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Their Convenient Amish Marriage (Pinecraft Homecomings jPawn you did yourob well as planned goodbye now And the lone ranger fails to change the course of events yet again so unlike the approach usually accepted by the individualistic Western society You re the Dark One said Anton You can accepted by the individualistic Western society You re the Dark One said Anton You can see evil treason and vileness in everythingI ust don t close my eyes to them Edgar retorted And that s why I don t trust Zavulon Almost as much as I don t trust Geser I even trust you than them after all you re also a pathetic pawn accidentally painted a different color than me Does the black pawn hate the white one No Especially when the pawns are peacefully drinking beer together Lukyanenko has this annoying habit of creating almost a playlist for his books using the lyrics from well known Russian songs to illustrate the ideas and the feelings of his characters and sometimes trying to use the message in the song as a soundtrack for the story highlighting the points he s trying to make and sometimes almost using them to introduce certain plot points view spoilerThe Mirror of the World C mon hide spoiler I enjoyed The Day Watch a lot than the previous book The Night Watch However at times it did struggle to hold my attention So ho hum enjoyable but a low three stars Second book in the series featuring the ongoing struggle between the dark and the light Like the first book it is told in a series of three interwoven stories but the changing narrative styles are somewhat hard to follow Much of the book describes the battle between these forces and the two organizations established to monitor their actions The Night Watch which is staffed by Light Magicians virtuous and the Day Watch which is staffed by Dark Magicians freedom loving libertarians At the center is a treaty drawn to restrict the use of magic and to license the activities of vampires werewolves and other creatures There is a doomed love story a powerful relic on the loose and the mysterious agendas of the two leaders of the Watches while they sacrifice their chess pieces in an attempt to emerge victorious Continuing my rereading of the series and it is proving a satisfying experience which is always the test of a good book for me The first time through one is taken up in the excitement of the storyline unfolding The second time around when one is relaxed and looking around the neighborhood so to speak is when a story shows staying power or the lack thereofmy original review is belowloneliness dejection the thereofMy original review is belowLoneliness dejection the or pity of people around you these are unpleasant feelings But they are precisely the things that produce genuine Dark OnesAs with the previous book in the series The Night Watch this is comprised of three stories Unlike the previous book this is told from the Dark Ones point of view and by three different protagonists Intriguingly it begins with statements opposite to those which open Night Watch We are told that this text is not approved because #it is deleterious to the cause of Light signed the Night Watch and deleterious to the cause #is deleterious to the cause of Light signed the Night Watch and deleterious to the cause Dark signed the Day WatchThe first story is told from a Dark witch s point of view as she is sent to recover from a difficult assignment It was definitely dark and almost kept me from continuing It s funny because it isn t as if the story contained anything that I haven t encountered in other books and it definitely isn t because it is told from the dark point of view There was ust something about it that made me not want to read it which is a tribute to the author s ability to convey atmosphere in his storytellingI thoroughly enjoyed the second story which was a mystery within a mystery as a man riding a train realizes he has amnesia and is an Other The third story brought the other two together in a climactic trial by The InuisitionAs in Night Watch each story examined a facet of Dark or Light I was especially interested in the third story where most of it is shown from the point of view of Edgar a Dark Other or Anton our familiar Light Other from the first book Several times each was udging the other for the very same thing while thinking Just like a LightDark Other In this story we also hear about how Inuisitors see things and it was an interesting contrast to the OthersDay Watch uses these engrossing. But troubled young witch When she falls in love with a handsome young Light One the balance is threatened and a death must be avenged Replete with the thrilling action and intricate plotting of the first tale Day Watch is fuelled by cunning cruelty violence and magic It is a fast paced darkly humorous haunting world that will take root in the shadows of your mind and live there foreverDescription from the back cover of trade paperback editio. ,

