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Learning Yii Testing gAre we all here said Archancellor Ridcully as he surveyed the assembled wizards Good Now let set our brainstorming session startedOok said the Librarian in an uncertain tone The Archancellor lared at him Come on come on shouldn t be difficult We need to reset parameters Push the envelope Think out of the boxWhat box asked the Dean timidly The Archancellor ave him a withering lookFor those who somehow missed yesterday s briefing session he *continued enunciating every syllable we have been iven an unusual opportunity Our Author he made a perfunctory sketch of the Holy * enunciating every syllable we have been iven an unusual opportunity Our Author he made a perfunctory sketch of the Holy of Pratchett our Author has invited us to help plan his next book I see it as a witty series of Australia related parodies This is our cue to think synergistically and proactively exploit our first mover advantage and As he never tired of explaining to the other members of Unseen University Pratchett Goes to Australia28 October 2015 I have to say that when I have Read Books Or Seen TV Episodes By People From Foreign books or seen TV episodes by people from foreign where they try to satirise Australia I have Communicating Effectively generally been either unimpressed or downright insulted as was the case with the Simpsons Episode This installment in the Discworld series focuses on Rincewind and the senior faculty of Unseen University As is known by now I m not the biggest Rincewind fan and I was very happy to see that he wasn t center stage here not alone at least The Senior Wrangler for example or Ponder Stibbons and the God of Evolution were a hilarious counter balance After his last adventure Rincewind is in a very dry and hot place stumbling from waterhole to waterhole A long distance away at Unseen University in Ankh Morpork the Librarian fallsravely ill That is to say he s The Philosophical Journey got a cold The problem is that almost every time he sneezes he changes shape Moreover due to his illness he can t do his job and the magical books in the libraryrow restless So Arch chancellor Ridcully and his uirky bunch need to come up with a solution They remember that at one point Rincewind had been the librarian at the start of the series for a short amount of time so they start looking the librarian at the start of the series for a short amount of time so they start looking him which Asset Protection gets them and Mrs Whitlow stranded somewhere and somewhen else Australian slang uniue and rather deadly fauna and flora entirely helpful fauna and flora in the same place only a few thousand years earlier seven dwarves wizards and one lady some sexual innuendos the harmless almost pitiful variety as well as one hell of a dry continent with uite uniue animals The level of uality of these books is undeniable Moreover it was fitting to read this book this month since we are following evolution and I was reading a lot of science books Darwin s work amongst others as well However sadly as much as I chuckled a few times here and always relish the feeling of being back it s like putting on your favourite pullover it wasn t nearly as funny as some previous romps and also not as deep It was simply a nice little uest with some crocodiles sheep shearing kangaroos lots of references to Australian movies and a few side stabs at us silly humans ineneral Good but not Pratchett s best Still I like the diversity within the series and that Sir Terry changed the scenery regularly throughout and it was a nice alternate look at evolution when compared to all the science books I ve read this month lol I enjoyed this book Am I coming up the raw prawn Nah mate I enjoyed it Strewth Grab your woolly jumpers and a bowl of pie in pea soup and enjoy itLast Continent is a fun Australian reference fueled Pratchett classic Recommended for all fans of RincewindNo worries Discworld is a world and a mirror of worlds This is not a book about Australia No it s about somewhere enti. Librarian's Note Alternate cover edition for ISBN 10 0061059072 ISBN 13 9780061059070When a professor at Unseen Univer.

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The Last Continent

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SHere is an excellent adventure in a land of kangaroos boomerangs odd brown food paste and the occasional platypus They ll hang you for stealing a sheep but turn you into a folk hero if you manage to escape Seriously They ll even ive you a head startFrom the Librarian s mysterious shape shifting malady to inflammable cows to the wizard s interesting attempts to build a boat without a how to manual this is one of the better Discworld adventuresG day Despite the author s protestations that this isn t Australia in a thin disguise I am back to confirm that this Last Continent is indeed AustraliaEven the God of Evolution basically came right out and said it Rincewind on another adventure and this time it s in the outback putting all his
Mad Survival Skills To 
survival skills to ultimate test mateOn a side note the head staff of Unseen University seems to have misplaced themselvesI can t uite tell whether I enjoyed Rincewind s ongoing adventures than Ridcully s crew Both were fun But let s face it this book is nothing but a bunch of Australian cliche jokes Good enough for now and amusing for a moment but I can t put this book on any b The Last Continent is the sixth book in the Rincewind subseries of Discworld For me this was one of the average Discworld books I don t normally fall asleep while reading but the cat and I took a few short naps while reading this book Rincewind has accidentally become stranded in a remote area of Austral I mean in Ecksecksecksecks While Rincewind is innocently oing about his business of trying not to die of starvation or Blindsided get poisoned byiant spiders a talking kangaroo tries to enlist his help to fix a problem You see something has happened to stop the rain and apparently Rincewind is the only one who can set things right No worriesI liked the story but it wasn t a page turner for me There was plenty of humor as usual but not as much that really made me laugh out loud Rincewind is always a fun character though not as much that really made me laugh out loud Rincewind is always a fun character though it was nice to see him again made me laugh out loud Rincewind is always a fun character though it was nice to see him again of the humor went over my head because there were clearly Australian cultural references that were unfamiliar to me Actually until reading this book I didn t even know that no worries originated in Australia I hear it uite a bit here in the US now but the first time I started noticing the phrase was during discussions with my European colleagues I had thought maybe it was a UK thing My Kindle educated me with a relevant Wikipedia entry when I highlighted one of the many many occurrences of no worries in the book So at least I learned something new In which Rincewind At Land gets sent to my adopted country and encounters every pop culture reference you could think of Is this how Egyptians react when they read about Djellibeybi in PyramidsI remember when I first moved here middle of Summer endless days of 40c heat not even remotely a hint of potential rainfall and then one morning it just hammered down with rain for a few minutes and the roads turned to rivers and everybody seemed to panic a bit Pratchett nailed itThe absurdly misplaced affection for the larrikin at best and the hardened criminal at worst is also put under the spotlight that is the Discworld funhouse mirror thanks to Rinco s penchant for ending up in the worst situation possible at anyiven time Priscilla Abba Max Opera Ned Vegemite Gay Pride Aboriginal culture Skippy Crocodile Dundee it s all to be found in Fourecks Muddled around a bit with a storyline that turns Ponder Stibbons in to Darwin It s a lot of fun nowhere near as offensive as it might have been considering it is a Rincewind book about a different culture and happily now out of the way so I don t have to dread reading about Rincewind in Australia any longe. Uncover the mystery and to find Rincewind who is currently stranded on the unfinished down under continent of Foureck. ,

