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Regresso à Atlântida (Olimpvs.net, lA book of this size but the font seemed smaller than usual and theayout seemed a Tidens mörka rygg little cramped in places Very informative She gives a very conciseook into the world of publishing and I think would cause anyone to uestion the merit of traditional publishing in the current market Also her writing style is accessible to anyone not dry ike you might expect from what is essentially a reference bookFull review here As a beginner to self publishing I found April L Hamilton s The Indie Author Guide to be both informative and helpful She begins by breaking down some history *About The Self Publishing *the self publishing to serve as both a warning and an inspiration to those who are seriously interested in becoming indie authors From there she thoroughly examines key steps that should be considered during the process of self publishing and eaves you room to decide which tools and paths work best for you She covers a variety of topics ranging from the initial writing process to the marketing of your completed work What really makes this guide so essential for any author is the perspective and experience offered by Hamilton she has no problem telling it ike it is bu Inspirational reading for anyone wanting to get their story out there and finding themselves ocked out Inspirational reading for anyone wanting to get their story out there and finding themselves Maestro locked out the system by the gatekeepers Ms Hamilton offers hands on technical support as well as the moral support needed to go for it Whether you decide to do a complete Do It Yourself publication or opt for an indie publisher who will take some of theoad of your back this book provides the tools and gives you a can do feeling This reader found the needed encouragment and courage to go for it right in this book I m sure I l be referring to it again and again as I Continue Along The Indie along the indie trajectory I read this book while ooking for information on Admin work for writers and thoroughly enjoyed it The book is written in an easy to understand Be a Nose! language and contains a vast An author platform promote your work transition from indie to mainstream publishing Plus you'll get worksheets to help you plan and organize your book your business and your writingife as well as an HTML primer so you can build your own website even if you're not tech savvyThe Indie Author Guide gives you the skills and confidence you need to take full advantage of today's uniue publishing opportunities and grow your readership yourself. ,
An informative book on self publishing that also goes into the history of both traditional and self publishing This is a book that even the Sencillamente mindfulness least tech savvy person should be able to get value from There is aot to earn but it s done in a way that anyone should be able to understand There is also a section of blank worksheets also available online and a HTML primer The book does a good job at explaining the pros and cons of various kinds of self publishing and even on how to traditionally publish afterwards if that is an option one wants to considerI won t know exactly how useful or accurate this information to considerI won t know exactly how useful or accurate

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information until start doing of the steps myself but it seems ike a good guide to getting published Some of the info Helpful Paws like Word is outdated because this was published in 2010 Well written and not too textbook dry which I really appreciated35 stars May bump up the rating higher depending on how much the guide helps me on my own journey Certainly this book is well written and well organized However generally information and tips are fairly basic and unimaginative There is a good bit of detail presented on BASIC information on the technical side of setting up an authors platform and publishing However if you already have a solid competency in this area the information will not be usefulMuch of the general tips and recommendations are very similar to information that one can gather through other sources such as blogs from publicist marketing gurus agents etc I also was a bit peeved that some of the easy resources Hamilton suggestion do not have the web addressedisted in the book but can be assessed through her online guide which of course reuires an additional feeIn summary this is a good basic book However it s usefully will depend on the individual needs of the reader I think it will be the best valuable for depend on the individual needs of the reader I think it will be the best valuable for unfamiliar with the various forms of social media setting up a website and blog etc April Hamilton s book is a This Is Your Roadmap to Success The Indie Author Guide takes you through every stage of the self publishing process With e books print on demand and the power of Web 20 you have the ability to publish your own high uality books and go indie just as filmmakers and musicians have done Get detailed instructions complemented by screenshots so you can get the most of cutting edge publishing optionsApril L Hamilton founder of Publetariat an onl. Omprehensive guide to indie publishing covering general and specific topics from the type of publishing that s best for you to to format a document for an ebook It s the type of publishing that s best for you to how to format a document for an ebook It s to understand in fact Hamilton explains everything as if you re entirely new to the topic Since I m not new to the topic I simply skimmed where she did go into details I already knew The heftiest sections were the most beneficial those on Author Platform Highly recommended for anyone considering or even wondering about indie publishing Should be called The Indie Author Who Doesn t Really Want To Be an Indie Author Guide Despite periodic reassurances to the contrary the author clearly as a bias toward feeling that indie publishing is not as good as traditional publishing and just KNOWS that her readers really would prefer to be picked up by a publisher That was very annoyingAlso annoying was the fact that I uickly found I couldn t trust her to know what she was talking about For instance the section on personal facebook pages vs facebook fan pages clearly demonstrated a complete ack of knowledge on how facebook fan pages work She gives absolutely the wrong adviceMUCH better books for the indie author are Write Publish Repeat by Sean Platt and the Indie Author Survival Guide by Susan Kaye uinn I picked up this book at the Borders closing sale in 2011 and it was my first foray the world of self publishing or indie publishing as April L Hamilton calls it I started reading it immediately got about 60% through and then Magic of the Mind lent it to a friend for what turned out A good reference for people who are interested in getting published and are thinking about trying the do it yourself approach Itists all the steps involved in independent publishing and includes checklists and other guides I don t know very much about this topic but it seemed to be very thorough My only real uibble was with the formatting The pages are printed in two columns which is fine for. Ine news hub and community for indie authors gives you insight to the atest technology and step by step advice for making the most of your self publishing optionsInside you'll find everything you need to know to organize your files create your brand explore your self publishing options format your book for POD edit and revise you work design your own book cover publish through a POD print service provider publish in e book formats build.

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The Indie Author Guide

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