Day Watch is the second book in the Russian Watch series by Sergei Lukyanenko Like the first book it s split up 35 stars The first two parts of this were exciting and full of mysteries and 5 star stories The last part was a mostly dry russian introspective courtroom slog that seriously dinged my enjoyment I loved the two characters in the first two parts I was constantly engaged in where they were going and how it related to the overall story They both had depth and although Lukyanenko clearly loves characters living inside their own heads the first two were minimized enough to add to the story instead of weigh it down The last piece to the overall book felt like an overly complicated courtroom drama without the drama The pieces I did like were the vodka drinking session and the view spoiler two lovers being true to their love hide spoiler Nightwatch was told in the voice of ust one of the Light ones Anton This book continues the story weaving in threads from the previous book while creating a whole nother cluster fuck for the characters involved It is brilliant It is also in three parts but this time each part is told by a different Dark One The first part is told by a love struck witch called Alisa Honestly the author did an amazing ob but I wasn t sure I could stand a whole book about her Luckily it is the perfect amount I even began to pity her myself Kristin I think you d really like her part in everything The second part is told be a powerful magician who is suffering a bit of amnesia The climax of his story is beyond words The third part is told by the magician Edgar the temporary stand in for the extremely powerful vacationing head of the Daywatch He himself is not that powerful by any means so he is trying to figure out why the hell he was called to #Moscow Stevie S this is the story for you All three stories connect in the end beautifully #Stevie S this is the story for you All three stories connect in the end beautifully in and out of each other Love Tragedy Conspiracies Magic Religious debates Ethical dilemmas Fucking good For a while good sweet old Hufflepuff me was considering oining the Daywatch It has all the good vs evil banter of Good Omens but it is taken further in the absence of God and The Devil And the ending oooh that bastard Lukyaneko My fist was raised shaking to the heavens He got me I thought I had figured it out but he got me well doneFUCKING GOOD STORY Can t wait to pick up the Twilightwatch I found this book of the Watch series really hard to get intoI suppose because Lukyanenko s morose and realistic writing was great for Night Watch but was totally depressing and frustrating in Day Watch There s only so much human weakness moral reasoning and realistically bad endings I can take okay I m a natural optimist It gets to meAh Much betterIt was still well written The characters were still great Lukyanenko is still absolutely brilliant Sometimes though I want to live in dream land where everything is great and the good guys always win Another three stories following on from the events of The Night Watch which had resolved matters uite nicely thank you There was a time when this series would have been published as a nanology not a trilogy The Nightwatch had a somewhat unsettling habit of switching from the first person perspective of Anton Nightwatch Agent to a third person perspective whenever the author felt the need to describe events Anton Was Not Witness To The First Story In The Volume not witness to The first story in the volume to a first person perspective of a character encountered briefly a number of times in the previous vol 2014 The reasons why I will never read another one of Lukyanenko s books are at the bottom of this review 2013 Unless you happen to be a chessmaster in the neverending chess game of life you are nothing but a pawn to be sacrificed when the strategy demands it The game is eternal only the time the figures spend on the checkered board is finite It really doesn t matter Which Side In The War side in the war belong to because each will sacrifice its expendable pawns in the pursuit of victory And no pawn is ever safe because regardless of your rank among the minions you are still nothing than a piece to be moved and manipulated And really all our aspirations and speeches are meaningless We are marionettes Nothing The second in a blockbuster series of novels from Russia's most popular science fiction author Day Watch brings us back into the hyperimaginative world of Sergei Lukyanenko and continues the dramatic battle between good and evil light and dark day and nightSet in a modern day Moscow the epic saga chronicles the eternal war of the Others an ancient race of humans with supernatural powers who must swear allegiance to either the Dark or the Lig. ,

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Дневной дозорHan marionettes Trying to become a puppet master is a hopeless feat since you need special abilities like Geser s or Zavulon s and those abilities are exceedingly rare And all the seats at the Zavulon s and those abilities are exceedingly rare And all the seats at the are already taken No chessmaster will allow his place to be taken by a chess piece even if it s a chess king or a ueen From the semi drunk in the Russian fashion conversation between the enemies Edgar the Dark One and Anton the Light One Both are of course pawns on the chessboard of life Ultimately for the pawns the little people with little power involved in the big kids games led by those select few who hold the the big kids games led by those select few who hold the of power the side that they take in the war really does not make that much of a difference The goals and strategies are set by the leaders and the rest are Carrying the Greeks Heir just trying to live their lives to survive to do well in life they work and love and have friends This is what Lukyanenko focuses on in The Day Watch the seuel to Night Watch now showing us of the happenings on the other side of the virtual barricades in the neverending war between the non ironically named the Light Ones and the Dark Ones But for the Others people are a source of existence Their roots and food For the Light Ones and the Dark Ones alike regardless of what the Light Ones blab about on every corner They also take their energy from people s lives As for the goals We have the same goals Both us and the Light Ones are trying to beat our rivals and be the first to reach the goal Night Watch had its fair share of moral greyness and ambiguity showing that the distinctions between the Light and the Dark are not as obvious as their names suggest underscoring how even the good guys especially those with power will not hesitate to manipulate and use their followers to get what they want The Day Watch shows us that the same is true for the other side and that honestly the pawns may have in common than they think Except they are not always open to seeing that to reconsidering their ingrained deeply prejudiced views of traditional enemies But sometimes they cannot help but see how pointless the distinctions between them can be and the failure to do so can lead to tragedy And Anton thought yet another time that the Dark Ones in their seeming simplicity are sometimes humane than the fighters for the grand ideals the Light Ones The leaders of both sides in this eternal standstill of the Dark Zavulon and the Light Geser would very much love to upset the tenuous balance and bring the long awaited victory to their side Little will stop them and the methods they choose are eerily similar despite the presumed differences in etiology the age tested political strategies rooted in intrigues and manipulations and deceit and the willingness to move the pawns on the board whichever way they please and easily sacrificing them once need comes for that That is not a new approach all in itself What was different about this book is that the said pawns have no misconceptions about their leaders lack of hesitance about reaching their goals regardless of the costs And yet contrary to what you d expect they do not rebel much They know about the lack of honesty in their respective Watches and yet continue following the same leaders continue following the ideologies they were raised with continue sticking with their side and their rulers It s to me a very Soviet way of looking at things stemming from the time where there was no doubt that the intentions of those in power may have nothing to do with your well being and that you may be easily sacrificed in order to achieve the greater good And you don t need to know about these plans in order to unwittingly help carrying them out Keys are never told which door they are supposed to unlock There s not really a lone wolf mentality no true attempts to overthrow the status uo by rebelling well in all honesty there are a few tries at going against the big guys but it seems that the end result invariably ends up being what those in power envisioned and planned for And so little people get screwed and life goes on If you decide to do something about this youust may realize that your rebellion or actions is exactly what was planned for you the expendable pawn Good. Ht The agents of Dark The Day Watch keep an eye during the day while the agents of Light keep watch over the night For a thousand years a treaty between the two sides has maintained an uneasy balance but when a very potent artifact is stolen from the inuisition an impartial group of Others who keep watch over all the conseuences are dire for both sidesDay Watch introduces the perspective of the Dark Ones as it is told in part by a beautiful.

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