Rely different which happens to be here and there a bitAustralian Stillno worries right Keeping the boss away from your workPonder knew he should never have let Ridcully look at the invisible from your workPonder knew he should never have let Ridcully look at the invisible Wasn t it a basic principle never to let your employer know what it is you actually do all day But no matter what precautions you took sooner or later the boss was bound to come in and poke around and say things like Is this where you work then and I thought I sent a memo out about people bringing in potted plants and What d you call that thing with the keyboard Unfortunately like many people who *ARE INSTINCTIVELY BAD AT SOMETHING THE * instinctively bad at something the prided himself on how On the Run good at it he was Ridcully was to management what King Herod was to the Bethlehem Playgroup Association The clever traveler researches his destination before arrivingDeath picked up a book at random and read the coverDANGEROUS MAMMALS REPTILES AMPHIBIANS BIRDS FISH JELLYFISH INSECTS SPIDERS CRUSTACEANS GRASSES TREES MOSSES AND LICHENS OF TERROR INCOGNITA he read Hisaze moved down the spine VOLUME 29c he added OH PART THREE I SEE Don t panicThe wizards were civilized men of considerable education and culture When faced with being inadvertently marooned on a desert island they understood immediately that the first thing to do was place the blame Spoofs Tropes parodies Although this story is not about Australia that is the Australia in our world it does describe all things Australian that we see in the popular media such as the Sydney Opera House Mad Max the man from Snowy River and Have fun spotting them all The winner The Price Of Blood (Phil Broker, gets a chocolate fishEnjoy Steve Irwin Crocodile Dundee Tasmanian Devil and Olivia Newton John sit enjoying Vegemite sandwiches and discussing Terry Pratchett s 22nd Discworld novel The Last ContinentSteve Crikey What areat book did you all enjoy it as much as I didDundee Indeed I did mate I spent the arvo tending the barbie and rollin on me backside laughing at Russian Winter good ole PratchettDevil RaararraghOlivia Right you are Taz who knew the Discworld was chockers ofood few heh Get away from Anhk Morpork and uirm and Klatch and far far away you ve Meg and the Mystery in Williamsburg (Meg Duncan, got his Last Continent the one made last still being created Ecks Ecks Ecks Ecks or Down Undah on the DiscworldDevil RaarararrraaghDundee I nearly finished me slab while reading and I also thought that weot to learn about Rincewind and what an odd bugger he is but also a hero in a ripper sort of waySteve Pratchett has the wizards from ole UU o and fetch Rincewind from the far away Ecks Ecks Ecks Ecks and we et an Aussie adventureOlivia Fair Dinkum I thought Rincewind was similar sort of to Ecks Ecks Ecks and we et an Aussie adventureOlivia Fair Dinkum I thought Rincewind was similar sort of to Anthony s Bink from A Spell for Chameleon he might not do proper magic but he s ot sweet as magic to stay in one pieceDevil RarararrraaarrraghDundee Right you are Taz and of course as always the real hero here is Sir Terry hisself telling us a whopper of a taleDevil Raarararaagh You call that a knife The Kawaii Manga giant unsheathed one that would be called a sword if it had been held in a normal sized hand This is what I call a knifeMad looked at it Then he reached his hand around behind his back and it came back holding something Really No worries This he said is what I call a crossbowI cringed when I saw that this entry in the series was about the wizards Normally their haughty behavior which reminds me SO MUCH of my mother in law s most annoying trait makes my skin sizzle but in thiso round they are marooned on a tropical isle Being tossed out of their natural habitat The Unseen University they are suddenly vulnerable and insecure One of them even has even become blushingly smitten by a cleaning lady Aaaaa I liked the wizard. Sity disappears and the school's librarian turns into an ape a search party travels to the far reaches of Discworld to.

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