the winner takes allSecurity expert Henrietta ‘Harry’ Martinez has arrived in beautiful San Sebastian. Hide Me Henrietta Martinez #3

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